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Cloud client computing infrastructure: The first virtual desktop infrastructure aligned to your software strategy Mattias Bjrkman, Dell | Cloud Client Computing


  • 1. Cloud client-computingMattias Bjrkman Regional Sales Manager, Sweden/FinlandMassimo Salvini Sales Engineer, Sweden/FinlandTransformProtectConnectInform

2. Compute continues to change 3. What is Dell Cloud Client Computing (CCC)?any userany appany deviceDell cloudclient computing 4. Complexity / Cost / RiskProductivity / Competitivenessdatacentre /cloudProvision Manage - SecureBut why? 5. scale desktops while controlling opex?secure your remoteand mobile users?implement a BYOD program?increase endpoint and data security?reduce your desktopenergy footprint?reduce the time and cost of managing user desktops?deliver a desktop equivalent virtual experience to your most demanding users?Managing desktops is increasingly challengingHow do you 6. What can desktop virtualization do for you?Centralizing desktops in the data centerManage costsMonitor and optimize total cost of ownershipImprove securityControl data, apply policies, comply with regulations and monitor riskOptimize IT resourcesReduce IT resources, scale and speed deploymentsEmpower the workforceEnable BYOD, improve user experience and manage any device 7. Connect any user to any app on any deviceDesktop virtualization: What is it?Run desktops from a centralized location in the datacenter or cloudApplicationsDataComputingOptimize desktop management, security and resources by centralizing data, applications and computing in a single location 8. Desktop virtualization delivery modelsApp PresentationVDICloud PCSharedOS PresentationUser density, low TCOUser density, TCOLow TCO, PC as a Server, easy installApplication compatibility & OS flexibilityPC experience, central controlBasic UserCall CentersBasic & Standard UsersManufacturing, retailBasic UserK-12 classroomsStandard & Premium UsersGeneral OfficeStandard & Premium UsersTraining & ClassroomsCitrix XenAppMicrosoft RDSHDell vWorkspaceCitrix XenAppMicrosoft RDSHDell vWorkspaceMicrosoft Windows Multipoint ServerCitrix XenDesktop, VIABMicrosoft RDSVMware Horizon ViewDell vWorkspaceDell Wyse WSMBenefitsSuggested User TypesPartners/ software 9. Dell cloud client-computing offers you new options to build your own cloudWorkspace-as-a- Service (WaaS)Shared, remote desktop session hostServer, desktop, and application streamingVDIA combination of technologies and services that enable and optimizeyour choice of cloud / desktop virtualization models 10. Wyse Datacenter infrastructure - scales withyour needsWysevWorkspaceor WSMVMwareCitrix MicrosoftYour choice ofdatacenter hardware withyour choice of pre-testedsoftware options34%Decrease in powerconsumption(1)88%Less tools toprovision desktops(3)99%Fewer steps thanmanual(4)Only Dell has spent over 100,000 engineering hours building and testing 16 partner-verified reference architectures to ensure your success across seat counts, software strategy and vertical market implementationvirtualworkstations10 seat 500 seat 50,000 seat 11. Wyse clients and software - reduce cost, optimize benefitsDell offers the most extensive selection of secure, easy-to-manage thin and zero clients.WyseDevice ManagerMore virtualization,management, user-experience and PC-as-thin-client softwareMost securethin clients on the planetTailored zero clientsfor Citrix, Microsoftand VMwareWyse Cloud Client ManagerWysePC ExtenderWysevWorkspaceand moredesktop all-in-one mobile ultra-mobileOnly Dell has over 200 patents awarded for innovation in thin and zero client design, operating system design, management software, and virtualization software 12. Wyse 7000 series quad-display thin clientWyse 5000 series AIOWyse Cloud ConnectWyse 3290Mobile thin clients 13. Demonstration Vworkspace, Zero Client, BYOD 14. GPU virtualization 15. Alternative for workstations in datacenter1:1GPU Pass-ThroughVirtualized graphicsDedicated racked workstationDedicated graphics card per user Computing Node Computing Node Computing Node(s)Virtualized graphics card 16. Nvidia GRID-CardNvidia GRID K14 Kepler GPUs16Gb Graphics memory782 CUDA Cores150WOpenGL 4.x, DirectX11Nvidia GRID K22 High End Kepler GPUs8Gb Graphics memory3072 CUDA cores225WOpenGL 4.x, DirectX11 17. VIRTUAL DESKTOPVirtualized