Page 1: Some Arabic Translations Attributed To David Myatt

Some Arabic Translations Attributed To David Myatt

Editorial Note

As an historical curiosity relating to Myatt's days as "a fierce Jihadist" {1} whotravelled to and spoke in several Arab countries {2}, we present here a few ofthe Arabic translations attributed to Myatt during his Muslim years(1998-2009). The translations range from messages by such people as Osamabin Laden and Saddam Hussein, to verses from the Koran to an historicaldocument.

Some of the translations first appeared on various Islamic forums (some ofwhich are now defunct, especially those supportive of Al Qaeda), and in articleswritten by Myatt using his Muslim name of Abdul-Aziz ibn Myatt. Thetranslations we re-publish here were first collected together, and published, byJW Wright on her now long-defunct 'geocities' davidmyatt website in late 2003,with one addition made early in 2004.

It is perhaps interesting to note that extracts from Myatt's translation of the2003 message from bin Laden reguarly appeared, for several years andunattributed and until around 2011, on Al Qaeda supporting, and some Muslim,forums and websites {3}.

The translations - or perhaps interpretations would be a more accuratedescription - reveal a rather fluid style as well as a clarity of expression.

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{1} Martin Amis, The Second Plane. Jonathan Cape, 2008, p.157.

{2} Mark Weitzmann, Anti-Semitism and Terrorism, in Dienel, Hans-Liudger(ed), Terrorism and the Internet: Threats, Target Groups, DeradicalisationStrategies. NATO Science for Peace and Security Series, vol. 67. IOS Press,2010. pp.16-17.

{3} For example [URL's accessed July 7, 2014] - and

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In the Name of Allah, The Compassionate, The Merciful

Extract from a Letter from Ali Ibn Abu Talib to Maalik Al-Ashtar

Note: Maalik Al-Ashtar was the commander of the Army during the battle at Siffin (657 CE) andwas later appointed by Ali, the Fourth Caliph, as Governor of Egypt. He was a loyal andcourageous warrior and was known as the "Fearless Tiger". Mu'awiya hated Maalik and conspiredto have him killed by a cowardly gang of assassins. The letter was given to Maalik by Imam Aliwhen he appointed him Governor of Egypt.


I order you, Maalik, to always fear Allah, to give priority to His worship and togive preference to obeying His Commands over every other thing in life, tofollow the commandments and instructions which are given in His Holy Bookbecause without them, you cannot achieve honour and virtue just as you cannotdo what is dishonourable and wrong except by opposing them and ignoringthem.

Page 3: Some Arabic Translations Attributed To David Myatt

I order you to use your head, heart, hands and tongue to help the beings whomAllah has created because the Almighty Allah is responsible for helping thosewho sincerely try their best to help Him. Allah has further ordered you to keepyour heart under control when your passions are roused because the heart candrive you to what is dishonourable unless Allah comes to your help.

Let it be known to you, Maalik, that I am sending you as a governor to a countrywhich has seen many regimes before this. Some of them were just, while otherswere oppressive and cruel. People will judge your rule as critically as you havejudged the activities of other rulers and they will criticize you in the same wayas you have censured or approved other rulers.

You must know that a good and virtuous man is known and recognized by thegood that is said about him and the praise which Allah has destined him toreceive from others. Therefore, your best collection should be the collection ofgood deeds. So strive to control your passions and do not let your heart straytoward what is unlawful for you, and do this by keeping it half-way betweenwhat is likes and what it dislikes.

Maalik! You must create in your heart kindness, compassion and love for yoursubjects. Do not behave towards them as if you are a ravenous beast whosesuccess lies in devouring them, for remember, Maalik, that amongst yoursubjects there are two kinds of people: those who have the same Way of Life asyou who are brothers to you, and those who have ways of living other than thatof yours, who are beings just like you. Both of these can be weak, makemistakes, commit sins, indulge in vices either wilfully or foolishly. So let yourmercy and compassion aid and help them in the same way that you expect Allahto show mercy and forgiveness to you.

Maalik! You must never forget that just as you are a ruler over them then theImam is the ruler over you and Allah is the Supreme Ruler over the Imam. And He has appointed you as the governor to test you through your rule over them.

Never believe you can declare war against Allah because you have no powerbefore His power and have need of His Mercy and Compassion.

