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  • 1.Digital Graphics Shania Carter

2. File Formats 3. Raster Graphics Give a definition of Raster Graphics Raster graphics are made up of bitmaps bitmaps made up of tiny little pixels of a section of an image. They can distort if the colour is stretched or made of a block colour. JPEG- used on the internet for most images i.eFacebook, twitter because JPEG is the join photographic experts group. Most phones use raster graphics because it is easier to upload and share photos via facebook or Imessage. Raster loses quality with multiple edits due to compression each time it is edited. The photo degrades a little each time when opened and closed constantly. 4. Vector Graphics Give a definition of Vector Graphics Vector graphics can be used to create logos which can be created as big or small as you like because vector graphics have no loss in definition. This can be useful to create graphics to represent a company, this is because there is no pixels in the graphic and it can be as small as a business card or as big as a billboard. Vectors are defined by a start and end points with curves, points and angles between them. 5. JPEG Stands For Joint Photographic Experts Group. Used For Uploading and sharing photos on social media. Pictures can be used from the internet and are saved as a JPEG image. Advantage Can be shared over the internet and social networking sites easily because the images off a phone or tablet will be part of the JPEG group so everyone can access the images with no big file download. Disadvantage Pixels when compressed, each time edited. The images loose quality too and cannot be stretched or enlarged due to the pictures blurring. 6. TIFF Stands For Tagged Image File Format Used For Desktop publishing. Storing images. Popular among graphic designers, also used for professional photography work. Advantage Can save multipage documents, has lossless compression, doesnt lose any quality when compressed. This is considered the highest quality format for commercial work. Disadvantage Uses up a really big file, takes up a lot of room if using a memory stick. TIFF files are too large to send by email or any other device, they also take a long time to open ( 7. PSD Stands For Photoshop Document Used For Used for manipulating images, on front covers of magazines, this also supports transparency on an image. Saves layers if someone were to edit it. Advantage Magazine companies or model agencies can manipulate/change an image to promote their company. Using PSD supports transparency. Disadvantage Uses big files which will slow down the computer Can only be accessed by another person if they have downloaded Photoshop. Mobile phones will not open the image. 8. AI Stands For Adobe Illustrator Art Used For Logo creation in companies, can be scaled A5 or A3. Opening PDF files. Updates similar to photoshop, with a tracer. Advantage No loss in definition can be printed on small business cards or billboards. (Yahoo answers) perspective drawing, variable widths, bristle brush, enhanced strokes, shape builder, multiple artboard enhancements, crisp web graphics. Disadvantage Limited software cant be changed by another person who it is sent to. Can be complicated if not practised, most people dont get to grips with the fill and transparency sections. 9. 3DS Stands For 3D Studio. Used For Used in 3D filmse.g childrens animations, TV programmes, also used in creating animated characters. Advantage Powerful programme. Can be used in modelling art and animations. Good for game designers. Used for movie imaging and animation creation. By using 3DS, gaming will become more advanced by using 3D software. Disadvantage Very complicated to use. Need a lot of mathematical and art skills Software is expensive. 3DS software can be very hard to use. Once a particular version of the software is downloaded, technology will move on and 10. Digital Graphics Images 11. Shape Task 12. Evaluation What did you like about your image? It was the first time using photoshop and I thought I warped the body really well and also matched the skin colour. I think I got the body shape spot on because the ears, body and especially trunk were very tricky, I covered the shape very well and the elephant looks quite realistic, in terms of the way his trunk was warped and the body. What would you improve if you did it again? Concentrate more on the eyes, the feet and trunk. I would be more tighter when warping the trunk as you can still see the elephant picture behind the warping. I would also pay more attention when trying to warp the tail because it looks silly and lazy, therefore not fitting in with the rest of the picture. 