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Presented to you by the Division 2 News Editor Maya Shen.


  • 2Inside This IssueLTGs Welcome

    4Upcoming Events

    6January DCM Agenda

    7Division/dISTRICT Goals



    9jANUARYs Service Initiative

    13 Conclave Recap




  • 3Inside This IssueLTG ELECT Introduction




    28january DWS Recap

    29DNEs Closing Message

    36DLTs Contact Info

    37Presidents Contact InfO


  • 4LTGs Welcome


  • 5LTGs Welcome


    SOARing for Service,

    Kevin MoyungDivision 2 Lieutenant Governor


    My lovely Kiwis!

    There are only TWO more months left in our term! Can you believe how much time has SOARED by?

    District Convention is FAST approaching. Im excited! Are you? Anyway, do not forget to book your hotels and plan out your transportation down to Anaheim. Perhaps you can stop by Disneyland!

    Be sure to attend our upcoming February DCM and February DWS. Its going to be a blast for sure :)

    Push through to the end! Set end-of-the-year goals. Plan those last service events. Make this Key Club year a memorable one thats worth CELEBRATING.

    Although our terms are ending soon, service never stops. Continue to make a difference every day, Kiwis!

    Deed of Kindness: Thank an adult; Give a card, a gift, or even flowers to your teacher, faculty advisor, or Kiwanian!

  • 6Upcoming Events

    Feb DCM

    February DCMFebruary 28Time TBALocation TBA

    Well be decorating cookies at our Febrary DCM (hosted by American Indian Public)! Stay tuned for more details.

    Waitangi Day!Waitangi Day is a national holiday held in New Zealand on February 6th each year to commemorate the signing of the Treaty of Waitangi, New Zealands founding document.


    Awake-A-ThonFebruary 20-219pm-9amSan Leandro Boys and Girls Club

    San Leandro Key Club is hosting Awake-A-Thon! Come spend 12 hours making new friends and having a great time! Remember your medical forms!


  • 7

    C N H | K E Y C L U B

    February DCM: February 21st, 2015

    Division 2 | Region 9

    Call to Order: 1:00 pm I. Pledges II. Roll Call

    a. Alameda, Albany, American Indian, Arroyo, Berkeley, Castro Valley, El Cerrito, Encinal, Leadership Public Hayward, Oakland, Oakland Technical, Piedmont, San Leandro, Skyline

    b. Advisors and Guests III. Old Business

    a. Club Reports b. January DWS c. February DWS

    IV. New Business a. March Division-wide Service b. District Convention 2015!

    i. We are less than ONE MONTH away from DCON 2015!

    ii. Celebrate service, leadership, and family iii. FINALIZE transportation details with your

    clubs iv. Friday night attire: Spirit gear!

    1. Please adhere to the dress code! Rep D2 with class!

    v. Saturday: Business Professional attire vi. Sunday: Business Casual attire

    c. Kiwi Tip: Ensuring a smooth transition i. As the new term approaches, it is important

    to have the current officers train the new officers so that the club can start off STRONG for the next year.

    d. Kiwi Tip: CELEBRATING a wonderful year i. Thank your officers, advisors, Kiwanians,

    and other adults for making this term absolutely wonderful.

    ii. Celebrate by having an end of the year club social!

    e. DIVISION UPDATE: i. Total amount of service done: 11,191 hours

    ii. Total amount of PTP funds raised: $2,250 iii. Total amount of Eliminate funds: $3,496

    f. 2014-2015 Division 2 T-Shirt Orders

    i. If you would still like to purchase old t-shirts, I have some extras (smalls, larges, x-larges)

    g. Recognition | February 2014 i. Club of the Month:

    ii. Member of the Month: iii. Officer of the Month: iv. Kiwanian of the Month:

    h. Division Goals i. Serve 100 hours per club per month

    ii. Raise at least $150 to Project Eliminate every month

    iii. Donate extra funds to PTP iv. Attend 2 Kiwanis meetings or

    communicate with Kiwanis twice a month

    i. Newsletter Prizes V. We would like to thank American Indian for

    hosting this wonderful DCM! VI. Comments/ Questions? VII. Adjournment

  • 8Division Goals(as of Jan 5)

    EAs Note

    Smiling for Service,

    Xiuhoon GiangExecutive Assistant

    Hey kiwis I hope yall arent too stressed with finals and shit I know its super stressful but hopefully you are balancing

    school with key club sucessfully. Now is the time for elections dont feel bad if you lose cause it doesnt

    matter if you win or lose. You are still an extremely part of your club and our division! Also, you can

    always apply to be on the Division Leadership Team! Ive personally had an amazing time

    being a part of this wonderful team. Ive learned so much this term!