Never be ashamed to forgive and be merciful. Do not be hasty with punishmentswhen you are angry but strive to find another way if you can. Never say youmust be obeyed because you have the power of authority since this brings strifeto the heart, weakens our way of life and takes you close to ruin. If your powerbrings you pride look at the kingdom of Allah which reigns over you, over whichyou have no power, for this will restrain your pride, reduce your anger andreturn you to the wisdom which you had strayed from.

Beware of comparing your power and your glory to that of Allah, for Allah can

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and does humble those who claim power and those who are full of pride.

Let your justice be because of Allah and be just to all of the people as you wouldbe to yourself, your family and those of your subjects whom you like, and if youare not just, then you will be a tyrant and when a being is a tyrant, oppressingothers, Allah becomes his opponent, and when Allah becomes someone'sopponent, He goes to war with them until that person repents. Swift will Hisblessings turn to retribution if oppression continues, for Allah listens to theprayers of those who are oppressed just as He always knows who is a tyrant.

New Message from Sheikh Usama Bin Muhammad Bin Ladin(hafidhahullah)

In The Name of Allah, The Compassionate, The Merciful

A Message to our brothers in Iraq: Assalam Aliakum Wa Rahmatullahi WaBarakatu

You who believe, fear Allah as He should be feared by doing everything that Hehas commanded and by keeping away from what He has forbidden.

Obey Him, be thankful to Him, always remember Him, and strive to die only in apure state of Islam through complete submission to His will.

We are following with great interest and grave concern the preparations by theCrusaders for war, by which they seek to occupy a former centre of Islam, lootMuslims' wealth, and install a puppet government, which would follow itsmasters in Washington and Tel Aviv, in the same way the other treacherous andpuppet Arab governments do and have done. And all this is preparation for theestablishment of a Greater Israel.

Yet Allah is our guide and protector.

As this unjust war continues - the war of the kuffar and hypocrites led byAmerika and its allies and agents - we seek to draw attention to severalimportant issues.

First, our intentions should be honourable: that is, we should fight for Allah andAllah alone. We should not fight on behalf of some ethnic group, or nation, or forsome non-Islamic government, such as that of Iraq or other Arab countries.

Almighty Allah says: "Those who believe fight for the cause of Allah, and thosewho do not believe fight for the cause of Taghut. Therefore, fight the allies ofShaitan, for the plots of the Shaitan are fragile."

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Second, we should remind ourselves that victory comes only from Allah, so thatall we have to do is organize ourselves for, motivate ourselves for, and strivefor, Jihad. Almighty Allah says: "You who believe! If you help the Cause of Allah,He will assuredly help you and strengthen your resolve."

In addition, we should urgently seek Almighty Allah's forgiveness for our sins,particularly the great sins.

The Prophet Muhammad (salla Allahu 'alayhi wa sallam) said: "Avoid the sevengreat sins: not believing in Allah, sorcery, killing - unless permitted by Allah -usury, taking the money of orphans, fleeing from combat, and dishonourablyaccusing honourable women."

Also, we should avoid all other great sins, such as consuming intoxicatingliquor, committing adultery, disobeying parents, and giving false testimony. Wemust obey Allah in all things, and we should especially mention Allah's namemore before engaging in combat. Abu-al-Darda, may Allah be pleased with him,said: "Perform a good deed before combat, because you are fighting throughyour deeds."

Third, we came to understand from our defence and combat against theAmerikan enemy that they, in combat, rely heavily on psychological warfare.They depend on their massive propaganda machine - their Media - just as theyrely on massive air strikes. By these things, they try to conceal their majorweakness, which is the fear, the cowardly nature of, and the absence of agenuine fighting spirit among, Amerikan soldiers. For these soldiers know fullwell how their government lies and how dishonourable it is, just as they do nothave an honourable cause to defend. They are fighting for capitalism, for theusurious Bankers, for the arms merchants, for oil, and for the ignoble cabal atthe White House. Not to mention because of Crusader hatred and the personalhatred of people such as Bush, father [and son].

We also understood that our most effective and practical method of renderingthe air superiority of the Crusader enemy ineffective is to construct a largenumber of camouflaged and hidden trenches.

I have mentioned this battle of Tora Bora, last year, in a previous statement.This great battle was one where the power of belief triumphed over thematerialistic forces of the people of evil: where we adhered to our [honourable]principles, thanks to Almighty Allah. Thus, I will narrate for you part of thatgreat battle to reveal just how cowardly our enemies are and how effectivetrenches are in a war of attrition.