13. Rotoscope 14. Evaluation What did you like about your image? The hair, skin colour and fine details of the face all look really similar to the actual photo. In the photo of Steven Gerrard, I liked that I had got the liverbird similar as that was the trickiest part. I liked the way Elvis was sat on the photo as it gave me a chance to show off, and learn the finer parts of rotoscoping. The reason that I didnt include his eyes is because I wanted to emphasis on his lips because when he posed in photos the lips stood out. What would you improve if you did it again? Be more tighter when cutting out things like the ears and on the hairline. I would pay more time to the details on his face and again, being tighter when it comes to cutting out parts of his face. If I was doing the Elvis graphic again, I would have found different ways to rotoscope parts of his body. The left arm was quite tricky to do because his right hand was over the left arm and it didnt fit in when I tried to rotoscope his left arm. 15. Text Based 16. Evaluation What did you like about your images? On my second text based image, I liked that I had put a strong coloured picture behind the text and made sure the picture of the guitar, fit into the words to make it signify Bob Marley who played a similar guitar and spoke the quote. My best image has to be Without music, life would be a mistake My favourite band is called JLS and one of their song titles is Everybody In Love. I would have liked to put a picture of the band behind the text but it wouldnt show their faces so I opted for a love heart instead which symbolises love. What would you improve if you did it again? I would add a gradient to the first imager or maybe a filter effect to make it stand out, I would also find a better font to show the significance of the message. If I was to do these images again, I would make them look less simple, because two of the images look quite plain. Again I probably would have added a gradient to make the picture and the text e.g. scruffy, for the text my life is a message. 17. Logo Creation 18. Evaluation What did you like about your image? I really like the filer effect on the camera and I like way the print based media wording has fallen into place on the camera. I enjoyed experimenting with the gradients and different filter effects because I could choose one look that made my image stand out, and be made unique to me. I like the bubblewrap effect I used because it hides the man in the background and just shows what I wanted, the camera and the wording. The Army font and the bubble wrap text go together because the logo was created to show the course- Print Based Media and therefore, the filter effect makes the wording stand out which I wanted. What would you improve if you did it again? I would choose a different picture other than a camera to represent print based media because a lot of people used a camera and it doesnt look original. I would have put the wording in a different colour to make the wording stand out even more. 19. T-Shirt Designs 20. Mood board of designs you like 21. Idea Generation 22. Mood board of chosen idea 23. Proposal Dimensions 2400 by 3200pixels. Content My t-shirt focus is going to be on sport-Football. The main idea of the t-shirt is to create a rotoscoped image of Lionel Messi and have the sentence printed La Liga ruled by number 10. My shirt will be colourful and I will be particularly focusing on the yellow number ten, his skin and hair colour. His signature celebration will be included on the design, he is the most famous footballer in the world and lots of teenagers/adults are interested in t-shirt designs of him. As the picture of Messis celebration of him, is him pointing up to the sky when it is raining I will include La Liga ruled by number 10 in the sky, like he is pointing up to it. Export Format PNG Advantages; Compatible with redbubble, can save transparency and lowered opacity. Disadvantages; Large file size, takes longer than JPEG to save files, PNG images do not support animation. 24. Proposal Deadline Monday Tuesday Wednesday Schedule Audience My audience will be teenagers because young teenagers look up to Lionel Messi as a hero as he is considered the greatest player in the world also my t shirt design would be aimed at 12/13 year olds as he is there inspiration, in learning new skills in football etc. 25. Digital flat plan La Liga ruled by number 10 Arms, body and hair rotoscoped, not including name, emphasis on number. fingers pointing up to the quote. find a match for Messi skin colour on rotoscope. Put a stand out effect on the quote to make it mean something. Quote will link, when I emphasis on the number 10, he is recognised most by the number 10 shirt. Name on the shirts are yellow, effect of the circle shows, like something closing in, like he is almost that person everyone aspires to be. His celebration shows us he is pointing up to the sky, to say thank you to god for giving him this opportunity to play football. Lionel Messi is an idol to many young teenagers, boys and girls, this is why I hope many youngsters will be attracted to this shirt. As he is very popular in the football world. Printed on a black vest. 26. Final design 27. Peer Evaluatio