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cmd or not to cmd?There is no question.

cmd: why we use it?

cmd: why we use it?to connect with remotesbecause we want to feel like a HACKERits useful and faster then clicking over GUIlot of tools have no GUI

cmd: why not?hard to love it (resizing, selecting and any other regular actions are hard as f***)lack of completionlack of EVERYTHING we need?!

cmd: how to change it?

cmd: how to change it?unix-like shell environmentsWindows console window enhancementscombos of two aboveother tools

unix-like shell: CygwinPros:provides rich POSIX-compliant layerenables building from source on Windowstwo package managers: pact and apt-cyg

unix-like shell: CygwinCons:a bit of time spent on quirks with getting things workingno portable version

unix-like shell: Git for Windows 2.xPros:supports 64-bit and UTF-8maintained & frequently updated with Cygwinbasic auto completionGit Bash here context menu

unix-like shell: Git for Windows 2.xCons:tools like mysql works only with 3rd party tools (winpty), but without completion

unix-like shell: BabunPros:pre-configured git & shellmysql works like a charm'Open Here...' context menu entrysurprisingly fast

unix-like shell: BabunCons:no portable version

cmd enhancements: ConEmuPros:smooth and friendly window resizingtabsdrag and drop of files and folders in Far Managerhighly configurable

cmd enhancements: ConEmuCons:numerous configuration options can be overwhelming even for pro users

cmd enhancements: ConsoleZPros:splitting Tabs into views (horizontally and vertically)zooming with Ctrl-Mouseguake-like console animation stylefull screen

cmd enhancements: ConsoleZCons:problem with configuring Babun/MSYS2 (both mintty) - runs as detached windows instead of tabs

combos: cmderPros:built on top of (great) ConEmuportable version with only ~4.5MB in sizeCons:sometimes feels slow (lot of things going on under the hood)

other tools (improvements)GOW - Set of ~120 command line toolsChocolately - package manager for Windowswpkg - windows package managerFAR - file manager (brilliant integration with ConEmu)

not coveredPowerShellVirtualization...

not coveredBash on Ubuntu on Windows 10

thx, cu