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UNIT 10: CONCLUSIONFrom the entire process of CNC RETROFITTING we have concluded the following points:

There is a huge difference in the way the old and the new retrofitted machine works and even looks. The new machine even looks much more organized and compact. There is a tremendous improvement in the way the new machine operates over the old conventional lathe. The new machine is much more accurate and fast as compared to the old one which is evident while Job Trials and Commissioning. We get the whole feel of a new CNC machine at about 1/3 rd price without compensating on accuracy and efficiency.



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UNIT 11: FUTURE SCOPEThe machine that we have retrofitted is just an example of preliminary retrofitting keeping in mind the use and the costs incurred. There is a huge scope for further improvements in the machine. These can be listed as below: A multi station tool turret can be incorporated in the existing CNC machine. Automatic Clamping mechanism can be installed (Draw bar Mechanism). Automatic Tool Changing (ATC) devices using Robotic Arm Technology. Automatic Pallet Changer (APC) for automatic work piece changing. A Chip Conveyor can be incorporated for easy and hassle free disposal of chips.

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