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Cosc 4755 Personal Information Manager JSR-75 Optional PIM package

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Cosc 4755. Personal Information Manager JSR-75 Optional PIM package. PIM. Personal Information Managers Contacts including the phone contacts info Calendars events, recurring and alarms lists To-Do lists. uses a subset of the Vcard and Vcalendar specifications. Package - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


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Cosc 4755

Personal Information ManagerJSR-75

Optional PIM package

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• Personal Information Managers– Contacts

• including the phone contacts info

– Calendars• events, recurring and alarms

– lists• To-Do lists.

– uses a subset of the Vcard and Vcalendar specifications.• Package– import javax.microedition.pim.*;

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Optional Package

• Like others, is the package installed?// Check that PIM Optional Package is availableString v =

System.getProperty( "microedition.pim.version" );

if( v != null ){ // PIMOP available

} else { // PIMOP not available

} //NOT necessary on Blackberry, the PIM package

is installed.

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PIM Package











via enumeration interface

RepeatRule• Used with Event

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• With a security model, but assuming your app has permission– view the information– add/remove/modify information

• We will work this the "default" of PIM. This should allow you access to information, that the "phone" app's use, such as the contact list for dialing.

• Outside the simulators, you app will need to be signed.– Think of the damage this package can allow!

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Opening the "database"

//static method. PIM singleton = PIM.getInstance();• Now which of the three do we want


ContactList cl = (ContactList) singleton.openPIMList( PIM.CONTACT_LIST, PIM.READ_ONLY );

EventList el = (EventList) singleton.openPIMList( PIM.EVENT_LIST, PIM.READ_ONLY );

ToDoList tl = (ToDoList) singleton.openPIMList( PIM.TODO_LIST, PIM.READ_ONLY );

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PIMList and PIMItem

• All three lists inherit from a PIMList• All three “items” inherit from PIMItem– You can just use PIMList and PIMItem instead of

the others, but easier not too.

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• Contact createContact() – Factory method to create a Contact for this contact list.

• Returns a blank contact that has been entered into the contact list.

• Contact importContact(Contact contact)– Imports the given Contact into this contact list by making

a new Contact for the list and filling its information with as much information as it can from the provided Contact.

• void removeContact(Contact contact) – Removes a specific Contact from the list.

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ContactList (2)

• There are more methods, but the primary is• Enumeration items() – Return an Enumeration of all items in the list.

• The order is undefined.

• Throws: – PIMException

• If an error occurs or the list is no longer accessible or closed.

– java.lang.SecurityException• if the application is not given permission to read the PIM list

or the list is opened WRITE_ONLY.

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ContactList (3)

• Category methods, to set/remove/rename categories. IE work, personal, etc.

• And field and attribute methods– We’ll look at those as we are dealing with contact.

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Getting an Contacttry { Enumeration enum = cl.items(); while( enum.hasMoreElements() ){ Contact contact = (Contact) enum.nextElement(); // do something with the contact } } catch( PIMException e ){ // an error occurred } catch( SecurityException e ){ // can't read this list }

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ContactFields Type of Data Associated with Field






Attributes, which may or may not apply to the all of the above fieldsATTR_ASST (ASSISTANT), ATTR_AUTO, ATTR_FAX, ATTR_HOME, ATTR_MOBILE, ATTR_OTHER, ATTR_PAGER, ATTR_SMS, ATTR_WORK, ATTR_PREFERRED (Attribute classifying a data value with preferred status for retrieval or display purposes [platform specific])ATTR_NONE (meaning there is no attribute for that field)

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Retrieving contact info

• You need to use try caught around the get methods. If the field is not support, it throws an exception– If the value of the field is blank, it also throws an exception!

• Example, lets get the FORMATTED_NAMEtry { String str = contact.getString(Contact.FORMATTED_NAME, 0); System.out.println("FN: "+str); } catch ( java.lang.IndexOutOfBoundsException e) { //The field is blank!} catch (UnsupportedFieldException e) { //That field is not supported }

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Retrieving contact info (2)• Retrieving the name fieldstry { String str1[] =

contact.getStringArray(Contact.NAME, 0); for (int i = 0; i < str1.length; i++) { System.out.println("Name: " +str1[i]); } } catch ( java.lang.IndexOutOfBoundsException e) { //The field is blank!} catch (UnsupportedFieldException e) { //That field is not supported }• NOTE: Name has NAME_FAIMLY, NAME_GIVEN, NAME_OTHER,