We were about 300 Mujahideen and we dug about 100 trenches, spread over anarea less than one square mile, with one trench for every three brothers, thus

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avoiding any great human losses that might result from bombardment.

From the very the first hour of the US campaign on 20 Rajab 1422, that is 7October 2001, our sites were subject to a concerted, massive, bombardmentwith this bombardment continuing until the middle of Ramadan. On 17Ramadan, an intense bombardment began, since the US leadership was certainthat some of Al-Qaeda leaders were still in Tora Bora, including this humbleservant of Allah and our brother Mujahid, Dr Aymin al-Zawahiri. Thisbombardment was continuous with the warplanes flying over us both day andnight. The US Pentagon, together with its allies, worked without a break to blowup and destroy this one small area. War-planes poured their fire down upon us,intent on accomplishing their main mission in Afghanistan.

The US forces attacked us with smart bombs, with bombs that weighedthousands of pounds, with cluster bombs, with bunker-busting bombs. Bombers,such as the B-52, flew above us for more than two hours at a time, dropping 20to 30 bombs each. Modified C-130 aircraft carpet-bombed us at night, usingsophisticated bombs.

But the US forces dared not attack our positions, despite this massive bombingand despite an ignoble unprecedented propaganda campaign directed againstus, and even though we were besieged in a such a small area. And this iswithout even mentioning the forces of hypocrites, whom they [the US]demanded must fight us continuously for 15 days. Every single time theseforces attacked us, we forced them out of our area, carrying their dead andwounded.

Is there any clearer proof of their cowardice, their fear, their lies concerninghow their own power is superior?

In conclusion, that battle was a complete, total, failure for the internationalalliance of evil, for all its forces could not overcome a small number ofMujahideen - 300 Mujahideen, secreted in trenches spread over an area of lessthan one square mile when the temperature was 10 degrees below zero. Thebattle resulted in the deaths of only about six percent of our people - may Allahaccept them as martyrs - and damaged only about two percent of the trenches,All Thanks and All Praise are for Allah.

If all the international forces of evil could not achieve their goals in an area lessthan one square mile, against a small number of Mujahideen who possessedonly limited weapons, how can these evil forces triumph over the entire Muslimworld? If our people adhere to their Way of Life and insist on Jihad in Allah'sname, then - InshaAllah - it would not be possible.

Brother Mujahideen in Iraq: do not therefore be afraid when the United States

Page 7: Some Arabic Translations Attributed To David Myatt

propagates their lies about their power and such things as their smart, laser-guided missiles. These smart bombs will not be effective in the mountains, inthe trenches, on plains, and in forests. For they must have identifiable targets.But well-camouflaged trenches and other such places cannot be reached byeither their smart or their stupid missiles. There will only be haphazardbombing that dissipate the resources of the enemy and waste its money. Thus:dig many trenches.

Umar, may Allah be pleased with him, said "Make the terrain your cover, for thiswill cause the depletion of all the stored enemy ammunition within months."

As for their daily fighting, it is not much and - InshaAllah - it can be dealt with.

We also recommend luring the enemy forces into a protracted, close, andexhausting fight, using the camouflaged defensive positions in plains, farms,mountains, and cities. The enemy especially fears combat in cities and streetsmost, for there the enemy expects great loss of life.

In particular, we stress the importance of martyrdom operations against theenemy - operations that have inflicted damage both on the United States and onIsrael: damage that has been unprecedented in their history, all thanks toAlmighty Allah.

We must also make it quite clear that whomsoever supports the United States -including the hypocrites of Iraq or thee rulers of Arab countries, those whoapprove their actions and follow them in this Crusader war by fighting withthem or providing bases and administrative support, or any form of support,even by words, and who thus aid and abet the killing of Muslims in Iraq - areapostates and thus do not belong to the Muslim Ummah. Hence it is permissibleto spill their blood and take their property.

Allah says: "You who believe! Do not take Jews and Christians for your friendsand protectors: for they are only friends and protectors to each other. Andwhomsoever amongst you that turns to them is of them. In truth, Allah does notguide an unjust people."

We also stress to honourable Muslims that they should work to inspire andmobilize the Ummah, and so confront these great events and harsh conditions,and thus liberate themselves from unjust and apostate ruling regimes, whichare puppets of the United States. They should do these things to establishAllah's law on this Earth. The areas now ready for such liberation are Jordan,Morocco, Nigeria, Pakistan, the Land of the Two Holy Places, and Yemen.

