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Customer Engagement Strategies Overview The ADM Professional Community is a living example of the compelling value proposition for online communities that serve the automotive industry. ADM serves as proof that the impact of Social Media on the automotive vertical is more significant than widely understood. Be sure to visit the ADM Professional Community at or the acronym URL at or the Twitter URL at today, and don’t just be a Lurker... Join!


  • Customer Engagement: The Proper Alignment of Brand Promises, Business Processes and Customer Experiences Customer Engagement Strategies, Inc. April, 2007
  • Customer Engagement Defined Processes Promises Business Brand Customer Engagement: Proper Alignment of Promises, Customer Hot Processes and Spots where Customers Experiences Processes create Resulting in a disconnect Value for between Experiences Customers and Promises and Businesses Experiences
  • Brand Promises Realized as Customer Experiences Engagement is the proper alignment of promises and experiences Business Processes are the alignment tools Companies must decide what they want customers to think, feel and do throughout the customer life-cycle
  • Businesses enjoy: Customers enjoy: More revenue Experiences that live Greater customer life- up to or exceed time value expectations More referrals More easily realized Customer loyalty benefits More targeted Relationship clarity investments in Greater confidence in customer facing their decisions processes and More value for their programs investment More value for their investment
  • Customer Hot Spot Processes Disconnect No Robust Processes: Promises Misalignment Inconsistent experiences Lack of customer trust Brand Less repeat business Fewer referrals Less revenue Customers Experiences
  • Customer Hot Spot No Promises Processes No Brand Promises: Misalignment Business Confused expectations Lack of customer trust Less repeat business Fewer referrals Less revenue Customers Experiences
  • Company Hot Spot No Experiences Processes Promises Business Brand All of this assumes the Brand and Business are of interest to the market
  • Creating the State of Customer Engagement The Four Stages of Customer Interaction 1. Initiation on boarding new customers 2. Integration achieving operational excellence 3. Intelligence new knowledge creation 4. Value Creation develop new, mutually beneficial opportunities Each stage defines what customers should think, feel and do and a desired end status
  • About Customer Engagement Strategies, Inc. Customer One that purchases a commodity or service Engagement To come together and interlock; something that is a binding promise or agreement to do or forbear Strategies Careful plans or methods
  • Mission Customer Engagement Strategies, Inc. analyzes, assesses, designs and builds strategic customer experience and relationship programs and processes for businesses that serve other businesses. These programs and processes result in customer interaction practices that drive long-term, profitable customer relationships.
  • Helping clients to: Develop a clear strategy for managing client relationships and defining what clients should be thinking, feeling, and doing throughout the customer life cycle The Four Stages of Customer Interaction Find new customers by targeting strategic decision makers Build deeper and more diverse relationships with existing customers
  • Offerings Customer Hot Spot Audits Audits identify "hot spots" in customer experience, i. e., relationship areas where a problematic gap exists between brand promise and customer experience. Results are achieved through in-depth interviews, surveys, focus groups and face-to-face meetings with customers, both current and lapsed Assess and modify existing or develop new customer-facing Business Processes to ensure those processes support Brand Promises being realized as Customer Experiences Projects range from specific hot spot remediation to full-scale Customer Engagement Strategy development and deployment C-Suite Engagement Programs Custom developed educational programs are used to attract customer CEOs, CIOs, and other CxOs. By stimulating the emotional and intellectual and creating unique experiences in the appropriate venues, vendors are able to build relationships at the highest possible levels inside customer organizations. C-Suite Engagement Programs can also be used to invite prospective customers to demonstrate the value of building a relationship with a particular vendor. Strategic Customer Advisory Boards Vendors must have clear and powerful communications channels designed to solicit, elicit, and take action on customer feedback. A Customer Advisory Board enables the most strategic customers to share insights and recommendations with each other and with the senior management from the vendor organization. Customer Referral Programs The true test of loyalty is whether or not customers are willing to refer a vendor to peers, colleagues, and friends. Developing a formal customer referral channel will make it easy and worth while for customers to make referrals, allow vendors to gain the benefit of referrals, and will also serve as a clear measure of true customer loyalty. Leadership Summits Custom developed educational programs designed to develop and enhance leadership skills and practices Can be focused on customers or internal leaders Feature world-class thought leaders Green Business Driver Summits Identify green business drivers for customers Help customers focus on environmental issues in ways that drive business and benefit the environment Feature world-class thought leaders
  • Customer Engagement Strategies Rick Moore Harry Klein Over 20 twenty years of technology, media relations, Over 20 years of executive leadership roles in branding and executive program expertise marketing, customer service and business Global Account Director for public relations at McCann development, primarily in the information technology Erickson industry Coca Cola on brand alignment projects and new Primary focus has been on the successful launch of product development for Africa new B2B and B2C services, with responsibility for Weber Shandwick Worldwide service definition, marketing, sales, publicity and customer care Head of the global communications team for Vice President of Client Services at MarketBase, a Hewlett Packard. financial data and software publisher EVP & Global Account Director for Shandwick Created and implemented marketing and PR International in Houston campaign resulting in 500% growth Headed the Compaq Computer account Company acquired by Morningstar Managed global account team of 130 people in Vice President of Marketing and Events at Strategic 12 offices around the world Networks Consulting Team had an 18 year relationship with Compaq Directed the launch of a series of educational and worked on every aspect of the account from seminars that increased company revenues by corporate communications to crisis 200% in less than two years which led to the communications sale of the company to Ziff Davis Oracle Corporation Vice President of Exhibitor Programs, Key3Media SVP reporting directly to Chairman and CEO Exhibitor and sponsor marketing and customer Larry Ellison care for COMDEX In charge of a number of corporate programs that Marketing and business development positions included executive media training and presentations. International Data Corporation Media strategies and assisting in program (a CMGi

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