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  • 1. Make jewelry or sell tea?
  • 2. *Success is 10 percent inspiration and 90 percent perspiration. Thomas Alva EdisonChange Laboratory, Riga 2011 2Victoria Novac Romania
  • 3. Change Laboratory, Riga 2011 3Victoria Novac Romania
  • 4. *I like tea very much and I dont stop discovering new types of tea Change Laboratory, Riga 2011 4Victoria Novac Romania
  • 5. Change Laboratory, Riga 2011 5Victoria Novac Romania
  • 6. Sencha Summer* Sencha Paradis * Yala Night* Oriental Night Change Laboratory, Riga 2011 6 Victoria Novac Romania
  • 7. *Websites *Yahoo/Facebook Groups *University CampusChange Laboratory, Riga 2011 7Victoria Novac Romania
  • 8. *When the customer see the product the effect is better!Change Laboratory, Riga 2011 8Victoria Novac Romania
  • 9. Law of Probability"Do the same thing, in the sameway several times, in the samecircumstances, you will have a result set that will remain forever constant.Change Laboratory, Riga 2011 9Victoria Novac Romania
  • 10. *A hand made flower and a part of the price for a magic tea.Change Laboratory, Riga 2011 10Victoria Novac Romania
  • 11. Change Laboratory, Riga 2011 11Victoria Novac Romania
  • 12. *Dr in k t e a f o r b r a in p o we r I n t e r e s t in g T e a F a c t s oDid you know that tea can help abate your appetite? Good news for people who are dietingoDrinking tea is also good for the heart.oA cup of tea may keep the dentist away, yes I said dentist. This is because tea helps fight cavities.oOne cup of white tea contains the same amount of antioxidants as 10 cups of apple juice! Change Laboratory, Riga 2011 12 Victoria Novac Romania
  • 13. Change Laboratory, Riga 2011 13Victoria Novac Romania
  • 14. Change Laboratory, Riga 2011 14Victoria Novac Romania