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  1. 1. Enabling Cross-Channel CampaignsConnecting Content Creation Processesto Drive Integrated Communication
  2. 2. A Community of Ones Todays customers consume media andmarketing messages in very differentmanners. Marketers must be able to communicateinstantaneously, consistently and acrossmultiple channels. Maintaining strong synergy betweencorporate and local marketers is criticalas the consumer expects a relationshipthat transcends location or a singlespokesperson. The marketer who embraces the idea ofconnecting with todays customers hasan incredible resources at his disposaland an opportunity to create and fostervaluable customer relationships.
  3. 3. Managed Chaos The marketers world consists ofmore mediums, customerengagement, marketing technologyproviders than ever before. Marketers know what they need toaccomplish, but meeting thosedemands seems out of reach. Corporate marketers have turned totechnology and solution providers tomanage and maximize thesemediums. Connected, these solutions form apowerful cross-channel platform forcorporate marketers.
  4. 4. Connected is Better Connecting all mediums through asingle platform would create efficientmarketing operations and coordinatedcross-messaging. Connect customer intelligence withdynamic content assembly. Connect agencies and suppliers,connect divisions, regions or otherinternal groups with one another,connect corporate and local marketers. A connected vision is fully attainableand within reach for marketers with anew vision and new approach toconnecting with the customers inmeaningful ways. 4
  5. 5. Where and How to StartFoundations for Cross-Channel MarketingTo facilitate connection across all marketingprocesses, there are five key foundations thatmust be in place.1. Strong digital asset management/ enterprise content management.2. Customer relationship management, analytics and other customer data repositories.3. Dynamic cross-media content assembly.4. Marketing fulfillment automation.5. Role-based system access to ensure users of the connected marketing platform experience the solution through their role. 5
  6. 6. DAM / ECM Repository A well-structured enterprise contentmanagement system enables allinternal parties and external audiencesto draw on a single content referencepoint. Web pages, emails, social media posts,printed materials and any othermarketing content can be generatedfrom this single repository. It can share a single set of resources,resulting in greater integration betweenmediums. 6
  7. 7. Customer RelationshipManagement This connection is critical formeaningful customer or prospectengagement. Data within these repositories can beused to influence content, offers,location-based information and more. Real-time connectivity is vital for drivinginstantaneous content or messagedecisions and fulfilling trigger-basedmarketing events.7
  8. 8. Dynamic Cross-MediaContent Assembly In todays digitally driven world,dynamically generated, personalizedcontent is quickly becoming the norm. Real-time content assembly across allchannels can ensure engagingmessaging. Real-time assembly also ensuresmessages are always focused andconsistent.8
  9. 9. Marketing Fulfillment Automation Marketing automation ensures thatmarketing and customer engagementprocesses run smoothly with veryminimal human involvement. Message fulfillment serves to reduceerrors and rapidly deliver marketingcontent. Marketing automation makes it easy toapply changes to one piece, click go,and its applied to all pieces related,drastically reducing costs.9
  10. 10. Role-Based System Access Ensures that the users of theconnected marketing platformexperience the solution through theirunique role. This makes a robust system easy tonavigate and use. Ensures that all corporate marketers,agencies, suppliers and consumersonly have access and exposure to theinformation appropriate to them for theirinteraction needs.10
  11. 11. Steps to aConnected is Better Game Plan Create an inventory of your currentsystems Create a quick inventory of the marketing systems used by your organization or by entities on behalf of your organization. Identify opportunities for connectingsystems Identify redundant tasks, inefficient processes, disconnected communications and missed opportunities. Design a connected approach tocampaigns Create an outline for preparing your marketing team to meet the demands of an engagement- based marketing world.11
  12. 12. For More Information Contact Saepio Download the White Paper 877.468.7613