GPUVIRTUAL REMOTE WORKSTATIONDedicated GPUDESIGNERCATIA, CS6, InventorPOWER USERPLM, Med Img, ShowcaseKNOWLEDGE WORKER MS Office, Photoshop 18. GRID K2 for Designer/EngineersTraditionally a NVIDIA Quadro UserCreates and works with complicated datasets using graphics intensive applications (3D design, medical diagnostics, etc.)Users here can benefit from the improved experience of a GPU powered desktop for everyday tasks, and IT can benefit with improved user densities.Related Industries: Oil & Gas, Manufacturing, Media & Entertainment, Medical Imaging, Public SectorApplication Examples: Dassault Systmes (CATIA, SolidWorks, Enovia) Siemens NX, Autodesk (3ds Max, Inventor, Maya) etc. + all the same applications that Power User and Knowledge workers useUserNVIDIA GRIDHypervisorVirtual Desktop AgentRecommended ConfigurationDesignerK24 Users2 GRID VGX K2 Boards PowerEdge R72064GB system memoryorXenServerXenDesktop(with HDX 3D Pro)XenDesktop(with HDX 3D Pro)VieworESX/vSphere with vDGAImplementation Detailsoror 19. Enterprise Reference Architecture for Designers4 User (Dedicated GPU) Virtual Workstation2 GRID K2 boards (4 NVIDIA High-end GPUs)PowerEdge R72064GB System memory (16GB per user)1100W per 2U52 Users per Rack13 Nodes4 Users per Node15KW Rack 20. GRID K1 for Power UsersA user of visual data (3D images, and 2D graphs and line charts). Often uses a specialized application beyond the typical Office suite and web tools.May also be someone who tried VDI without GPU acceleration and was not satisfied.Related Industries: Healthcare (nurses stations, doctors offices, doctors tablets), Educational Institutions (target engineering and design schools), Government (simulation and training, Geospatial research), Manufacturing (Product Data Management, Product Lifecycle Management, Manufacturing Floor/Job Site, Support).Application Examples: Manufacturing Product Lifecycle applications (SolidWorks View,PTC Creo View and View Express, Autodesk Inventor View, Siemens NX Viewer, Team Center Visualization) , Adobe Imaging applications, medical imaging applications, Microsoft Office PowerPoint users, Authoring, Video editing applications.UserNVIDIA GRIDHypervisorVirtual Desktop AgentRecommended ConfigurationPower UserK18 Users 2 GRID K1 boards PowerEdge R720 64 GB system memoryorXenServerXenDesktop(with HDX 3D Pro)XenDesktop(with HDX 3D Pro)VieworESX/vSphere with vDGAImplementation Detailsoror 21. Enterprise VDI Reference Architecture for Power Users8 User (Dedicated GPU) VDI server2 GRID K1 boards (8 NVIDIA GPUs)PowerEdge R720 (32 HT cores)64GB System memory 800W per 2U152 Users per Rack19 Nodes8 Users per Node15KW Rack 22. GRID K1 for Knowledge WorkersThis is typically an office worker who uses office applications, email, video conferencing and rich media internet applications.Related Industries: Financial Services (Retail, Commercial and Investment Banking, Insurance), Manufacturing, Life Sciences, Oil & Gas, Media & Entertainment, Telecommunications, Government, Education, Technology.Application Examples: Microsoft Office Suite (PowerPoint), Video Conferencing, Rich media web browsingUserNVIDIA GRIDHypervisorVirtual Desktop AgentRecommended ConfigurationKnowledge WorkerK18-32+ users2 GRID K1 BoardsPowerEdge R720Minimum 128GB system memoryImplementation DetailsororXenServerXenDesktop (with HDX 3D Pro)ESX/vSphere with vSGAViewMS Server 2012 With Hyper-VRemote FXoror 23. Enterprise VDI Reference Architecture for Knowledge Workers8-32+ User (Dedicated or Shared GPU) VDI server2 GRID K1 boards (8 NVIDIA GPUs)PowerEdge R720Minimum 128GB System memory800W per 2U152 -608+ Users/Rack19 Nodes8-32+ Users per Node15KW Rack 24. UserNVIDIA GRIDHypervisorVirtual Desktop AgentRecommended ConfigurationDesignerK24 Users2 GRID K2 boardsPowerEdge R72064 GB system memoryPower UserK18 Users2 GRID K1 boardsPowerEdge R72096 GB system memoryKnowledge WorkerK18-32+ Users2 GRID K1 boardsPowerEdge R720Minimum 128 GB system memoryGRID Reference ArchitectureororororXenServerXenDesktop(with HDX 3D Pro)XenDesktop(with HDX 3D Pro)VieworESX/vSphere with vDGAXenServerXenDesktop(with HDX 3D Pro)XenDesktop(with HDX 3D Pro)VieworESX/vSphere with vDGAXenServerXenDesktop(with HDX 3D Pro)ESX/vSphere with vSGAViewWindows Server 2012With Hyper-VRemote FXorororororor 25. Thank you!


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