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How disruptive is The Cloud? Are you or your partners choosing conventional approaches to sales and channel enablement and development? Are you doing enough to differentiate in your go-to-market strategy and plans? Walk through some of the issues and do a temperature check on your own organisation (or your partners') with our checklist


  • 1. Contact:
  • 2. Cloud Compu)ng Where have all our partners gone? Forrester Cloud transforma/on will lead to the a4ri/on (read: elimina/on) of up to 15% of the channel. Gartner Group A4ri/on under cloud transforma/on will eliminate 40% of the exis/ng channel.
  • 3. Conven/onal channel business models and customer engagements will lead to declining revenue and prot opportuni/es unless solu/on providers change and con/nue to change everything they think about the market and their role in it.
  • 4. Scary?And a bit uncomfortable?
  • 5. old products & services becoming less valuable!cloud !transformation!is disruptive!
  • 6. Easier for vendors to sell direct!... making traditional resellers less relevant!
  • 7. Survival not to men)on protability and viability - requires radical change in business models & go-to-market structures which the majority of solu)on providers are ill equipped for, and the majority of vendors con)nue with tradi)onal approaches ... Nimble, agile transforma9on is required
  • 8. Its not about Programs its about experiences . communi9es inec9on points paradigm shiA Its not about Vendors, VADs, VARs, SI, etc. its about what you know, what you can do, who you can access/refer to. Its behaviourial Its not even about mulDchannel ... Its about diversied ecosystems and community building And, its no longer about gives & gets either its about out of the box GTM combina9ons for mutual wins AleneaPartners GmbHGeFng the Context Right
  • 9. Temperature Check what about you? Have you reconciled your direct vs. indirect strategies? How many nontradi)onal organsa)ons are targeted? Do you know which of your partners are most likely to go under in the next 18 months? What does your partners hiring funnel for sales and marke)ng professionals look like? How strong is marke)ng? What are you doing to support partner service development for support, licensing, customiza)on, provisioning and management? What about advanced business applica)ons and analy)cs? Do you treat your sales force as a homogenous group? Do you s)ll treat your custmers as a, somewhat, homogenous group? How many hyper-growth partner business plans do you have (+10M)? How good is the end customer research that you provide your salesforce? How many partners have their own intellectual property as a dieren)ator? Who thinks this is a phase?
  • 10. Scary?And a bit uncomfortable?Need Help?
  • 11. Alinea Partners Consul)ng 2005: HQ: Vienna, Austria (circa. 30 SMEs European-wide) 2013: Marke)ng campaign, lead genera)on and nurturing capabili)es are a global capability and run through a preferred partner (Oces: Brussels, Soa, Singapore circa. 60 SMEs). A European strategy, channel development & marke/ng agency. We oer strategic go-to-market programs that help companies achieve new levels of growth changing or evolving business models to more eec/vely compete in new markets, posi/on more compe//vely, partner and sell be4er and dene new revenue opportuni/es. Clients include: Alcatel-Lucent, Avnet Embedded, Cisco, BASE (a KPN subsidiary), Convergys Corpora)on, Deutsche Telekom, Dell, Fujitsu Technology Solu)ons, IBM, Intel, Microsoi, NEC UK, Prediki, Pilotlite Ventures, SaaSPlaza, Sun Microsystems, Tangoe, Telekom Slovenije, Aventa, SiOL, UPC, miscellaneous nancial investment rms, etc.
  • 12. Competencies Strategy, Business Model Design and Go-to-Market Mul)channel Sales Enablement Channel Growth New, nontradi)onal channel development/partnering Marke)ng Social Media Mentoring Programs and Analy)cs Big Data Crunching, Analysis and Persona Development Lean Start-ups Business planning, customer feedback, Board development, funding contact support Cloud Compu)ng: High Technology, Telecommunica)ons organisa)ons of all sizes
  • 13. Addendum
  • 14. CHANNEL MAPPING The Foundation Strong Channel Development and Partner Program success
  • 15. BrandingStrategic priorities:Partner Value Propositions & BenefitsPartner Contributions & ParticipationProgram name + logoSegment nomenclatureLevel designations + logosArtwork & terms of useOther relevant terminologyUSPs:Channel economics (full-spectrum model) TCO sensitiveCommercial entitlementsSign-up processParticipation criteria Value-based configurator (calculator)ProgramAdministrationSoft benefitsRationaleImplementation & Roadmap:PreparationPREVIEW Steady-state industry-leading programLonger-term evolutionProgramBudgetProjectPlanLong-termComms PlanOn-boarding& trainingCollaterals,Tools and PortalecosystemPhase 1Execution & Support InfrastructureCustomer value:Channel Map:Project Framework Pro Forma