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Basic Tips For Novice Computer Users


  • 1. Computer Tips,Tricks & Tweaks Courtesy of: Lori Rich, Computer Tutoring

2. What is a Menu?

  • Unlike at a restaurant, adrop-down menu in a software program is a list of options that are specific to that category.For example, your Web browser ( Internet Explorer)is open. Click onFile and a dropdown list ( menu ) appears.You canopena new file,editthe file,saveorprintthe file.

3. Q.What is a left-click vs. a right click? A.Your mouse has two sides; left and right.With your palm covering the mouse, use your index finger to left-click.You will usually tap quickly two times (double-click). Use your middle or ring finger to right-click.This opens a shortcut menu with options that you can left-click! 4. What is cut and paste?

  • Cut and paste is the operation of moving a word or block of text to a different location.This new location can be in the same document, or in a document or program.
  • This comes in handy when you are filling in a form online, and you accidentally put data in the wrong box.

5. How is it done?

  • First, you must select the text to be cut (highlight) by dragging your mouse across it.
  • Then, click onEdit, Cut .
  • The text is memorized in an electronic clipboard.
  • Go to the location that you want the text to appear.
  • ClickEdit, Paste .Voila!

6. What is Copy & Paste?

  • It is similar to cut and paste. Instead of moving the text, you are copying the text and inserting it in a different location.Once the text is copied, it can be pasted multiple times.

7. Why Doesnt Text Appear Where I Expect?

  • The blinking line on your computer screen is called theinsertion point . That point is where text will appeareven if yourmouse pointeris somewhere else!

8. H a n d y S h o r t c u t

  • Press theCTRLkey along with the A key to select all of the text on a page.Comes in handy when copying or deleting!
  • You can also use the shortcut menu (right-click) and use the Select All option that will do the same thing.

9. Where can I get more help?

  • For tutoring of most software programs, help with internet and email access, and downloading files & photos, contact:
  • Lori Rich, Computer Tutoring,223-6869