The truth is that this Crusader war is primarily targeted against the people ofIslam, and, regardless of the removal or the survival of the Ba'ath Party or

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Saddam, Muslims in general and the Iraqis in particular must ready themselvesfor Jihad against this unjust campaign and acquire ammunition and weapons.

This [Jihad] is a prescribed duty. Allah says: " Take precautions and bear arms:for the unbelievers want you to neglect of your arms and your belongings sothat they can attack you swiftly."

It is known that fighting in support of non-Islamic causes is forbidden. It ourMuslim way to fight only for the sake of Allah. But as the Prophet (salla Allahu'alayhi wa sallam) said, "Whoever fought to raise the word of Allah, is fightingfor the sake of Allah.".

Thus, and given current circumstances, there is no harm if the interests ofMuslims converge with the interests of the socialists [in Iraq] in the fightagainst the Crusaders, despite our belief in the apostasy of socialists. For thepower of these socialists and their rulers vanished a long time ago. Socialistsare apostates wherever they are, be they in Baghdad or Aden.

The fighting, which is being waged and which will be waged in the days tocome, is similar to the fighting of Muslims against the Byzantine [Empire] in thepast. And our convergence of interests, now, is not detrimental. Then, theinterests of the Muslims fighting against the Byzantine [Empire] converged withthe interests of the Persians, and this was not detrimental to the companions ofthe Prophet (salla Allahu 'alayhi wa sallam).

Before concluding, we emphasize the importance of good morale and cautionagainst false rumours, defeatism, uncertainty, and discouragement.

The Prophet (salla Allahu 'alayhi wa sallam) said: "Bring good omens and do notdiscourage people." He also said: "The voice of Abu-Talhah among the ranks isbetter than one hundred men."

During the Al-Yarmuk Battle, a man told Khalid bin-al-Walid : "The Byzantinesoldiers are too many and the Muslims are few." But Khalid said to him: "Shameon you. Armies do not triumph because of large numbers but they can bedefeated if the spirit of defeatism prevails."

Always remember this saying: "It is not fitting for a Prophet that he should haveprisoners of war until he has completely subdued the land. Therefore, when youmeet the unbelievers in battle, strike at their necks."

Your wish for the Crusaders should be the same as in this verse of poetry: "Theonly language between you and us is the sword that will strike your necks."

In conclusion, I advise you, as I advise myself, to always fear Allah both whenalone and when with others, and to be patient in Jihad. Victory will be achieved

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because of patience. I also advise you, as I advise myself, to offer more prayers.

"You who believe! When you encounter an obstacle, be steadfast, and rememberAllah often, for thus will you prosper."

Allah, who gave The Book to the Prophet, who makes the clouds, who defeatsour enemy, defeat them now and make us victorious over them. Give us honourin this world and honour in Jannah and save us from the torment of the Fire.

May Allah's peace and blessings be upon the Prophet Muhammad and hisfamily.

(February 2003)

Ayman Al-Zawahiri: A Message from Al-Qaeda

Bismillah Ar-Rahman Ar-Raheem

It now two years since those raids on New York and Washington, and thusa [fitting] time to recall the sacrifice of those nineteen heroes - ourbrothers - who by the shedding of their blood wrote a new page in thehistory of Amerika: one of rejection by the Muslims of Amerikanarrogance and tyranny, one which expressed their pride in their own Wayof Life, one of honour, and one which manifested their striving toavenge the Muslims and all who are oppressed.

This second recalling of those raids on New York and Washington is areminder to Amerika and its aggressive Crusade, and comes at a time whenit is feeling the wounds that have been inflicted upon it in Afghanistanand Iraq. This recalling challenges its deception, just as they continueto hide how great are their losses in those two lands.

On this day of recalling we speak to the peoples of those aggressiveCrusader countries, and inform them of the following.

We do not seek to kill and destroy. But - with the help of Allah - wewill act to chop off the hand of the aggressor who acts against us. Weinform you that there has been enough deception and dishonesty, andenough dishonourable behaviour. You should cease to attack those who areoppressed, and the property of those who are oppressed. You should ceaseyour trade in slogans such as "freedom and justice" and "human rights".

Instead, we invite you to Islam - the Way of the one and only God: the

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Way of justice, honour, reason and nobility. Yet, even if you reject[this invitation to] Islam you should cease your aggression against theMuslim Ummah. For a very long time you have been murdering our women,our children; you have been stealing our wealth; and you have kept inpower the tyrants who have oppressed our communities.

