critiquing participatory video

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Understandings from the Process : - Namita Singh QuickTime™ decompre are needed t How does PV affect the agency of women?

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This presentation critiques Participatory Video and questions some underlying assumptions about the emancipatory nature of the video-making process. Do ask for the full paper if you are interested


Page 1: Critiquing Participatory Video

Understandings from the Process:

- Namita Singh

QuickTime™ and a decompressorare needed to see this picture.

How does PV affect the agency of women?

Page 2: Critiquing Participatory Video

How and Where: The lens and its focus

• PV - my Practice and Research

• Ground Zero - Akshara in Mumbai and Mahita in Hyderabad, India

• The PV Projects - For local social change

• The freedom and critical perspective equation - through young

women participants

• Factors I explore - Viability and sustainability

Page 3: Critiquing Participatory Video

Methodology: How I did, what I did (last


• Participatory Observation

• Interviews

• Focus Groups

• Participatory Video

Page 4: Critiquing Participatory Video

Agency in Context: It all makes Sen’s…!

• Citizen’s participation and agency

• Amartya Sen’s Capability Approach

• The ability ‘To do’ and ‘To be’

Page 5: Critiquing Participatory Video

The Video-Making: Shoot to skill…

• Representation

• Raising Issues

• Engagement with Communities

Page 6: Critiquing Participatory Video

Representation: Mirror, mirror on the wall…

• Is Representation essentially empowering?

• What about Reality and Aspirations?

• Resisting and Accepting Gender Norms

• Multiple performative identities

Page 7: Critiquing Participatory Video

Raising Issues: What say you…?

• How to balance support and domination?

• Need to choose between product quality and participants’ agency?

• The freedom and critical perspective equation

Page 8: Critiquing Participatory Video

Being with Communities: The Engagement Ring

• From harassment to respect

• From hostility to trust

• Community engagement as a source of agency

• The focus - wide angle or community oriented?

Page 9: Critiquing Participatory Video

PV in Research: Shooting from my lip…

• Representation: Balancing reality and aspirations, resistance

and acceptance of gender norms

• Raising Issues: Treading between research agendas and

participants’ objectives

• Being with communities: ‘My’ audience; ‘Their’ audience

Page 10: Critiquing Participatory Video

The Understanding : To be or not to be…

• Agency as the focus - understanding the contribution of

participatory processes in development

• Video or participants - choosing between the product and the


• PV as Technique or PV for Sustaining Agency - focusing on

furthering change