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    Department of East Asian Languages & Cultures Columbia University


    15th Saturday

    16th& FEBRUARY

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    Thanks GradCon has been made possible thanks to the generous support of the following sponsors, to whom we wish to express our gratitude:

    Center for International History

    Center on Japanese Economy and Business

    Center for Korean Research

    Department of Art History and Archaeology

    Department of East Asian Languages and Cultures

    Department of History

    Department of Religion

    Donald Keene Center of Japanese Culture

    Graduate School of Arts and Sciences

    Arts and Sciences Graduate Council Student Initiative Grant

    Institute for Comparative Literature and Society

    Tang Center for Early China

    Weatherhead East Asia Institute

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    Welcome The committee of the 28th annual graduate student conference on East Asia is delighted to welcome you to Columbia!

    We are privileged to play host to 57 presenters, hailing from 17 institutions in 5 different countries.

    Over the next two days, we will have the opportunity to hear from graduate students who look at the East Asian region - and beyond it - through a wide range of captivating lenses, into the fields of literature, film studies, history, linguistics, and the social sciences. Presenters in turn will be able to receive the insights and constructive comments of renowned members of the academic community, including professors and research scholars from across North America.

    This year, we have maintained our tradition of not picking a specific theme for the entire conference, but instead have allowed topics and issues to arise from the submitted papers themselves. Using their natural intersections, we hope to have created panels that will bring about fruitful discussion both within and across panels.

    If you have any queries, questions, or concerns, please do not hesitate to be in touch with us - we can always be found at the reception desk in the lobby of Kent Hall.

    David Borgonjon Ryo Kawashima Meng Heng Lee

    Melissa Li Kristin Elizabeth Schreiner

    Chuan Xu Danping Wang

    Siwei Wang

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    Friday 2/15





    Registration and Coffee

    Opening Remarks Paul Anderer Keynote Speech Nicholas Bartlett


    Kent 300 - Level Lobby

    Kent 403

    Kent 403

    Kent 403

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    Friday 2/15 1-3pm - Panel A

    Kent 403

    A1. Commodities in the Global Age (Discussant: Madeleine Zelin)

    China Tea Company: The Rise of Chinese Tea Merchants in Early 20th-Century World Economy Hounong Li (Columbia University)

    “Japan’s Coffer:” Early Attempts to Access Hokkaido’s Black Diamond

    Thomas Avila Flippin (Columbia University)

    A Taste Manufactured: Chinese MSG before the Myth of the Chinese Restaurant Syndrome, 1923-1968

    Xiaoyi Li (Columbia University)

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    Friday 2/15 1-3pm - Panel A

    Kent 411

    A2. State and Society in Imperial Japan

    (Discussant: Paul Kreitman)

    Theorizing Imperial Japan: Socialism, Fascism and Japanism Through the Writings of Kita Ikki and Tosaka Jun

    Filippo Gradi (Princeton University)

    Education as a Remedy: An Analysis of Education Committees in Taishō Japan, 1912-1926

    Yu-Han Serena Ma (Princeton University)

    Managing Rush Hour in Wartime Tokyo, 1938-1945 Brian Rogers (Princeton University)

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    Friday 2/15 1-3pm - Panel A

    Kent 511

    A3. Textual Practices in Premodern China

    (Discussant: Harrison Huang)

    Making a Text and Writing the Self: An Allegorical Reading of the “Li Sao”

    Guoying Gong (Columbia University)

    Learning Like an Ancient: A Scholarly Nostalgia in China’s Late Antiquity

    Yixin Gu (Princeton University)

    Tall Mountains, Flowing Waters, and Good Friends: A Case Study on the Construction of a

    Qin-Zither Musical Canon Zach Berge-Becker (Columbia University)

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    Friday 2/15 3:15-5:15pm - Panel B

    Kent 403

    B1. Imaging Techniques and the

    Birth of Modern China (Discussant: Jonathan M. Reynolds)

    Fiction as Intermedia: Photography and Formation of Modern Chinese Fiction in the Late Qing Empire, 1840-1911

    Chung-Wei Yang (Columbia University)

    Reconfiguring the National Frontier: Disenchantment and Re-enchantment in Zhuang Xueben’s Photography, 1934-1948

    Menglan Chen (Harvard University)

    The Dark Side of Lu Xun: Medical Technology, Visual Metaphor, and the Therapy of Modern China

    Yingchuan Yang (Columbia University)

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    Friday 2/15 3:15-5:15pm - Panel B

    Kent 411

    B2. Religion and Narratives

    (Discussant: Riga Shakya)