If you refuse, and continue with your aggression against us, then youmust know that we will retaliate against you using each and every tacticthat you yourselves have used both against the Muslims and against theoppressed of this world.

If you refuse, and continue with your aggression, then you will bemoving toward destruction, for we are prepared, knowing as we do thatnot only is there is a people who prefer to die striving for the Causeof Allah than live in humiliation, but also that this people, withAllah's help, can never be defeated.

It is now two years since those raids on New York and Washington, andsince you launched your aggressive Crusade, and what, in that time, haveyou achieved? Of the two of us, who has spoken truthfully? Us, or Bushand Blair, those arch criminals?

Consider that those arch criminals made a promise to you that what theycalled "terrorism" would be defeated. They manipulated you, pledged youthe oil of Iraq and said they would be victorious there. Has this pledgecome true? Do you see us dishonoured, bowing? Have we surrended? Or havewe - asking only Allah's help - attacked, and become martyrs? Do we notfight you everywhere?

Those arch criminals of yours pledged that they would destroy Al-Qaedaso that you would be secure. Has Al-Qaeda been destroyed, despite allthe dishonourable tactics that been used against it? Or has it expanded?Has it, Alhamdulillah, gained new support? Are you now more secure? Ordo you lurch from one alert to another, fearing threat after threat?

Do you recall the promise made by the Mujahid, Sheikh Usama Bin Ladin(hafidhahullah), that Amerika will never enjoy peace until we [Muslims]are free in Palestine and in all the lands of Islam? Has he not honouredhis word? Or - have Bush and Blair been truthful about their aggressiveCrusade?

Do you really understand Al-Qaeda? Do you know that it arose from theMuslim Ummah who, refusing to submit to you and your dishonourable ways,

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has instead pledged to wage a deadly struggle against you? Can youtrample down the entire Muslim Ummah?

We speak to you to inform you that what you have witnessed is only thebeginning: the start of our combat against you. For the real war has yetto begin. Thus, you should know there will be retribution for thedishonourable deeds you have done.

We invite you to stand back, and look at yourselves, and consider thedishonourable deeds you have committed against Muslims. You shouldrequest those arch criminals of yours to tell you about your real lossesin Afghanistan and Iraq, for we challenge them to have the decency totell the truth. Yet they are so cowardly, they cannot even do that!

We speak to the mothers of the soldiers of the Crusade: if you desire tosee your children again, insist that your government brings them back,for otherwise they may return in coffins.

On this day of recalling, we speak to our Muslim brothers in Palestine.You should know that Palestine is an unhealed wound in the heart of eachand every Muslim, and - by the power and grace of Allah - we will never,ever, let Amerika have peace until we live in freedom in Palestine andin all the lands of Islam.

We ask you, the Palestinians, to remain steadfast in the way of Jihadand to not be deceived by Amerika and those lackeys who have acceptedthe so-called "Road Map to Peace". For the liberation of Palestine willoccur only through Jihad.

We urge you not to lay down your weapons. You must fight the kuffar, andaid the believers. This is the way to unity. Be wary of forming anyalliance with those who have accepted Israel's right to exist, and whoare pleased with the scraps they bestow.

In regard to our Mujahideen brothers in Iraq. We greet you and shakeyour hand, praying that Allah accept your heroic sacrifices in yourcombat with the Crusaders. To those in Iraq we say: Allah and the MuslimUmmah are with you. Thus, place your trust in Allah, and hunt theAmerikans as lions hunt their prey. Let Iraq become their graveyard:victory will arise from being steadfast and patient.

To the Muslims in the lands bordering Iraq: those in Syria, who stoodfast to triumph; those in Turkey, descendants of Muhammad the Victorious(may Allah have mercy on him); and to those of the Arabian Peninsula,

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descendants of the Companions of the Prophet (salla Allahu 'alayhi wasallam); as well as to all who are at the forefront of Jihad inAfghanistan, Chechnya and Bosnia.

When the Amerikans are there en route to Iraq let them learn the tasteof death; let them flee from this lesson!

To our fellow Muslims in Pakistan we say this. How much longer will youtolerate the traitor Musharraf - he who trades in the blood of theMuslims in Afghanistan and who sold the descendants of the Companions ofthe Prophet (salla Allahu 'alayhi wa sallam) - the Arab Mujahideen - toAmerika for its Crusade? It was his treason which established the puppetgovernment in Kabul and with this rule India is now at Pakistan'sWestern borders.

