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Now in its 20th year, the Hawaii Lodging, Hospitality & Foodservice Expo was launched in 1995. It is the largest trade exposition in the State and the only event providing access for industry buyers to a full range of products and services for the State’s most important economic sectors. Although, a number of industry seminars are offered, the primary objective of the Expo is to bring industry professionals together with corresponding industry vendors to create an effective and efficient marketplace on the exhibition hall floor.


  • DISNEY AULANI C&S Sales is honored to have been involved with the Aulani, Disney Resort in Honolulu. We produced creative merchandise including hats and gift bags for their opening in Hawaii, combining the aesthetics of both Disney and the tropical setting. C&SSALES
  • TRUMP INTERNATIONAL HOTEL We produced these extra large insulated tote bags for the Trump International Hotel Waikiki Beach Walk.Each hotel guest is given a bag lled with beach essentials like towels, sunscreen, fruit, and water when they leave the hotel and head for the beach. These durable bags easily withstand repeated use, showing no signs of wear from salt water or sand. C&S showed us a fun approach to a traditional promo product. Custom yet aordable, these bags have been a huge success with our guests! C&SSALES
  • TRUMP INTERNATIONAL HOTEL We also produced these oral totes for the Trump International Hotel on Waikiki Beach Walk. Theyre featured prominently throughout the property, frequently selling out in the luxury hotels world-renowned spa and pool area. C&SSALES
  • Quality is EVERYTHING. C&S designed and built a high end product that Trump International is proud to call their own. TRUMP INTERNATIONAL HOTEL One of our specialties is creating products that blend functionality with great brand recognition.These unique iPad cases were die cut to accommodate the iPad and any necessary connections or functions (chargers, headphones, camera lens opening). We also designed a magnetic ap closure for ease in removing the item from the case. This luxurious case was nished o with a subtle blind deboss of the logo. C&SSALES
  • VELVET BY GRAHAM & SPENCER Velvet by Graham & Spencer is a California-based clothing line that embodies the classic laid- back LA look. C&S Sales produced this black and white shopper with fabric handles for their retail store. C&SSALES
  • THE MODERN HONOLULU C&S Sales produced a bamboo surfboard-shaped cutting board set. The set includes a 7 bamboo lettuce cutting knife and small box. All items were laser engraved with the Modern Honolulu logo. C&SSALES
  • MAKAI COTTAGE This custom hinged box was created to encase sales materials for luxury Hawaiian homes for the Makai Cottages in Kauai. C&S ROCKS! It was hard to nd a vendor that could meet our next-to-impossible deadlines. C&S delivered on time without missing a beat! C&SSALES
  • MOANA TERRACE Focusing on the tropical climate and beachy theme,we designed a longboard-shaped menuwithprinted plastic and spiral binding to resist water and sun damage. We also created and produced these menu stands. The stands were custom made of cut wood and plexiglass to withstand the heat and humidity of island weather. C&SSALES
  • The trick is turning an essential into a marketing opportunity. C&S Sales created not only a durable shopper, but captured our message to be kind to the environment. KINGS HAWAIIAN Eye catching laminate reusable bag printed with photo quality images and graphics on each side. Kings Hawaiian and C&S Sales alike recognize the the importance of going green! C&SSALES
  • DUKES In collaboration with TSA Restaurants, C&S produced new menus for Duke's locations in Hawaii and California using iconic Hawaiian artwork to create a truly vintage island feel. C&SSALES
  • HULA GRILL Menus ranging from appetizers to beverages, we produced these colorful menus for the Hula Grill restaurants in Ka'anapali and Waikiki. C&SSALES
  • To succeed in a retail market, you have to have that competitive edge. C&S Sales gives us that edge while maintaining the integrity of our brand. PRIVATE LABEL PACKAGING These custom-made retail bags feature top zippers and satin lining inside.The Dash bag features a padded lining to protect contents, and the Neutrogena totes lining features their logo in a step and repeat pattern. C&S provides a variety of decoration solutions based on how subtle or prominent you prefer branding a particular item. C&SSALES
  • PRIVACY DOOR HANGERS Our extensive work in the hospitality industry includes these custom designed door hangers made to complement the decor of each hotel while staying true to its Hawaiian roots. C&SSALES
  • BELLAGIO The Bellagio Casinos Backgammon Tournament is a highlight of the hotels VIP events. The invites shown here were done from 2011 to 2013. These fun and quality backgammon gifts were included in the invite. The 2014 box and gift sets are in the works; check back with us to see what look we come up with next! THANK YOU! C&S is always a pleasure to work with. Their team took our tournament from design & concept to completion. C&SSALES 2011 2012 2013
  • HUKILAU HONOLULU Produced for the Hukilau restaurant in Honolulu, this menu has a custom Hawaiian koa wood inlay printed with their logo, capturing the restaurant's Aloha spirit. C&SSALES
  • REUSABLE CLEAR PLASTIC CUPS Reusable clear plastic cups are a truly unique promotional item and one of our most impressive. In addition to the Hi-Denition, full-color print available, the clear aspect lets you add incredible visual impact with vibrant translucent colors and dynamic eects created by mixing opaque and transparent areas. You control, through your art, which areas are clear, translucent, and opaque. Also, because this cup clearly has the look and feel of a durable, reusable cup, you generate additional exposure when the cup is taken home and used over & over again. C&SSALES
  • C&SSALES MISSION STATEMENT To provide outstanding service and promotional solutions through dynamic leadership, an experienced sales team and our contemporary approach. MARKET RESEARCH AND PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT Creativity and innovation are the driving forces behind everything we do. Our staff is proficient in the products and services we offer to better serve our customers. We develop, design, and manufacture creative and unique items in a variety of materials including leather, synthetic fabrics, metal, wood, ceramic, and glass. BRANDED MERCHANDISE From consumer premiums, gift with purchase, sales and service awards, safety programs, executive gifts, trade show giveaways, and more; C&S Sales has established a reputation for creativity and assurance of high quality in all of the products we produce. CUSTOM PACKAGING C&S Sales is a leading specialist in custom binders and specialty packaging, including boxes, loose leaf binders, pocket folders, hotel room directories, and menu and wine list covers. BRAND IDENTITY Today more than ever, there is a huge emphasis on branding. With our distinct range of products and services, C&S Sales helps businesses develop and design promotional materials from start to finish. Ranging from custom packaging to merchandise and apparel, our in- house graphic design team and knowledgeable staff enables us to deliver your message and ensure success in the products we produce. FULFILLMENT & DISTRIBUTION With an in-house fulfillment and distribution center, C&S manages each order to the unique needs and specifications of our clients. We pride ourselves on high quality standards and timely service.
  • THANK YOU! For more information please contact: Toll Free: (800) 327-7002 Andrea Fehring andrea@cssales.com C&SSALES Maddie Miyoshi maddie@cssales.com


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