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  • Crompton Instruments Integra Digital Metering Systems

  • Contents Page DIN Integra Metering Specification Overview 3

    Integra Ci3 Digital Metering System 4 - 5

    Integra Ri3 Digital Metering System 6 - 7

    Integra 1630 Digital Metering System 8 - 11

    Integra 1530 Digital Metering System 12 - 15

    Integra 1540 Digital Metering System 16 - 18

    Integra Communication and 19Configuration Software

    Integra Digital Metering Systems

    The Integra digital metering product portfolio offers anextensive range of systems designed to suit any powermonitoring application.

    Integra digital metering systems (dms) provide fullyprogrammable, highly accurate measurement, display andcommunication of all major electrical and power qualityparameters, including true rms system values, power qualitydata and measurement of total harmonic distortion. Designedto meet customer requirements, the Integra digital meteringportfolio offers optional pulsed, analogue and digitalcommunication outputs, DIN or ANSI case styles and highquality LED or LCD displays.


    Features Measurement, display and

    communication of electricaland power parameters

    High contrast LED or LCDdisplay

    THD measurement and powerquality data to 31st harmonic

    True rms and average sensingmeasurement

    Pulsed, analogue and digitaloutputs

    Modbus RTU RS485 protocol,Johnson Controls andLonworks protocol interface options

    Fully programmable VT and CT ratios

    Benefits Pre-calibrated plug-in options

    Simple menu driven interface

    Remote monitoring

    True three-and four-wiremeasurement

    Applications Switchgear

    Distribution systems

    Generator sets

    Control panels

    Energy management

    Utility power monitoring

    Motor monitoring

    Ground power units

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    Integra Integra Integra Integra IntegraCi3 Ri3 1630 1530 1540

    96mm (3.78") x 96mm (3.78") Panel cut-out 92mm x 92mm (3.62"x3.62")Din-rail mounting Dimensions 72 x 91 mm (2.83"x3.58") as per DIN 43880110mm (4.31") x 110mm (4.31") Panel cut-out 103mm diam (4.06") 4 stud positionsIP54 protection Single-phase system Single-phase 3-wire system 3-phase 3-wire system 3-phase 4-wire system 3-phase 4-wire with neutral CT 3-line 4-digit LCD display Graphical backlit LCD display3-line 4-digit LED display Programmable display Programmable VT ratios Programmable CT ratios Configuration software option Measured parametersVoltage line-to-line Voltage line-to-neutral (4 wire system)System voltage Current L1, L2, L3 System current Neutral current calculated Neutral current measured Frequency 45-66Hz Demand current Max demand current Demand active power Max demand active power Power factor Active power kW Reactive power kVAr Apparent power kVA kW demand Active energy kWh import Reactive energy kVArh import Active energy kWh export Reactive energy kVArh export Voltage % THD average Voltage % THD L1, L2, L3 Current % THD average Current % THD L1, L2, L3 Hours run Communication optionsDigital RS485 Modbus RTU BACnet IP/MSTP Modbus TCP Pulsed output Analogue outputs Lonworks protocol Johnson Controls Metasys NII Standards Compliant withEN 61326-1 EN 61010-1 EN 62053-21 RoHS Compliant ApprovalsUL LISTED, UL 61010B-1, E203000

    DIN Integra Digital Metering Specification Overview

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    Integra Ci3 Digital Metering SystemThe Integra Ci3 meter is an accurate and cost effective solution for measurementand display of all major electrical and power quality parameters with easyprogramming, mounting and user friendly navigation.

    The product features a DIN 96 panel mounted enclosure, backlit LCD display anduser programmable CT ratios, all accessible via an intuitive user interface. IntegraCi3 dms measures 17 electrical parameters including total harmonic distortion(THD) measurement up to the 31st harmonic.

    Programmable FunctionsIntegra Ci3 dms is programmable to suit single-phase, three-phase three-wire andthree-phase four-wire system configurations. Programmable CT ratios enable todisplay any current range.

    DisplayThe parameters can be viewed on a backlit LCD display. The 15 screens areaccessible via four buttons on the front panel allowing to scroll between variousscreens making the navigation very user-friendly, intuitive and above all simple.

    Plug-in ModulesIntegra Ci3 dms features two output options ports at the rear of the product. Thisallows to fit either pulsed relay or communication modules, e.g. Modbus RTU RS485protocol communication output.

    Panel MountingIntegral retention clips allow fast, safe and secure panel mounting in variousmaterial thicknesses without the need for external screws or clips.

    Features DIN 96 enclosure Backlit LCD screen Bezel depth 6.1mm Plug-in output modules Programmable CT ratio True rms measurement User programmable systemconfiguration

    Benefits Cost effective Intuitive navigation Crompton renowned quality UK manufactured Easy clip-in panel mounting

    Standards IEC 61326 IEC 61010-1 IEC 62053-21 RoHS compliant

    Description Part number

    Integra Ci3 base unit CI3-01

    OptionsPulsed output CI-PUL-01Modbus RTU RS485 protocol CI-MOD-01

    AccessoriesIP65 protective cover 3 G365 02IP54 panel gasket 3 C345 01

    Product Code

    Dimensions Panel cut-out



    Easy clip-inmounting


    Parameter Range

    Password: 4-digit 0000-9999System configuration: 1-phase 2-wire, 3-phase 3-wire, 3-phase 4-wire CT primary current: Maximum 9999A **Demand integration time: OFF 5, 8, 10, 15, 20, 30, 60 minutes3 independent resets: Demands and maximum demandsEnergy registers: Kilo or megaPulse output allocation: None, kWh or KVArhPulse output duration: 60, 100, 200 millisecondsPulse rate divisors: 0.1, 1, 10, 100, 1000RS485 baud rate: 2.4, 4.8, 9.6, 19.2, 38.4 kBdRS485 parity and stop bits: Odd or even with 1 stop bit or no parity with 1 or 2

    stop bitsComms Address: 1-247Floating point: Normal or Reverse

    Programmable Parameters

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    V/Hz 1 Volts L1 - N Volts L2 - N Volts L3 - N

    2 Volts L1 - L2 Volts L2 - L3 Volts L3 - L1

    3 Frequency 4 Volts L1 - N THD%

    Volts L2 - N THD% Volts L3 - N THD%

    5 Volts L1 - L2 THD% Volts L2 - L3 THD% Volts L3 - L1 THD%

    A 1 Current L1 Current L2 Current L3

    2 Neutral Current 3 L1 Current Max

    Demand L2 Current Max Demand L3 Current Max Demand

    4 Neutral CurrentMax Demand

    5 Current L1 THD% Current L2 THD% Current L3 THD%

    P/PF 1 kW kVAr kVA

    2 kW Max Demand 3 Power Factor

    E 1 kWh 2 kVArh

    Button Screen Parameters

    InputNominal input voltage 100-289V AC L-N (173-500V AC L-L)Max. continuous input 120% of nominaloverload voltage Max. short duration 2 x range maximum (1 second application inputvoltage repeated 5 times at 5 minute intervals) Nominal input voltage burden < 0.2VA per phaseNominal input current 5A AC rmsMax. continuous input 120% of nominaloverload current Max. short duration 10 x nominal (1 second application repeated 5input current times at 5 minute intervals)Frequency 45-66HzAuxiliaryOperating range 110-400V AC nominal +/-10% (99-440V AC

    absolute limits) or 120-350V DC +/-20% (96-420V DC absolute limits)

    AccuracyVoltage (V) 0.5%Current (A) 0.5%Neutral current calculated (A) 4%Frequency (Hz) 0.1 HzPower factor (PF)


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