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1. GET YOUR CLOUD SOLUTIONOUT OF THE CLOUDS 2. MORE THAN A LABELA REAL AND CONTINUOUS COMMITMENTA LABEL MUSTConfidencein data security and confidentialityConfidencein the qualityof serviceConfidencein being independentfrom suppliersWHY CREATE A LABEL?CONTINUOUS IMPROVEMENTTHREE LABELLING TARGETSAccessible to all,especially to the SMEsThe Label Cloud develops best practices standards in order to assess the maturity of Cloud solutions.This Label is allocated to companies offering high quality standards, according to the state of the art.Certified companies commit themselves to continuously improve the quality of client service and operational performance.To install a climate of mutual confidence between customers and suppliers.BASICHIGHEXPERTFirst Cloud labelin France1 3. FOR CERTIFIED COMPANIESInspire confidenceDevelop and improve bothreputation and imageImprove operating performanceCreate a complementary Cloudactors ecosystemFOR THE CUSTOMERSA range of professional Cloud servicesIdentification of the key Cloud actorsIndependence and reversibilitySecurity and service qualityGuarantees the Label independenceand legitimityDrives the Label evolution andimprovementProvides accreditationsAwards the LabelPromotes the LabelDevelops a Label ecosystemTHE LABEL GUIDELINESCATLABTRANSPARANCY AND INDEPENDENCEThe label committee (CATLAB):THE LABEL CLOUD A VIRTUOUS CIRCLE* According to the NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology) guidelines.BEST PRACTICESOn-demand self-services *Full access to resources *Resource allocation *Swiftness and flexibility *Service measurement *SecurityCustomer relationship managementITIL Process 4. CONTACTT : +33 (0)5 34 31 41 95 | labelcloud@france-it.frwww.france-it.frHOW CAN A COMPANY OBTAIN THE LABEL?Companies can apply on the website: www.label-cloud.comThanks to the on-line questionnaire, they can integrate the Label guidelines and submit their self-assesment.Download the application form.Go through the online evaluation.Submit your evaluation form and select one of the accredited auditors.Your application form will be examinated by the chosen auditor according to your target level.You will then present your Cloud solution and the evaluation findings to the CATLAB which willdecide upon your application.FIND OUT MOREGet full information on the Label Cloud process on ourwebsite.12345PARENT COMPANIESSPONSORS AND SUPPORTERSWWW.LABEL-CLOUD.COML'ambition numrique


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