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  1. 1. Blocks-based Programming: Toolboxes for Many Occasions Josh Sheldon & Paul Medlock-Walton @MITStepLab, @GameBloxDev, @MITAppInventor, @joshsheldon
  2. 2. Todays Roadmap Introduction StarLogo Nova TaleBlazer GameBlox MIT App Inventor Wrap & Questions
  3. 3. ONEEARLYANCESTOR, MANYNICHESTODAY From BLOX (Glinert, 1986) To Today, July 2015 Scratch Alice Greenfoot Pencil Code App Lab App Inventor, TaleBlazer, StarLogo Nova, GameBlox and, many more "Simplified tree" by Madprime - Own work. Licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons - https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/ File:Simplified_tree.png#/media/File:Simplified_tree.png
  4. 4. HOWWEWILLEXPLORE EACHEXAMPLE Overview Niche(s) Demonstration: Use, Modify, Create (Leave creating to you) Notable CS Affordances Resources Lee et al., (2011). Computational Thinking for Youth in Practice. ACM Inroads.
  5. 5. Todays Roadmap Introduction StarLogo Nova TaleBlazer GameBlox MIT App Inventor Wrap & Questions
  6. 6. StarLogoNova: Overview Notable Features Agent Based Scripting 3-D World Investigation of Scientific Models History Descendant of Logo, StarLogo versions Went live circa 2014
  7. 7. StarLogoNova: Niches Agent-based modeling Multiple breeds Each breed can have scripts Each individual of a breed runs scripts independently 3-D Game creation EASY Motivating For everyone?
  8. 8. StarLogoNova: Demo-EPIDEMIC!!!
  9. 9. StarLogoNova: NotableCSAordances Some Object Oriented Principles Parallel execution Abstraction (procedures) Event driven programming
  10. 10. StarLogoNova: Resources IPWIT: ~15 Hours of Instruction Resources: http://www.slnova.org/resources/ipwit-2014/ http://www.slnova.org/resources/skill-cards/ PD: https://ipwit2015.eventbrite.com (PD: 1-day intro) Project GUTS Resources: http://www.projectguts.org/ PD: https://goo.gl/mHcGvO Imagination Toolbox PD: https://it2015.eventbrite.com (One-week, in-depth)
  11. 11. Todays Roadmap Introduction StarLogo Nova TaleBlazer GameBlox MIT App Inventor Wrap & Questions
  12. 12. CSTA2015 TaleBlazer: EngagingYouthinComputa/onal Thinking,Crea/veDesign& Communitythrough AuthoringLoca/on-Based AugmentedRealityGames
  13. 13. Howdowecra*powerfulexperiencesinrealplaces? Howdotheseexperiencesfosterdeeplearning? Howdoyouauthorthesetypesofgames? Photo:PolarBearsInterna/onal.org Photo:RedBuGeBotanicalGarden
  14. 14. Oneapproachloca:on-based educa:onaugmentedreality(AR) Loca/on-awaredigitaloverlayof informa/oninareal-worldcontext Learning/ Content Games/ Sims Real World Context Typicallyplayedon smartphoneor othermobile computer(GPS)in large-scalereal worldloca:on
  15. 15. TaleBlazersTwoGoals PLAYGAMES Gamesareplayedbyvisitors/users/students Goalsaretolearncontent,exploreaphysical space,fostercollabora:on E.g.,FieldtriptoZoo,visitorstolivinghistorymuseum MAKEGAMES UsersdesignandimplementARgames Learndesignprocess,coding,content Currentlyinseverala*er-school/summerprograms
  16. 16. Twoexamples:YouthMakingGames iCSISTEMthemed Hauntslocalhistory
  17. 17. iCSI InformalCommunityScienceInves:gators 3-yearNSFfundedpartnershipbetween:Missouri BotanicalGarden;MIT;ColumbusZoo(OH),SanDiego Zoo,RedBu_eBotanicalGardens(UT) 1. EngageinformalvisitorsplayingARgames 2. Tweens/teensmakingARgames(summercamps) LeverageARgamestopromoteSTEMknowledge/ engagement(includingtechnologydesign/authoring), showcaseresearch,fostercommunityengagement (ci:zenscience),develop21stcent.skills. >>Successfulcamps,lookingtoextendmodel.