But he has not stopped at that. In addition, he has allowed Amerika,with its inspections, to oversee Pakistan's nuclear programme, he hassuppressed the Jihad in Kashmir, is ready to surrender it, and willrecognize Israel. All these things he has done and will do just so thathe can stuff his pockets full of Amerikan dollars.

Someone who sells his Way of Life like this is completely selfish. Thus,let it be known among the military - Officers and men - that Musharrafwill abandon them and surrender them to India just as Yahya Khan gavethem Dakka before fleeing abroad to satiate himself with his ill-gottengains!

All the Muslims of Pakistan must unite together in order to defendPakistan from the aggressive Crusaders who are forming a coalition withthe Hindus against the Muslims.

Those whose Imaan is weak should know that Amerika only and ever looksafter its own interests - that it does no one any favours. They shouldknow that, in the Sub-Continent, Amerika is forming a coalition with theHindus against the Muslims. Awake now, you Muslims of Pakistan, beforeyou are awakened from your sleep by Hindu soldiers smashing their wayinto your homes with the aid and assistance of Amerika!

To our Muslim brothers, in Afghanistan. We convey to you the goodtidings that victory is near, InshaAllah; for the Amerikans have begunto retreat because of your attacks. But do not let them run away.Instead, bury them and their English allies in Afghanistan.

We say to those in Kabul who humbled themselves before the Crusaders -

Page 13: Some Arabic Translations Attributed To David Myatt

those who once were engaged in Jihad - that the Amerikans will toss youaside when you are no longer of any use to them. Then, you will not onlyhave dishonoured yourselves in this life but will also have lost thelife in the world to come. You should take heed of what has beencommanded in the Quran for those such as you, for Allah says:

"And you will see how those in whose hearts is a disease will runtoward them saying: "We are afraid we will be defeated." But it isAllah who will bring them victory - or some punishment - and so, oneday, they may awaken from their sleep remorseful about that whichthey concealed concerning themselves." (5:52 Interpretation of meaning)

We say to Muslims everywhere, in all the lands of Islam, that the pasttwo years have taught us that victory will arise from being steadfastand patient, and that our enemy is, in truth, weak. Therefore we mustremain committed to the way of Jihad.

So-called political solutions are irrelevant and worthless. Our enemywill not be defeated by demonstrations. You must arm yourselves anddefend your Imaan and your honour. The assets of our enemy are visibleeverywhere - therefore do not let them find safety anywhere at any time,even in their own land.

We praise and thank Allah that He has ensnared Amerikans in Iraq as wellas in Afghanistan, for they are now trapped between two infernos. Ifthey withdraw, they will lose, while if they remain, they will be bledto death.

Muslims: you should understand that the Crusaders and the Jews cannottake our lands except it be through the treason of puppet leaders andthose who support them, like the Ulamaah who have sold our lands to ourenemies. You possess a weapon - that of knowledge - so use it, andquickly spread the message among every group within the Muslim Ummah.

We say to our chained lions - to Muslim prisoners everywhere:

"In every hardship, there is gain; in truth, with every hardshipthere is gain." (94: 5-6 Interpretation of Meaning)

"The help of Allah is near." (2:214 Interpretation of Meaning)

You should know that your freedom is a debt [of honour] owed by each andevery Muslim, and that we swear an oath to Allah that we will nevercease to strive to free you from your chains, InshaAllah.

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Now, as for those who trade in Muslim prisoners, selling them to ourCrusader enemies, we tell them that these Crusaders will cheat andattack them even were they to offer them their own wives and daughters.Theirs is a despicable, dishonourable, contribution to the history ofIslam - as is that of all those traitors, those lackeys, who havebartered their Way of Life. For them, there will be the punishment ofAllah in the life to come.

"What a wretched bargain they made!" (3:187 Interpretation of Meaning)

These people must understand that the giving of Muslims prisoners to ourenemies is a most serious crime which will and must be punished.