    Scholarships SeniorsforThe Kiwanis Cal-Nev-Ha Foundation has scholarships available for

    high school seniors! Find the pdf here!Due by February 5th by mail so make sure you send it a couple of

    days early (today!). Contact Alan Kwok at cnhkc.kff@gmail.com if you have any questions, comments or concerns!

  • 9My favorite aspect of Key Club is that I get to help out in the community and that I get

    to go to all these cool events.

    My favorite memory of Key Club is when I helped out and gave back to the people on


    Im looking to being a better person and helping others more in 2015.

    RECOGNITIONArroyo has the most service hours.

    Piedmont raised the most funds.

    Arroyo is our club of the month.

    Division Kiwi of the Month

    Officer of the Month Kiwanian of the Month

    Deanna C.


    Douglas Gin

    Region Advisor

    Division Member of the Month

    American Indian Public: Mary O.EAs Note

    Smiling for Service,

    Xiuhoon GiangExecutive Assistant

  • 10

    Club Members of the Month

    ALAMEDA: Melanie L.

    Being able to meet new people at community service events is probably my favorite aspect of Key Club.

    Fall Rally North is my favorite Key Club memory.

    I am looking forward to the next Eat Real Festival. I go every year to help out and eat their food :)

    My favorite aspect of Key Club is when I get to go out with my friends to volunteer.

    My favorite Key Club memory was the first time I went out for Key Club and helped out the Sycamore Bazaar.

    I am looking forward to seeing what high school is like as a freshman, with finals and watching the seniors graduate.

    ALBANY: Molly O.

    ARROYO: Kyle P.My favorite aspect of Key Club is how welcoming and friendly everyone is, it feels like were all family.

    One of my favorite Key Club memory is when I attended FRN. It was one of the first events in Key Club Ive been to and the vibe throughout the day was amazing.

    In 2015, Im looking forward to all the opportunities to helping out the community and hanging out with my FELLOW KEY CLUBBERS!!!!!!!!! YEAH KEY CLUB WIOOOOOOOIOO!!!

  • 11

    BERKELEY: Louisa O.

    Key Club is so devoted to helping and serving the com-munity. Were just a bunch of teenagers, but our devotion really gives us power and its really great to see us helping a lot of people in the community and around the world.

    Making pies at Uhuru Pies was pretty fun, a couple years back.

    I am looking forward to attending more service events in 2015!

    Club Members of the Month

    My favorite aspect of Key Club is the sense of family and making new friends during the events.

    My favorite memory in Key Club has to be FRN where I met a bunch of new people who are now my closest friends.

    I look forward to meeting more new people and doing SERVICE!


    EL CERRITO: Admiral T.

    My favorite aspect of Key Club is helping people out with fellow friends.

    My favorite memory of Key Club are bake sales.

    Im looking forward to hopefully more volunteer events

  • 12

    OAKLAND: Alyce L.

    My favorite aspect of Key Club is when we do community service.

    My favorite memory is when we went to FRN to rally and we all had fun.

    I am looking forward to trips & more community services where everyone in Key Club can enjoy & have fun c:

    Club Members of the Month

    My favorite aspect of Key Club is meeting new people and hanging out with our other members.

    Favorite Key Club memory was working the Color Run in San Francisco last year.

    Im looking forward to doing as much service and meeting people as much as I can before Im off to college.

    PIEDMONT: Chris F.

    ENCINAL: Charlotte C.

    My favorite aspect of Key Club is that the members are not only in it for service hours, but many truly want to get to know each other and help better the community.

    Going to Six Flags was most memorable because I realized I was part of something bigger than just our school, and because it was fun.

    In 2015, I hope to become more involved at events and at the club.

  • 13

    1. Music Lessons for Miracles

    2. Book/Toy Drive

    3. Miracle Mile for Quarters

    4. Stalling for Spare Change

    5. National Pancake Day

    Childrens Miracle Network Hospitals

    Februarys Service InitiativeThe Spotlight on Service Program was created to educate Cali-Nev-Ha Key Clubbers about the Key Club International as well as Cali-Nev-Ha Service Initiatives and encourage active participation with/for the or-ganizations and initiatives. A service Initiative is assigned each month in which clubs should focus a project or two on supporting the initiative.

    The February Focus is...

    Childrens Miracle Network is one of Key Clubs Preferred Charities. The mission of CMN is to raise funds and awareness for our local Childrens

    Miracle Network Hospitals. CMN strives to save young lives battling virtually every type of childhood illness and injury by helping to purchase

    proper equipment, training doctors, implementing outreach programs, and providing healthcare for children whose parents cannot afford to pay.

