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At Baltimore cosmetic surgery center you are provided quality treatments at affordable rates. For more information


  • Baltimore plastic surgeon Dr. Salman Ashruf is a highly qualified and board certified plastic surgeon, who is experienced and has ample skill to perform precise treatments with 100% success.

    He is highly revered by his patients for his humbleness and compassionate behavior and is the most trusted surgeon in this regard. Apart from his personal approach and caring attitude he also has academic credentials and professional accolades to his services which speak volumes about the quality of work conferred by Dr. Ashruf towards his patients.

  • The modus operandi of the Baltimore plastic surgeon stands on three vital factors, firstly the safety of the patient, secondly the quality of the treatment and last but not the least the affordability of the procedure.

    Before he proceeds with any of the treatment a conference is arranged between the surgeon and the patients to determine the course of procedure to be adopted and depending on the physiology of the patient the safest and the surest mode of technique is taken up. It is later explained to the patient which will help them reduce the trauma and know what to expect during after the surgery. So they actually get to understand the course of the proceedings and able to cooperate to achieve the best results.

    However once the procedure is well explained, next the preparation for the procedure is of utmost importance as it is done in a very clean and healthy environment and with the help of the latest advances in the field of science and medicine and in particular plastic and Cosmetic surgery it has allowed them to be very exact with their results. Some of his procedures include Laser Cellulite removal, TCA Skin Rejuvenating facial peels and Juvederm XC Facial Fillers. Apart from these there are several other treatments catering to different other needs.

    The treatments offered at Capitol plastic Surgery Center in Baltimore are reasonably priced and are highly cost effective keeping in mind the need of the hour and understanding the financial viability of the patient so that you can be absolutely sure that there are no hidden costs or incorrect processing fees. It also provides complimentary consultations. So if you wish to know about the latest cosmetic procedures that are on the offer now days, then what better way to start off than visit the Baltimore plastic surgeon for a brief discussion and know what suits you the best?For more please log on to

  • Plastic surgeon in Baltimore offers aesthetic procedures in body sculpting to give wonderful results. Find out more on...