The Jihad against the Crusaders and their allies is - InshaAllah -uniting the Muslim Ummah, and over the lands of Islam, a new dawn - ofstrength and honour - will arise, for the Muslim Ummah is following theway of victory, martyrdom and obedience in the Cause of Allah

Muslims! This is the time for Jihad when governments and politicalparties are stumbling. Trust in Allah, and go to the battlegrounds ofJihad. Allah (Tabarak wa'tala) said to His Prophet (salla Allahu 'alayhiwa sallam):

"Undertake combat in the Way of Allah, for you will be heldresponsible only for what you do. And inspire the believers. It maybe that Allah will restrain the dishonourable deeds of theunbelievers. For Allah is the most powerful, in both strength andpunishment." (4:84 Interpretation of Meaning)

To end, we praise and thank Allah, Rabb of the 'Alamin. May the Peace,Blessings and Mercy of Allah be upon the Messenger, Muhammad, and hisfamily and Companions.

Ayman Al-ZawahiriRajab 1424(Translated by DWM)

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In the Name of Allah, The Compassionate, The Merciful

In truth, they took an oath to Allah that they would never flee in retreat,and Allah will judge them according to that oath.

From Saddam Hussein to the Great Iraqi People, to the Sons of the ArabCommunity and the Islamic Ummah, and to men of honour everywhere: Maythe Peace, Blessing and Mercy of Allah be upon you.

Just as Hulagu entered Baghdad, because of treachery, so did the criminal Bushenter Baghdad, although he had the help of many traitors.

If you refuse to accept occupation and humiliation, they have not conqueredyou, and if you who have Arabism and Islam in your hearts and minds, then theycannot defeat you, except through treachery.

By Allah, there is no victory [for them] as long as there is resistance in yourhearts.

What we predicted has now become fact, for we will not have peace andsecurity as long as that evil, the Zionist entity, is on our Arab land, and for thisreason there must be no disunity in our Arab struggle. You - the sons of ourgreat people - must risee up against the occupier just as you should not putyour hope in those who speak of Sunnis and Shiites, because the only problemthat now afflicts our homeland, your great Iraq, is foreign occupation.

There is nothing more urgent than the expulsion of the cowardly, murderous,infidel occupier. No one of any honour would extend their hand to shake his -only traitors and collaborators would doo so. I say to you that even though allthe countries around you are against your resistance, Allah is with you, becauseyou are fighting disbelievers and defending what is right.

Even though their treachery is a dishonourable thing, the traitors have openlyproclaimed their treachery. You in your turn should proclaim your complete andtotal opposition to the occupier, and this for the sake of our homeland, Iraq, forthe sake of Islam, and for the sake of civilization itself. Iraq can and willtriumph, and with it shall triumph men of honour - the sons of our homeland.We shall restore the archeological artifacts they stole, and we shall rebuild Iraq,

Page 16: Some Arabic Translations Attributed To David Myatt

the Iraq they seek to render asunder, may Almighty Allah bring them down.

Saddam owned no property, and I challenge anyone to prove otherwise, for thePalaces belonged to the Iraqi State. I abandoned them long ago and went to livein a small house.

Forget everything other than the occupation - and resist that. The error of sinbegins when there are priorities other than the occupier and his expulsion.Remember that they seek to divide you into conflicting groups so that your Iraqwill remain weak, for then they can plunder it as they have begun to do.

Your Party, the Party of the Arab Socialist Ba'ath, is proud that it never extendedits hands to the Zionist enemy and did not make concessions to thedishonourable American or British aggressors. Whoever stands against Iraq andplots against it shall not enjoy peace even if they rely on American support.

May blessings be upon every man of the resistance, upon every honourableIraqi citizen, and upon every woman, child, and elderly person in our great Iraq.If you unite the enemy will run away from you, and with him will go the traitorsthat emerged when he came here. You should know that those who came withthose invading forces and those whose planes flew in order to kill you will onlygive you that which will destroy you.

Allah willing, the day of liberation, of victory, will come, for us, for ourhomeland, and - above everything else - for Islam. A time will arise when thingswill get better - and this will be, as it always is, when honour triumphs.Therefore, guard your property, your departments, and your schools, andboycott the occupier. For such a boycott is your duty towards Islam, your Way ofLife, and toward your homeland.

Long Live Great Iraq and its people!

Long Live Palestine, free and Arab from the river to the sea!

Allahu Akbar!

Dishonoured are the traitors!

Saddam Hussein26 Safar, 1424

(Translated by DWM)

Page 17: Some Arabic Translations Attributed To David Myatt



An English Interpretation of Surah 112

In the Name of Allah, The Compassionate, The Merciful

"Say - He is Allah, The Unity;Allah - Eternal, Infinite;He has no children, and neither was He born.And there is no-being, no-thing, comparable to Him."