    Service Project Ideas

  • 14

    Conclave Recap

    This years Conclave and January DCM were held at Sequoia Elementary School in Oakland along with Divisions 26North and South. Key Clubbers elected their

    2015-2016 Lieutenant Governors after a series of caucus questions and speeches. This year Division 2 had 3 wonderful candidates -- Calvin Tang,

    Allan Nguyen, and Rachelle Villanueva. In the end, Calvin Tang was elected our 2015-2016 Division 2 Lieutenant Governor! Congratulations Calvin!

    We look forward to the term ahead!

  • 15

    Conclave Recap

    ltg ELECTIntroduction

    Hello, my lovely Kiwis!

    I am so honored to be your next Lieutenant Governor. I am BEEyond excited to see what this term can bring for our division. I am so impressed with our dedication to service and leadership this past term, and I know that, together, we can achieve so much more.

    In the upcoming 2015-2016 term, I am SUPER excited to take F.L.I.G.H.T. with my Kiwis! Family is what Key Club is to me. We will share this experience with every single member and show others the true meaning of Car-ing, our way of life. Leadership is an important quality that can be found in any individual. Find the leader inside of you and help your community, one service hour at a time! Individuals are the most important part of this club. Every single person can make a difference in this world and I know we can shine a spotlight on every single mem-ber in Division 2. Goals are what drive our division forward. I plan to collaborate and communicate more with our Kiwanis clubs. This includes constant communication and, hopefully, joint service events. I hope to increase division membership and event attendance by 25%. As a division, we have a stronger focus on fundraising for our preferred charities. I will work with each individual club to set goals for the term. Home is what Key Club has become to me. I will bring this loving and accepting environment to our entire division. Everyone has a place in Key Club. Teamwork makes the dream work. Together, I know we can win the Spirit Stick at FRN and reach new altitudes as a division!

    I have high hopes for our division. I know with dedication, love, leadership, and service, we can reach these goals and more. I promise to continue the legacy of all my past Lt. Gs and bring this division growth in many ways. I will support this division as your next Lieutenant Governor so we can take F.L.I.G.H.T into new beginnings for Division 2!

    With Love and Service,

    Calvin TangDivision 2 Lieutenant Governor Elect 2015-2016

  • 16




    Winter break has ended and its back to school for our club. Before the break started, we had a hot chocolate fund raiser which raised around $55. This month, Alameda Key Club went to bake pies at Uhuru, made ornaments to sell, cleaned up at Studio One, and distributed food at the Salvation Army during Christmas. We also plan on distributing the ornaments to our regular members to help fund raise. In addition, some of our members have shown inter-est in going to DCON during March after seeing a video from it.

    This month, Albany finished up old business to make way for the new year! We finished making and selling our Winter Wonder Candy Cards and handed them out before school ended. One of our presidents even dressed up as Santa Claus! We also attended the Decem-ber DCM for the ginger-bread house making contest, and two of our officers came in third place! We also kept up our monthly tradition with our Kiwanis Park Clean Up, making sure the park stayed neat and clean for our wonderful Kiwanians. Were so excited for the new year! Happy 2015 everyone!


  • 17

    American Indian Public For the month of December, American Indian Public volunteered at the Oakland Kiwanis Holiday Auction. We also attended Interkey and had an awesome time bonding with mem-bers from both Interkey and Key Club. Moreover, we volunteered at the Dunsmuir Holiday Tradition. Before winter break, American Indian celebrated our clubs one year anniversary. Not only did we attend the DCM, but our school also helped clean up Art Studio 1 the fol-lowing day. Currently, American Indian Public is planning our club election and DCON 2015!

    This month Arroyo Key Club was really active in the beginning of December as we had five events all in one week! The events include Davis Street Foundation Toy Sorting, Bikes for Tykes, Dunsmuir-Hellman Event, Crochet for Charity, and Bridgeview Trail Restoration. After that week, we also had a Bike Helmet Sticker Event, Lorenzo Manor Craft Night, and Bikes for Tykes. Things then cooled down as winter break was approaching, but before our break, we finished the year off strong with our Winter Wonderland Photo Booth where we let Arroyo students take glamorous pictures at our own winter-themed photo booth with cute props made by our club! We are currently hosting elections for next terms board and are very excited for DCON!



  • 18

    On December 13 we volunteered at Berkeley High Schools Holiday Meal to feed and give clothing donations to those in need. Then on December 20 we bagged oranges at Alameda Food Bank. On the 21 we went to DWS: Studio One Clean-Up. Finally, on December 27 we had a bake sale on Fourth Street.


    Castro ValleyDecember was a month where everyone had the time to be with family and friends and en-joy the holidays. Although many were busy with such things, We still found the time to go out and help serve our community. There were two great DWS events this month, including Dunsmuir holiday tradition and a Studio One Clean Up.We also attended the great A2D2 key Club and Interact combined event which was a lot of fun. Also,...