Civic Engagement in the Digital Age

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<ol><li> 1. Civic Engagement in the Digital Age Internet Map </li><li> 2. Internet Use (U.S.A) </li><li> 3. Social Media Use 2014 (U.S.A.) 71% 28% 26% 28% 23% </li><li> 4. The Era of Radical Connectivity </li><li> 5. Ways of Civic Engagement Traditional Model Town hall Block club Letters F2F meetings Door-to-door Sit-ins Digital Model Online petitions Blogs Videos Communication with officials through email, Facebook, Twitter Front Porch Forum </li><li> 6. Government Transparency </li><li> 7. Crowdfunding </li><li> 8. Getting Things Fixed </li><li> 9. Communicating &amp; Polling </li><li> 10. Informing Citizens </li><li> 11. we demand too much from technology and not enough of ourselves. Nate Silver </li><li> 12. Solving complex social problems </li><li> 13. How Effective Is. from: The Advocacy Gap by Fission Strategy, 2013 </li><li> 14. Scratch your Own Itch The Groundswell A social trend where people use technology to get what they need directly from each other rather than from institutions. -Charlene Li and Josh Bernoff </li><li> 15. Peer-to-Peer Revolution </li><li> 16. Sidestepping Public Institutions </li><li> 17. Filter Bubble </li><li> 18. Ensuring Representation </li><li> 19. How can we design technology &amp; offline activities to connect us with each other and our governments to inspire greater civic participation and generate meaningful social change? </li><li> 20. People + Experts + Government= Better Services and Communities </li><li> 21. Citizens as Agents of Change </li><li> 22. Citizens as Agents of Change </li><li> 23. Thank you! Questions? Amanda Levinson @amanda_levinson </li></ol>