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  • 1. Crafting a Successful Social Media Strategy! A Book Marketing Webinar Presented by Outskirts Press
  • 2. Why are you here?How can you squandereven one more day nottaking advantage of thegreatest shifts of ourgeneration? How dare yousettle for less when theworld has made it so easyfor you to be remarkable?(Seth Godin, blogger andauthor)
  • 3. Meet TomWrote a non-fiction bookwith the goal of helpingsalespeople sell morestuff.Needs help with socialmedia.Hired us to help.
  • 4. Meet Jessica Wrote a poetry book. Needs help with social media. She hired us to help.
  • 5. AgendaWhat is social media?How do successful authors use social media?How can you make the most of each social mediachannel?Q&A
  • 6. What is Social Media? Simply put - a place to connect.
  • 7. Golden Rule of Social MediaNetworking is not abouthunting. It is about farming.Its about cultivatingrelationships. Dont engagein premature solicitation.Youll be a better networkerif you remember that. (Dr.Ivan Misner, bestsellingauthor)
  • 8. What is Facebook?http://www.facebook.comMost popular social media platformVaried uses
  • 9. How can an author make the most of Facebook? Post regularly but not too much (1-2x/day) Reward your fans (likes)
  • 10. What is Twitter?http://www.twitter.comMicroblogging site
  • 11. How can an author make the most of Twitter? Post often Make new connections
  • 12. What is LinkedIn?http://www.linkedin.comProfessional social media site
  • 13. How can an author make the most of LinkedIn? Join relevant groups. Recommend others. Ask for recommendations (warm).
  • 14. What is YouTube? distribution site (Broadcast Yourself)
  • 15. How can an author make the most of YouTube? Tell a story (entertain) Face-to-face with them
  • 16. What is a blog?Short for weblogLong form social mediaNot real time
  • 17. How can an author make the most of blogging? Write in characters voice (fiction) Offer free advice related to your book (non-fiction)
  • 18. Bottom linecreate experiences Social networks arent about Web sites. Theyre about experiences. (Mike DiLorenzo, social media director for NHL)
  • 19. Have It Done for You Author Platform Set-up Through Social Media
  • 20. Time for Q&A! Get in touch with us: http://blog.outskirtspress.comHavent published your book yet? We do that, too!