    Portraying Religious Lives and Personages: Culture and Practice of Life Writing

    in Tibet during the 13th to 15th Centuries Sonam Tsering (Columbia University)

    The Bridges to Other Worlds in Four Poems

    of the Deity of Eight Thousand Spears Yuewei Wang (Columbia University)

    Reincarnation in Transit: Temporality, Trauma, and Self-Exoticism in the Cinema of Apichatpong Weerasethakul

    Wentao Ma (Columbia University)

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    Friday 2/15 3:15-5:15pm - Panel B

    Kent 522C

    B3. Encountering Others, Contesting Authority

    (Discussant: Dongxin Zou)

    Floating Words, Speaking Bodies Eun Jeong Choi (New York University)

    Benevolent Neutrality: Religious Freedom and Religions Policy of the U.S. Military Occupation of South Korea, 1945-1948

    John G. Grisafi (University of Pennsylvania)

    Chinese Foreign Nationals in Hitler’s Germany Kimberly Cheng (New York University)

    Evangelism, Hunting, and Order in Republican China: The Case of Harry R. Caldwell (1876-1970) in Fujian Province

    Ying-kit Chan (Princeton University)

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    Saturday 2/16 10:00-11:00am

    Travel Reimbursement Kent 403

    Friday 2/15 5:30-7:30pm

    Happy Hour/Pizza Party Kent 403

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    Saturday 2/16 11am-1pm - Panel C

    Kent 424

    C1. Body Interpretations in Premodern China

    (Discussant: Lan Li)

    Bodies, Vessels, and Nourishments: Technologies of Bodies in Medieval Chinese Buddhism

    Echo Weng (Columbia University)

    Physiognomy and the Psyche of the Tang Chinese Gaoziyan Cui (Columbia University)

    Reconstruction of the Relationship Between Confucian “I” and “Six Canons”: Lu Jiuyuan’s Thinking on Body and Heart-mind

    Yuefan Wang (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign)

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    Saturday 2/16 11am-1pm - Panel C

    Kent 411

    C2. Repressed Voices in the

    Second Sino-Japanese War (Discussant: Isaac Chun-Kiang Tan)

    Shooting “Verbal Bullets” at the Enemy: Kaji Wataru and Antiwar Literature during the Sino-Japanese War

    Edwin Michielsen (University of Toronto)

    Dispatches from the Literary Battlefront: Thinking Solidarity through the Political Economic Imagination

    Harlan Chambers (Columbia University)

    Negotiation of the Invisibles: Burakumin in Japanese Imperialism Qianqing Huang (University of California, Los Angeles)

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    Saturday 2/16 11am-1pm - Panel C

    Kent 403

    C3. Literature from War to Postwar

    (Discussant: Stephen Choi)

    Writing Surrealism in Colonial Taiwan and Beyond: Yang Chichang and the Windmill Poetry Society

    Fangdai Chen (Harvard University)

    Panpan: Literary Representations of Postwar Prostitution Kristin Schreiner (Columbia University)

    Homoerotic Solution: Postwar Okinawa and

    Sexual Politics in Ōta Ryōhaku’s “Kurodaiya” (1949) Yoshiaki Otta (University of Hawai’i at Manoa)

    Trans-Pacific “Reception” of Yassa Mossa (1953)

    Yasmine Krings (University of California, Los Angeles)

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    Saturday 2/16 11am-1pm - Panel C

    Kent 405

    C4. Sites of Religion in the Premodern World (Dis-

    cussant: D. Max Moerman)

    Projecting the Fictional: Ishiyamadera engi emaki and the Legend of Murasaki Shikibu

    Lanxin Zhang (Columbia University)

    Literati Influence and the Transmission of Dongxiao Poetry Anthology

    Wanmeng Li (University of California, Los Angeles)

    Portable Liminality Generator: The Tamamushi Shrine in Inter-Regional Context

    Yingxue Wang (Harvard University)

    1-1:45pm - Lunch Kent 403

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    Saturday 2/16 2-4pm - Panel D

    Kent 411

    D1. Borderlands and Empires (Discussant: Karl Jacoby)

    Struggling to Map the Borderlands: Early Chosŏn’s Northward Expansion, the Ming, and Jurchen Tribes

    Meng-heng Lee (Columbia University)

    The Silent Immigrants: The Sogdian Slave Trade in Early Tang China

    Di Wang (University of Pennsylvania)

    Raising Girls, Raising Warriors: Militarization and the Female Children of the Mongol Empire

    Sally Greenland (Columbia University)

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    Saturday 2/16 2-4pm - Panel D

    Kent 403

    D2. Rewriting Chineseness

    (Discussant: David Borgonjon)


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