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Mobile Cloud computing1CONTENTSIntroductionMobile ComputingCloud computingMobile Cloud ComputingConcept ArchitectureChallenges and solution Limitations of mobile devicesQuality of communicationDivision of application servicesApplication Conclusion

2INTRODUCTIONIncreased capability of mobile devicesAccessing internet using mobile devices.Growth in emerging mobile devices and in cloud computing has lead to a new field called mobile cloud computing.

3MOBILE COMPUTINGMobile Computing is a technology that allows transmission of data, via a computer, without having to be connected to a fixed physical link.Mobile computing is based on a three concepts: Hardware - mobile devicessoftware - mobile applications and Communication-infrastructure of mobile networks, protocols and data delivery.

CLOUD COMPUTINGcloud computing is storing and accessing data and programs over the Internet instead in computer's hard drive. The cloud is just a metaphor for the Internet.Accessing of data is fast and easy.

MOBILE COULD COMPUTINGThe mobile cloud computing is a development of mobile computing and an extension to cloud computing. The mobile device based computing, data storage and mass information processing have been transferred to cloud .Thus the requirements of mobile devices in computing have been reduced.Cloud services are suitable for mobile devices like smartphone, PDA, Tablet, and iPad.Even non-smartphones can achieve mobile cloud computing.

CONCEPTThose mobile devices connects with a hotspot or base station by 3G, WIFI, or GPRS. Mobile users send service requests to the cloud through a web browser or desktop application.Then the management component of cloud allocates resources to the request to establish connection.Major data processing is migrated to cloud thus the capability requirement of mobile devices is limited.


CHALLENGES AND SOLUTIONSIn mobile cloud computing environment, there are some important factors that affect assessing from cloud computing. They are:OVERVIEW OF CHALLENGES AND SOLUTIONSChallengesSolutionsLimitations of mobile devicesVirtualization and Image,Task migrationQuality of communicationBandwidth upgrading,Data delivery time reducingDivision of applications servicesElastic application divisionmechanismLIMITATIONS OF MOBILE DEVICESserious limiations:limited computing capabilityenergy resourcesDecreased processing capacity, memory, storage.Battery technology should be improved in a short time.The increased computing ability and screen technology - more complicated applications.The processing capacity, storage, battery time, and communication will improve mobile computing. Solution: Virtualization and image task migration.

QUALITY OF COMMUNICATIONThe data transfer rate in MCC is changing .Connection is discontinuous due to network overlay.In wireless network, the network latency delay is 200 ms .Mobility of users and weather will lead to changes in network overlay.The handover delay in mobile network is higher than in wired network.Solution: Bandwidth upgrading , Data delivery time reducing

DIVISION OF APPLICATON SERVICESDue to limited resources ,some applications cannot be used as they may consume massive energy.The core computing task is processed by cloud ,the mobile devices are responsible for some simple tasks only.(divide the application)The issues affecting performance of MCC: data processing in mobile device, network handover delaydata delivery time.To over come it the following are needed: optimal division of application high-bandwidth self-adaptation mechanism Solution: Elastic application division mechanisimAPPLICATIONSMobile Commerce:allows business models for commerce using mobile devices.Examples: Mobile financial, mobile advertising, mobile shopping Mobile Learning:M-learning combines e-learning and mobility.Traditional m-learning has limitations on high cost of devices, low transmission rate, limited educational resources.Mobile Healthcare:M-healthcare offers hospitals and healthcare organizations a variety of on-demand services on clouds.Mobile Gaming:M-game is a high potential market generating revenues for service providers.Other applications:Sharing photos/videosKeyword-based, voice-based, tag-based searchingMonitoring a house, smart home systems

ConclusionGives the high mobility and scalability.Became a research topic in recent years.Mobile cloud computing is a highly promising trend for the future of mobile computing.According to a recent study by ABI Research, more than 240 million business will use cloud services through mobile devices by 2015REFERENCESLe Guan, Xu Ke, Meina Song, and Junde Song, A Survey of Research on Mobile Cloud Computing, IEEE/ACIS 10th International Conference on Computer and Information Science (ICIS), 2010, pp. 387-392.Xiaopeng Fan, Jiannong Cao, and Haixia Mao. A Survey of Mobile Cloud Computing, ZTE Communications, 9(1):4-8, Mar 2011. S., Gautam Kumar, K. Dinesh, Mathew K. and Abhimanyu M.A., Cloud Computing for Mobile World, 2010. (


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