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Desert Webquest. Desert Tortoise. Kit Fox. Fringed Toed Lizard. Elf Owl. Ground Squirrel. Roadrunner. Kangaroo Rat. Jackrabbit. Sidewinder Snake. Scorpion. Desert Tortoise. Animal: Desert Tortoise Class: reptile * diurnal Covering: brownish shell Home: burrows under sand - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • Desert Webquest

  • Desert TortoiseAnimal: Desert Tortoise

    Class: reptile * diurnal

    Covering: brownish shell

    Home: burrows under sand

    Food: plants * herbivore

    Enemy: humans

    Fact: fringed toes help him dig in sand

  • Elf OwlAnimal: Elf Owl

    Class: bird * nocturnal

    Covering: brown and white feathers

    Home: Saguaro Cactus

    Food: insects, scorpions, mice, rats * carnivore

    Enemy: hawks, foxes

    Fact: 6 inches tall, uses very little water

  • FringedToed LizardAnimal: Fringed-Toed Lizard

    Class: reptile * diurnal

    Covering: dry, scaly, tan skin

    Home: under rocks

    Food: insects * carnivore

    Enemy: foxes, owls

    Fact: fringed toes dig well in sand

  • Ground SquirrelAnimal: Ground Squirrel

    Class: mammal * diurnal

    Covering: light brown fur, dark spots

    Home: underground burrows

    Food: grass, seeds, insects * omnivore

    Enemy: coyotes, eagles, hawks

    Fact: pants to cool off

  • JackrabbitAnimal: Jackrabbit

    Class: mammal * diurnal

    Covering: brownish gray fur, white belly

    Home: under bushes and trees

    Food: cactus, succulents * herbivore

    Enemy: coyotes, owls, eagles

    Fact: gallops 40 miles an hour

  • Kangaroo RatAnimal: Kangaroo Rat

    Class: mammal * nocturnalCovering: silky, yellowish-brown fur

    Home: tunnels and burrows

    Food: seeds, plants *herbivore

    Enemy: owls, coyotes, foxes

    Fact: does not drink water, jumps like a kangaroo

  • Kit FoxAnimal: Kit Fox

    Class: mammal * nocturnal

    Covering: sandy yellow fur, black tip on tail

    Home: underground in dens

    Food: mice, birds, lizards, insects * carnivore

    Enemy: mountain lions

    Fact: ears used to cool off

  • RoadrunnerAnimal: Roadrunner

    Class: bird * diurnal

    Covering: brown feathers, black streaks, white spots

    Home: nests in plants

    Food: seeds, insects, mice, lizards * omnivore

    Enemy: coyotes

    Fact: can run 15 miles an hour

  • ScorpionAnimal: Scorpion

    Class: arachnid (8 legs) * nocturnal

    Covering: golden brownish red shell

    Home: burrows

    Food: insects * carnivore

    Enemy: roadrunners, snakes, owls

    Fact: paralyzes its prey, hides well

  • Sidewinder SnakeAnimal: Sidewinder Snake

    Class: reptile * diurnal

    Covering: brownish, yellow scales

    Home: under rocks

    Food: small rodents * carnivore

    Enemy: hawks, eagles, roadrunners

    Fact: moves sideways on hot sand