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Creating a new contact• First a blank contactContact contact = contacts.createContact();• Now add the informationString[] name = new String[contacts.stringArraySize(Contact.NAME)]; if (contacts.isSupportedField(Contact.FORMATTED_NAME)) contact.addString(Contact.FORMATTED_NAME, PIMItem.ATTR_NONE, "Mr. John Q. Public, Esq."); if (contacts.isSupportedArrayElement(Contact.NAME, Contact.NAME_FAMILY)) name[Contact.NAME_FAMILY] = "Public"; if (contacts.isSupportedArrayElement(Contact.NAME, Contact.NAME_GIVEN)) name[Contact.NAME_GIVEN] = "John"; contact.addStringArray(Contact.NAME, PIMItem.ATTR_NONE, name);if (contacts.isSupportedField(Contact.TEL)) contact.addString(Contact.TEL, Contact.ATTR_HOME, "613-123-4567");try { contact.commit(); //until a commit() the record is not updated! } catch (PIMException e) { // An error occurred }

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updating a contact• Assuming contact is the contact we want to update, it is just like creating a new one.• We'll add an address.String[] addr = new String[contacts.stringArraySize(Contact.ADDR)]; if (contacts.isSupportedArrayElement(Contact.ADDR, Contact.ADDR_COUNTRY)) addr[Contact.ADDR_COUNTRY] = "USA"; if (contacts.isSupportedArrayElement(Contact.ADDR, Contact.ADDR_LOCALITY)) addr[Contact.ADDR_LOCALITY] = "Coolsville"; if (contacts.isSupportedArrayElement(Contact.ADDR, Contact.ADDR_REGION)) addr[Contact.ADDR_REGION] = "Wyoming"; if (contacts.isSupportedArrayElement(Contact.ADDR, Contact.ADDR_POSTALCODE)) addr[Contact.ADDR_POSTALCODE] = "91921-1234"; if (contacts.isSupportedArrayElement(Contact.ADDR, Contact.ADDR_STREET)) addr[Contact.ADDR_STREET] = "123 Main Street"; if (contacts.isSupportedField(Contact.ADDR)) contact.addStringArray(Contact.ADDR, Contact.ATTR_HOME, addr); //Note there is also ADDR_EXTRA, and ADDR_POBOXtry { contact.commit(); } catch (PIMException e) { // An error occurred }

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ToDoList• Very similar to contacts

– Note this one and calendar are less likely to be implemented on all phones.

• ToDo createToDo()– Factory method to create a ToDo entry for this ToDo list.

• ToDo importToDo(ToDo item)– Imports the given ToDo into this list by making a new ToDo for the list and filling

its information with as much information as it can from the provided ToDo. • void removeToDo(ToDo item)

– Removes a specific ToDo from the list.• java.util.Enumeration items(int field, long startDate, long endDate)

– Return an enumeration of all the ToDos in the list where the value of the specified date field falls in the range from startDate to endDate inclusive. • The data for Date is expressed in the same long value format as java.util.Date, which is

milliseconds since the epoch (00:00:00 GMT, January 1, 1970).

• To get all the ToDO items, use items() like from contacts.

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ToDo ItemFields Type of Data Associated with Field





There are no attributes for the ToDo fields.

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Example creating an ToDoToDoList todos = null;try { todos = (ToDoList) PIM.getInstance().openPIMList(PIM.TODO_LIST, PIM.READ_WRITE);} catch (PIMException e) { // An error occurred}ToDo todo = todos.createToDo();if (todos.isSupportedField(Event.SUMMARY)) todo.addString(ToDo.SUMMARY, PIMItem.ATTR_NONE, "Buy going away present for Judy");if (todos.isSupportedField(ToDo.DUE)) //note import java.util.Date; is needed! todo.addDate(ToDo.DUE, PIMItem.ATTR_NONE, new Date().getTime());if (todos.isSupportedField(ToDo.NOTE)) todo.addString(ToDo.NOTE, PIMItem.ATTR_NONE, "Judy really likes stained glass");if (todos.isSupportedField(ToDo.PRIORITY)) todo.addInt(ToDo.PRIORITY, PIMItem.ATTR_NONE, 2);try { //We'll come back to categories at the end of the lecture if (todos.maxCategories() != 0 && todos.isCategory("Work")) todo.addToCategory("Work");} catch (PIMException ex) { //Work is not a category}try { todo.commit(); } catch (PIMException e) { // An error occured}

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EventList• Calendar events• Event createEvent()

– Factory method to create an Event for this event list. • int[] getSupportedRepeatRuleFields(int frequency)

– Returns the Repeat Rule fields that are settable by the class user and supported by this EventList for the provided Repeat Rule frequency.

