digital image morphing through field morphing

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My Masters project presentation^_^



2. Example 3. Block Diagram for Algorithm WorkflowGenerating an intermediate frameImage IS Image I1 Fs F warpFeature Spec FeatureFs Spec F MorphColor interpolate Image Image I2Image ITFT F warp Feature Feature Spec FSpec FT 4. Algorithm overview Basic motivation: specification of feature points as lines more expressive andintuitive Line features specified in both source and target images and correspondenceestablished For every intermediate position in morph sequence, a line feature set isgenerated by interpolating the two sets Between source and intermediate line feature sets:- Every pair of line features represents a coordinate transformation for a pointfrom source to target image results in some spatial displacement A weighted sum of displacements due to all line pairs gives net displacementof a point the total warp function Warp both source and target images to get two intermediate images Color interpolate to obtain the morph image Repeat for every position in the sequence to obtain the morph sequence 5. The Math:Pixel transformationspecified by singlepair of line segments 6. The Math (contd):Pixel transformation specified by two pairs of line segments 7. The Math (contd):weighting factor for combining transformations of multiple line segment pairs bWeighting factor for combining displacements: length pWeighta dist 8. Algorithm Pseudocode For each pixel X in the destination DSUM = (0,0) weightsum = 0 For each line Pi Qicalculate u,v based on Pi Qicalculate Xi based on u,v and PiQicalculate displacement Di = Xi - Xi for this linedist = shortest distance from X to Pi Qiweight = (lengthp / (a + dist))bDSUM += Di * weightweightsum += weight X = X + DSUM / weightsum destinationImage(X) = sourceImage(X) 9. MATLAB Implementation and Results 10. Reference1. Beier, T. and Neely, S. 1992. Feature-based image metamorphosis. In Proceedings of the 19th Annual Conference on Computer Graphics and interactive Techniques

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