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  1. 1. With Sample Bulletin Board Ideas Debbie Hruschka Pima County Adult Probation Adult Education
  2. 2. What comes to mind when you hear the word Job? Write the responses on the flipchart paper as the students call out their responses
  3. 3. What comes to mind when you hear the word Career? Write the responses on the flipchart paper as the students call out their responses
  4. 4. Brainstorm the definition of the word Job write responses on flip chart paper. Do the same for the word Career OR Give students several post-its and have them write the first thing that comes to mind when they hear the word Job . Use a different post-it for each response. Do the same for the word Career. I color coded the post-its for each word, blue for Job and yellow for Career. Show the presentation of your job/career path Have the students redo the brainstorm or post-it activity to see if they have any new ideas to add. Gather their responses and create pie charts Have them fill out a short evaluate of the presentation and compile their data.
  5. 5. Students will understand the purpose of this presentation Students will understand the difference between a Job and a Career Students will understand the importance of education or training for a Career Students will start to think about a Career path Students will describe the career path they plan to pursue
  6. 6. Show My Career Path Presentation
  7. 7. Jobs money list types of jobs shortterm work career buys necessities life skills learned A job is the most basic level, and is work that you do in exchange for money. No matter what the job is in, the job will involve doing a specific set of tasks using a specific set of skills. Some jobs require you to have a specific skill set or education before being hired, or youll receive on-the-job training. Jobs are short term and safe, as stability of work but there usually is a lack of progression. 21%21% 9%9% 6% 12% 21%
  8. 8. Careers way of Life types of careers education more money change lifetime/ longer work satisfaction A career provides you with money you need, but theres often more to a career than just one job. A career is often a series of jobs, usually in the same field or industry. A career is a path in a certain direction and constitutes your lifes work. A career is long term, usually requires special learning or education, and is a pursuit of a lifelong ambition or progression towards lifelong goals or a way of life. 18% 15% 9% 12% 9% 21% 15%
  9. 9. What did you think the purpose of this presentation was? 8 to show the difference between a job and a career 5 to motivate us to take the steps necessary to find our chosen career 2 to show the importance of college 1 long term versus short term 1 the sacrifices needed to succeed
  10. 10. At the beginning of the presentation we did an activity where I had you write on a post-it what was the first thing that came to your mind when I said the word job and then the word career. Did this activity help clarify the difference between the two words? How? 17 Yes How? 7- a job is something to fill the void until a career is found to do for the rest of your life 4- different outlooks on both 4- a job is money; a career a lifetime plan 1- short term versus long term
  11. 11. Did this activity help you think in terms of a career path instead of a job? 15- Yes 1 Yes and No 1 Somewhat My current job I have now and how to pursue a future career. A career path is more stable than a job.
  12. 12. Did it help you understand what a career path was? 17 Yes It helped me understand the difference between the two. It helped me to understand the difference and what you might have to do to take that path. A career could be a good paying job or some job that you like but do it for a longer term.
  13. 13. Describe for me your career path from start to finish. 11- Attend schooling/college for a career 6- finish my GED 4- undecided 1 work with the disabled