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Short animation & live action viral videos. Phonethics takes on a brief and provides a comprehensive video production service that includes scripting, storyboards & the actual production.


Digital Storytelling

Digital StorytellingBy PhonethicsBFSI Clients

DSP Blackrock MFM-Invest

Objective: To create a simple but entertaining story around their latest venture M-Invest, that helps customers invest straight from their mobile phones.

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Objective: The objective of the second video was to promote the benefits of their Distributor Centre that gives access to market outlook, performance calculators, articles, educational videos and relevant certifications like the Accredited Wealth Planner.

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Axis Mutual FundEasy Call

Objective: To announce a new service Easy Call, that would cut across language and other demographic barriers.

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Muthoot FinanceGold Loan

Objective: To promote Muthoot Max Value- their Gold Loan services.

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ASK Wealth ManagementTVC

Objective: (need content)

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