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Connect, Engage & Empower your CustomersDavid Wardell, Vodafone09 March 2011C3 confidentiality classification

UC Expo 2011

#C3 confidentiality classification

UC Expo 2011

#First operator with 5 million customers1982A history of leading the marketAwarded mobile license in the UK1985 1991 First to launch a digital service1993 19941999 2001 2008 2004 2006First mobile phone call madeFirst high street storeFirst text message sentFirst with BlackBerry in the UKFirst 3G roaming callBecomes Avaya EMEA Platinum PartnerFirst 3G data cardsFirst 3G broadband/ HSDPA data cards, & USB modemsFirst built-in modem broadband laptops

Avaya UK Business Partner of the Year

Launched Fixed NetworksVodafone Moves into Unified Communications

UK & EMEA Avaya Business Partner of the YearFirst ever touch-screen device from BlackBerry the Storm, exclusive to Vodafone2009 Formation of Vodafone Business Services

Vodafone opens dedicated UC Network Operations Centre2010 Vodafones UC Group managed 3m endpoints 15% of the marketAwarded European IT Excellence Award for Unified Communications09 March 2011C3 confidentiality classification

UC Expo 2011

#21996First operator in the UK to offer an analogue mobile phone service with no contract - Vodafone PrePay (September). 2001First network to offer pre-pay customers the ability to roam. Whilst the business and technology sector launched its Microsoft Officelive System, consumer introduced pre-pay roaming top-up service allowing Vodafone customers to top up their pre-paid mobile phones using overseas vouchers (July).2004Launch of Vodafone Mobile Connect 3G/GPRS datacard service for its corporate customers. The Mobile Connect 3G/GPRS datacard was the first product in the UK market that integrates 3G and GPRS functions, enabling transmission at speeds of up to 384kbps. Customers were now able to access all their usual office applications like email, calendar and Internet at up to ten times the speed of GPRS, improving business productivity (February). 2006 Vodafone Mobile Connect 3G broadband (HSDPA) data card launched which allowed customers to take advantage of significantly improved data transfer speeds on their laptops. Greater London (within the M25), Glasgow, Sheffield, Greater Manchester and Tyneside were the first major UK conurbations to experience 3G broadband with fullroll out covering Vodafone's entire 3G network targeted for completion by summer 2007. (22 June)Vodafone Mobile Connect USB Modem launched. This new version of the 3G broadband data card, designed especially for users of the latest generation of laptops and Apple MacBooks, allows customers to access 3G broadband by simply plugging it into the USB slot on their Computer. 21 November

