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1. Cloud Hosting VS VPS Hosting Sales Related Query 2. An Overview of Web Hosting World Web hosting world is reaching new heights as every organization is striving to establish strong online presence in order to augment ROI. Hosting solutions are segregated into four major parts Shared Hosting, VPS hosting, Dedicated Server Hosting, and newly evolved Cloud Hosting. Sales Related Query 3. Quick Glance to Web Hosting Shared Hosting: In shared web hosting, multiple websites are hosted on a single dedicated server. Computing capacity plus storage space and bandwidth is shared among all the clients hosted on the shared server. VPS Hosting: Here, a dedicated server is spliced into multiple parts using virtualization technology. Clients opting for this hosting alternative get dedicated storage capacity plus computing resources. Dedicated Hosting: Right from the hardware to computing capacity everything is allocated to meet the website(s) requirement of one business/enterprise. Cloud Hosting: Cloud hosting is bit different from other hosting solutions. It is an extensive pool of resources allowing a host of companies and individuals to meet their website demands. Sales Related Query 4. Maintenance and Management: Who Owes the Responsibility? Shared Web Hosting: Web hosting provider is responsible for complete server management and maintenance. VPS Hosting: Web hosting provider is responsible for complete server management and maintenance. Dedicated Server Hosting: Client is responsible for most of the server management tasks. Basic installation and configuration is done at service providers end. Cloud Hosting: Web hosting provider is responsible for complete server management and maintenance. Sales Related Query 5. Which is the most Cost-Effective & Easy to Opt Solution? Shared Hosting: It is the most easy and economical solution, however vulnerable to security threats. VPS Hosting: Expensive than Shared Hosting. Cloud Hosting: It is the most cost-effective alternative that works on pay-per-use model. Dedicated Hosting: Expensive than Shared, VPS, and Cloud Hosting Solutions. Sales Related Query 6. How is Cloud Hosting Different from VPS Hosting? There is no denying the fact that Cloud Hosting and VPS hosting works on the same virtualization technology and sharing phenomena, however they differ in their functionality and service consumption: VPS Hosting Read More Here one physical server serves the need of a few clients hosted on it. This hosting kind is not scalable up to a given limit. Fixed amount needs to be paid prior to the plan subscription. Cloud Hosting Read More Here, multiple servers are networked together to fulfill the demands of all size companies simultaneously. It allows clients to quickly scale up/down the IT resources as per the business requirements. Cloud has the capability to meet surging website demands. It works on utility based billing model, which implies that end-users are required to only pay for the resources they have utilized. 7. Cloud or VPS: Which One is Better? If reports and recent studies are to be believed, cloud has the potential to accommodate your growing business demands without sacrificing on performance and other imperative IT needs. Moreover, you can easily scale up/down your IT needs with no hefty investment. On the contrary, VPS hosting provides less flexibility and limited computing resources when compared to Cloud hosting. Apart from this, cloud offers best network uptime than VPS. Even if one of the VM gets failed, the workload automatically gets migrated to other functional servers in the network. On the other, in VPS if one of the VM goes down, the complete server gets affected. Sales Related Query 8. Neither Cloud Nor VPS. Interested in Dedicated Server ? Sales Related Query A dedicated server is exactly how it sounds. It is a physical server that someone buys or leases to manage all the data. It is a great solution for large businesses, especially for those who require exceptionally high levels of data security, or organizations that have predictable demand requiring all of their servers running in a 24/7 environment. Know more on Dedicated Server Hosting 9. Our Touch Points Website (s): Follow US Sales Related Query 10. Sales Related Query