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Session conducted on Saturday, October 23, 2010, at Red Chilli Solutions, Bangalore.



2. About this presentation A primer on various deliverables associated with a UX project This presentation will not focus on creating the UX deliverables and what are the best tools to use. 3. And meIm a user assistance and user experienceprofessional. I live and work in Chennai. Imemployed by Bally Technologies as a technicalwriter. LinkedIn: Xavier Roy Twitter: @Jax and @PaperArrow Website: and 4. UX Deliverables 5. Deliverables A deliverable is an artifact of the UX design process for the purpose of communicating the result to others.To make communication easierTo stimulate creativityTo capture decisions 6. Typical Deliverables 7. Types of Deliverables A typical UX process has various phases and each phase could have a single or multiple deliverables. 8. Personas 9. Personas 10. Personas 11. Scenarios 12. Scenarios Its Friday afternoon and Joe is flying to Sydney. He doesnt have enough money for a taxi to the airport, and hes running late. He goes to the local ATM and identifies himself. He specifies that he wants $100 from his savings account. Hed like the money in $20 notes so that he can give the taxi driver the correct change. He doesnt want a printed receipt, as he doesnt bother keeping track of transactions in this account. 13. Content Inventories 14. Content Inventories 15. Analytics 16. Analytics 17. Analytics 18. Concept Maps 19. Concept Maps 20. System Maps / Site Maps 21. System Maps / Site Maps 22. Process Flows 23. Process Flows 24. Wireframes 25. Wireframes 26. Wireframes 27. Storyboards 28. Storyboards 29. Storyboards 30. Prototypes 31. Prototypes 32. Prototypes 33. Style Guides 34. Style Guides 35. Style Guides 36. Interface Patterns 37. Interface Patterns 38. Interface Patterns 39. The Right Deliverable Audience. Who must you reach? Content. What is the message? Context. Where is the conversation? Process. When is the message? Problem. Why are you communicating? 40. Questions 41. Resources Communicating Design by Dan Brown User Experience Deliverables by Semantic Studios UX Deliverables: Experts Choice by Lilia Manguy 42. Thank YouExperience,intheend,cannotbecapturedinadeliverable.