• Event importEvent(Event item)– Imports the given Event into this list by making a new Event for the list and filling its

information with as much information as it can from the provided Event. • void removeEvent(Event item)

– Removes a specific Event from the list.• Enumeration items(int searchType, long startDate, long endDate,

boolean initialEventOnly)– Return an enumeration of all the Events where at least one of the Event's

occurrences falls in the specified range from startDate to endDate inclusive. – Searchtype constants: ENDING, OCCURRING, STARTING

• Enumeration items() will return all events.

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Event ItemFields Type of Data Associated with Field




• There are no field attributes.

• A single event may have multiple occurrences; i.e. the event may be a recurring event that is repeated at specified intervals. Each occurrence of an event is determined by using a RepeatRule to calculate when the event should have additional occurrences, besides the one defined by the Event.START field.

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Event creation example EventList events = null; try { events = (EventList) PIM.getInstance().openPIMList(PIM.EVENT_LIST, PIM.READ_WRITE); } catch (PIMException e) { // An error occurred } Event event = events.createEvent(); Date aDate = new Date(); //variable should be set to something other then now! if (events.isSupportedField(Event.SUMMARY)) event.addString(Event.SUMMARY, PIMItem.ATTR_NONE, "Meeting with John"); if (events.isSupportedField(Event.START)) event.addDate(Event.START, PIMItem.ATTR_NONE, aDate.getTime()); if (events.isSupportedField(Event.END)) event.addDate(Event.END, PIMItem.ATTR_NONE, aDate.getTime()); if (events.isSupportedField(Event.ALARM)) event.addInt(Event.ALARM, PIMItem.ATTR_NONE, (int) aDate.getTime() - 60000); if (events.isSupportedField(Event.NOTE)) event.addString(Event.NOTE, PIMItem.ATTR_NONE, "I phoned on Monday to book this

meeting"); try { if (events.maxCategories() != 0 && events.isCategory("Work")) event.addToCategory("Work"); } catch (PIMException ex) { //Work is not a catergory} try { event.commit(); } catch (PIMException e) { // An error occured } try {events.close(); } catch (PIMException e) { }

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• Event has two addition methods• RepeatRule getRepeat()– Retrieves a RepeatRule object specifying how

often and when this event occurs. • void setRepeat(RepeatRule value)– Sets the RepeatRule specifying how often and

when this event occurs.• EventList has the – int[] getSupportedRepeatRuleFields(int frequency)

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RepeatRule (2)Fields Set Method Valid Values


COUNT setInt any positive int

INTERVAL setInt any positive int

END setDate any valid Date

MONTH_IN_YEAR setIntJANUARY, FEBRUARY, MARCH, APRIL, MAY, JUNE, JULY, AUGUST, SEPTEMBER, OCTOBER, NOVEMBER, DECEMBER (Note: that these are constants defined in the RepeatRule class and are not the same as those in the Calendar class)

DAY_IN_WEEK setIntSUNDAY, MONDAY, TUESDAY, WEDNESDAY, THURSDAY, FRIDAY, SATURDAY (Note: that these are constants defined in the RepeatRule class and are not the same as those in the Calendar class)


DAY_IN_MONTH setInt 1-31

DAY_IN_YEAR setInt 1-366

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RepeateRule examples• To specify the associated event occurs every day:

– setInt(RepeatRule.FREQUENCY, RepeatRule.DAILY); • To specify the associated event occurs every day for the next five days:

– setInt(RepeatRule.FREQUENCY, RepeatRule.DAILY);– setInt(RepeatRule.COUNT, 5);

• To specify this event occurs every week on Monday and Tuesday:– setInt(RepeatRule.FREQUENCY, RepeatRule.WEEKLY);– setInt(RepeatRule.DAY_IN_WEEK, RepeatRule.MONDAY |

RepeatRule.TUESDAY);• To specify the associated event occurs every year on the 4th of July:

– setInt(RepeatRule.FREQUENCY, RepeatRule.YEARLY);– setInt(RepeatRule.MONTH_IN_YEAR, RepeatRule.JULY);– setInt(RepeatRule.DAY_IN_MONTH, 4);

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RepeateRule examples (2)

• To check if a particular Repeat Rule frequency value is supported for events for a certain event list:

// Check if RepeatRule.DAILY is supported in the default event list


int[] supported_fields = el.getSupportedRepeatRuleFields(RepeatRule.DAILY);

if (supported_fields.length > 0) { System.out.println("RepeatRule.DAILY is supported

in default event list"); }

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• Category is in PIMList and PIMItem, which is inherited by the three lists.– Categories are string items assigned to an item to

represent the item's inclusion in a logical grouping. – The category string correspond to category values

already existing in the PIMItem's associated PIMList. – Category support per list is optional, depending on the

implementing PIMList class that the item is associated with.