Qunoot e Nazla

This du'a (supplication) is recited after Rukoo in the last Rak'aat of Salah, especially when theMuslim Ummah is engaged in conflict with infidels. The Prophet Muhammad offered this du'a forthe success of the Mujahideen and for the defeat of the infidels.

O Allah! Forgive us, and forgive all the true Believers, men and women, and allMuslims, men and women, and make them all as brothers and sisters to eachother. End our disputes, and aid us against our enemies.

O Allah! Curse the infidels who oppress the Muslims and who prevent themfrom following Your path.

O Allah! Create disputes and difference between the infidels and make themlose heart, and punish them with that torment which You will use against thosewho disobey You.

O Allah! We seek Your help against them and seek Your protection from theirignoble deeds.

O Allah! We leave You to judge the Jews and the Christians, just as we know Youare the final judge of all disbelievers.

O Allah! Destroy our enemies: those who oppose our Way of Life. Destroy theirhomes, disrupt their unity and their peace, and bring all kinds of devastation

Page 18: Some Arabic Translations Attributed To David Myatt

and destruction to them. O Allah! Kill their young men, orphan their children,and make their women widows.

O Allah! Help and assist the Mujahideen. Help and protect them as a powerfulleader would help and protect them. Make their aim true so that they hit theirtargets, and provide them with strength.

The Noble Quran


(The Cow)

An English Interpretation of Surah 2, Ayat 2-22

In the Name of Allah, The Compassionate, The Merciful.

Alif. Lam. Mim.This is the Book with no doubt:A Guide for those who can restrain themselves;Who accept there are things they cannot see;Who offer prayers correctly;Who give in charity some of thatWhich We have given them,

And who trust the RevelationWe have given to youAnd others before;And who affirm there isAnother life to come:

These are the rightly guided ones,Who will assuredly triumph.

But as for those Unbelievers -It makes no difference whether you warn themOr do not warn them,For they will not believe:

Page 19: Some Arabic Translations Attributed To David Myatt

Allah has sealed their heartsAnd covered their earsAnd great is the penaltyThey will incur

For such people say: "We do believe in AllahAnd the Last Day"Even though they do not believe this

And seek thereby to deceive AllahAnd those who truly believeEven though they are blindly deceiving themselves.

There is a sickness within which ails themAnd Allah has increased this sicknessBecause they lie even to themselves:For this, they will grievously suffer.

And when someone says to them:"Do not be so ignoble on this earth,"They reply: "We are only bringing peace!"

Although it is they who bring disorderWhile so deceiving themselves.

And when someone says to them:"Why do you not believe, as the others believe?"They reply: "Are we to believe what fools believe?"Even though they themselves are the ignorant fools.

Thus do they when they meet the faithful say: "We believe!"While among their own kind they affirm:"We were playing with them -We are really with you!"

And so Allah will play with them,Letting them blindly blunder aboutIn their arrogance.

For these are they who came to trade guidanceFor error because they believed this was a bargainAlthough they made no profitBecause they lost their way.

They may be compared to the person who to see what was aroundKindled a fire which, as soon as it was lit,

Page 20: Some Arabic Translations Attributed To David Myatt

Was put out by Allah since this blind person was alreadyIn the dark:

So they - being blind, speechless, ignorant -Cannot find their way back.

They are those who, under a darkening skyWherein is thunder and lightning,Stick their fingers in their earsBecause they fear death by lightningEven though Allah is around them:

The lightning almost blinds themBut they walk a way by its lightStopping when there is darkness again.

And yet Allah could have taken awayTheir hearing and their sight:For He has power over all things.

Thus should you humbly give thanks to your Creator,- the Giver of Life to those before you -Who sustains you so that you might do your duty:

For He made this Earth a resting place for youAnd placed the sky upon it so that from this skyWater might rain down and bring forth fruitsTo feed you.

Page 21: Some Arabic Translations Attributed To David Myatt


(The Opening)

An English Interpretation of Surah 1

I begin in the Name of Allah,The Compassionate, The Merciful.All Praise belongs to Allah, Creator of all that exists:The Compassionate, The Merciful,Who controls of Last Day, of Reckoning.To You alone we humbly give thanks:You alone we turn to for help;Keep us on the Straight Path -The Path of those You have guided:Not that of those who have earned your wroth,Nor that of those who have gone astray.

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