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  • 1. Circles

2. What is the circle? The set of all points those are equidistantfrom a fixed point is called a circle. The fixed is called center of the circle. The line segment between two points on thecircle which is passing through the center iscalled the diameter. The line segment between any point on thecircle and the center is called the radius (pluralradii). 3. circleThe fixed point (center) 4. Circumference: The circumference is the length of the outerboundary of a circle. 5. Finding the circumference The circumference of a circle is given by theformula C = D, where C is the circumferenceand D is the diameter of a circle. Notice that D = 2xRadius = 2r : an irrational number which isapproximately equal to 3.14. 6. Example: Find the circumference of each of thefollowing circles. 7. Find the circumference of each of these circles. 8. Find the perimeter of each of the shapes below. (Remember to add the lengths ofthe straight sections.) 9. A scooter tire has a diameter of 32 cm. What is the perimeter of the tire?Find the circumference of the Ferris wheel shown below. 10. Area of a circleIf the circle is divided into smallersectors, the curved sides of thesectors become straighter and,hence, the shape is closer to aperfect rectangle. 11. Finding the area of a circle The area of a circle, A, can be found using theformula A = r2 , where is a constant with avalue of approximately 3.14 and r is the radiusof the circle. 12. Example: Find the area of each of the following circles. 13. Find the area of each of these circles. 14. Find the area of each of the shapes below. 15. Definition: An annulus (plural annuli) is the shape formedbetween two circles with a common center (calledconcentric circles). 16. Find the area of the annulus for the following sets of concentric circles. 17. Find the area of the following shapes:


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