– The item's list determines if categories can be assigned, and how many categories can be assigned per item.

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PIMList Category• void addCategory(String category)

– Adds the provided category to the PIM list.• void deleteCategory(String category, boolean deleteUnassignedItems)

– Deletes the indicated category from the PIM list.• String[] getCategories()

– Returns the categories defined for the PIM list.• boolean isCategory(String category)

– Returns indication of whether the given category is a valid existing category for this list.• void renameCategory(String currentCategory, String newCategory)

– Renames a category from an old name to a new name.• int maxCategories()

– Returns the maximum number of categories that this list can have.• Enumeration itemsByCategory(String category)

– Returns an enumeration of all items in the PIM list that match the provided category.– Field: UNCATEGORIZED

• Constant for the itemsByCategory(String) method to indicate to search for uncategorized items.

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PIMItem category

• void addToCategory(String category)– Adds a category to this item.

• void RemoveFromCategory(String category)– Remove a category from this item.

• String[] getCategories() – Returns all the categories for that the item belongs to. If

there are no categories assigned to this item, a zero length array is returned.

• int maxCategories()– Returns the maximum number of categories that this item

can be assigned to.

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Category example• From Todo Example• todos is TodoList and todo is the Item.try { if (todos.maxCategories() != 0 //0 says no category support && todos.isCategory("Work")) //Makes sure that Work is a category todo.addToCategory("Work"); } catch (PIMException ex) { //Error, list is closed or not accessible, assuming the

above if statements.}//To see all the categories associated with an itemString cat[] = todo.getCategories()

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Blackberry PIM

• net.rim.blackberry.api.pdap.BlackBerryPIM – Note, BlackBerryPIM required a signed app.

– development on BlackBerry Smartphone Simulators can occur without code signing.

– Extends PIMList• BlackBerryContactList, BlackBerryEventList,

BlackBerryMemoList, BlackBerryPIMList, BlackBerryToDoList, ContactList, EventList, ToDoList

– Extends PIMItem• BlackBerryContact, BlackBerryContactGroup,

BlackBerryEvent, BlackBerryMemo, BlackBerryToDo, Contact, Event, ToDo

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Blackberry PIM (2)• Other then the added pieces, works the same• Example memo (Fields: NOTE, TITLE, UID as string)PIM p = PIM.getInstance(); BlackBerryMemoList memoList; try { memoList = (BlackBerryMemoList) p.openPIMList( BlackBerryPIM.MEMO_LIST,

BlackBerryPIM.READ_WRITE ); } catch ( PIMException e ) { // BlackBerryMemoList could not be opened... } try { BlackBerryMemo memo = memoList.createMemo(); memo.addToCategory( "Work" ); if ( memoList.isSupportedField( BlackBerryMemo.TITLE ) ) { memo.addString( BlackBerryMemo.TITLE, 0, "New Company Policy" ); } if ( memoList.isSupportedField( BlackBerryMemo.NOTE ) ) { memo.addString( BlackBerryMemo.NOTE, 0, "Here are the details..." ); } } catch( PIMException e ) { // BlackBerryMemo could not be created }memo.commit();

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Blackberry Note

• With the simulators that allow you leave it open and insert the new package.– I got a Access Exception for the PIM.– I had to restart the simulator every time I wanted

to try a new version of the code.

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• Does no support JSR75 of course• Has contacts built in

– The calendar is supported via gmail app and must provide login credentials to access it.• I was able to login to my gmail account with the email app on the

android simulators. I could access my email, but I could not find a "calendar" app (looked at the Droid doc's for help).– The "android" calendar app doesn't look to be installed on the simulators,

nor is gmail app that sync's contacts and calendar events.– Nor could I find any APIs on their development site.

• Gmail and calendar app are closed source from google and are not provided in the SDK

• There is no built in support for a memo or todo list.

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ContactsContract API

• There is a demo application, ContactManager• requires Google APIs Target for the simulator API level 7

– Causes Eclipse on my system to crash when importing the project. Ignore the stackOverflowError, then it loads.

– Fails to work on the simulator.• no obvious reason for the failure.

– attempts to connect to gmail contacts?» needs the gmail app?

– Connected to Eclipse load problem?

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• On a real android phone– The first thing you must due is either connect to

your gmail account or create one on the spot.– since it's not provided with the SDKs, this causes a

lot of testing problems • you need an actual phone to test with.

– The forums are full of some very "unhappy" people attempting to test their app's.

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• Sort of JavaDocs–