VODAFONE UK - A HistoryThe Early YearsDecember 1982 - Racal, the provider of military defence electronics was awarded the first UK cellular telephone licence, which was to operate alongside Racals other businesses. 1st January 1985 - developing a telephone network was a mammoth task but on 1 January 1985 the Vodafone network was launched. On the very same day, the first mobile cellular call was made from Trafalgar Square to Newbury in Berkshire in the first minutes of the New Year celebrations. Within a year Vodafone had increased its customers base to 500,000 subscribers.A number of subsidiary companies were formed to support the Vodafone network over the following years:-1984 Vodac was formed as the Service Provider arm of Vodafone as by the terms of its licence, the network was not allowed to sell its services direct to the market place. 1987 Vodata offered a range of value added services such as voicemail and the first information lines, namely The Financial Times CityLine and the AAs Roadwatch. 1987 Vodapage provided a paging network. 1987 Vodafone Messenger (voicemail service) was available to customers1988 Orbitel was established to manufacture GSM (Global System for Mobile Communications) products1990 Paknet was a dedicated data communications network company, added to support the telecommunications needs of customers. 1991Racal and Vodafone were fully demerged and Vodafone Group Plc was listed on the London and New York Stock Exchanges. At the time, it was the largest demerger witnessed in British history. Gerry Whent became the Groups Chief Executive. Vodafone saw its UK cellular market share increase to over 56% and further enhancements to the network were recognised by the British Standard Award for Quality, the first ever award made to a telephone network in the world, fixed or mobile (September).Vodafone and Telecom Finland made the worlds first mobile international roaming telephone call (October).Launch of the UKs first commercial GSM digital mobile phone service (December). 1992The non-business market was opened up with the introduction of LowCall, a low user mobile phone tariff offering a reduction of 40% on the existing Business tariff. This was supported by a dramatic advertising campaign The October Revolution (October).The Group received the accolade of being named Company of the Year in the Business Enterprise Awards (November).The first commercial SMS message was sent over the Vodafone GSM network in the United Kingdom on 3 Dec 1992 from Neil Papworth of Sema Group and Richard Jarvis from Vodafone using an Orbitel 901 handset. The message read Merry Christmas.1993Vodac signed the first distribution agreement with the major high street retailer Comet (March). The opening of the UKs first ever Vodafone Centre (June).It was a major year for international agreements between Vodafone and respective overseas operators. The German mobile phone E-plus licence was won; Vodafone joined the consortium to operate digital networks in South Africa and Fiji; Vodafone Pty opened its digital mobile phone service in Australia; and the network in Greece was opened - Panafon. As a result of these major overseas interests, Vodafone Group International was formed to acquire licences and supervise overseas investments (August).Named the UKs best mobile telephone network (September).Connected ONE MILLIONTH customer (December).1994Launched digital data fax and short text messaging (SMS) services (November).1995Vodacall was set up to provide the specialist service for the consumer market (April).Announced sponsorship the annual Epsom Derby Meeting (October).The 50% holding held in Orbitel, was sold to Ericsson (November).Over 500 specialist retail outlets and various High Street chains distributed mobile phones connected to the Vodafone network, including Comet, the John Lewis Partnership, AA, Pinnacle Vodafone shops, Talkland and Pocket Phone stores (December).1996First UK network to offer a customer loyalty programme to its long standing customers, offering customers discounts up to 10% and also AIR MILES.The new digital network became operational, incorporating per second billing and bundles of minutes and the ability to make local calls to the fixed network at the off-peak rate. Also had a new advertising campaign based on the X Files theme (April).First UK network to connect TWO MILLION customers (June).First operator in the UK to offer a n analogue mobile phone service with no contract - Vodafone PrePay (September). Sir Gerald Whent CBE retired as Chief Executive of the Vodafone Group and was succeeded by Chris Gent (December).1997Announced its biggest sponsorship to date, the sponsorship of English cricket for a five- year period. Also started a three year sponsorship of the Nissan team in British Touring Car Championships.A number of major service providers became wholly-owned subsidiaries of the Vodafone Group: Talkland, The Peoples Phone Company and Astec Communications (March).Vodafone reorganised its businesses, streamlining its service providers, billing and customer care systems, brands, retail fascias and tariffs. The specialist business units were to be known as Vodafone Corporate, Vodafone Connect and Vodafone Retail. The name changes included Vodafone Paging, Vodafone Value Added Services and Vodafone Data Network. Vodafone also unveiled its new corporate identity, the Vodafone roundel to be used throughout the Group (July). Acquired the remaining holding in Vodac Ulster Ltd to be renamed Vodafone (NI) Ltd. Also started per second billing on the analogue network (August).Vodafones biggest ever advertising campaign was launched, focused on the use of words The strapline was: For the network that carries more words to more people in more places, the word is Vodafone (October).Launched digital Pay As You Talk service with a choice of two tariffs, many phones and flexible ways to pay. Vodafone introduced its first group saver tariffs. Vodafone also agreed to offer fixed line services from Energis alongside its existing mobile telephony services (November). Plans for a new Vodafone Group HQ to accommodate the majority of Newbury based staff was announced.1998Sharp tariff reductions with extra minutes and call charge reductions (January & June). The Millennium Share Options Scheme was introduced, entitling all full time members of staff (approx; 6,500) to receive share options in 2001 to the value of half their basic salary.Sir Gerald Whent CBE, former CEO then Deputy Chairman and Sir Ernest Harrison, Chairman of the Vodafone Group since floatation in 1998, retired from the company. Lord MacLaurin became chairman of Vodafone Group Plc (July).Vodafone Value Added Services and Vodafone Data Network merged to create a Vodafone Value Added and Data Services (November).Unprecedented customer figures for the final quarter, beating all previous quarterly customer numbers in the UK by three times with a total of 933,000 customers joining Vodafone, taking the UK customer base to 4,874,000. Pay as you Talk, accounted for 755,000 of the new customers during this per


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