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Visit this site for more information on Educational Toys. Educational toys make the child think. Various games and educational toys have another, more important, aspect. They are fun. The child has fun while learning to use his or her imagination and reasoning skills. Children learn through play and these toys are the tools of play. They are the tools of learning.


  • 1. Craft For Kids At Crayons we have a wonderful range of guided craft activities from Chameleon and Seedling as well as items that allow freestyle creativity such as the wonderfully soft and reusable Crayons Maker Dough.
  • 2. Art For Kids We have chosen a variety of creative art related activities, art supplies and kits that will inspire and encourage young artists to try their hand and enjoy all that an artistic life can offer!
  • 3. Kids Toys Crayons is an Australian owned family business born out of the frustration of an evidently limited range of fun educational activities, gifts, toys and technologies suitable for babies, toddlers, children and early teens. A way to inspire young curious minds is with non-toxic Brain Food - that is activities, games, toys and technology which encourage children to think outside the square and achieve greater creative, learning and individual outcomes. At Crayons we have attempted to have something for babies, toddlers, children and teens in our product range which will help them to play, discover, imagine, create and learn no matter what their abilities or interests.
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