downloading and importing fishsim 2 addons a tutorial by fishfingers

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Downloading and Importing Fishsim 2 Addons Downloading and Importing Fishsim 2 Addons A Tutorial A Tutorial By Fishfingers By Fishfingers

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  • Downloading and Importing Fishsim 2 AddonsA Tutorial By Fishfingers

  • This is the new downloader, enter the addon you are looking for.Or just select from the listClick fishy to go there

  • After pressing update display, your venue should appear and you can click on it to download it.

  • Select Save and windows will ask you where you want to save the file to

  • Pick or create a folder for your addons, and select save

  • Press Open Folder or find the file yourself later

  • Double click your zip file to open it in winzip

  • Close Winzip by clicking on the cross in the top corner

  • Your addon will now be in your main fishsim 2 folder as a .jr2, this will now need to be imported into the sim..To do this we open Fishsim 2

  • Pressing on Options opens a new section

  • We then select the Advanced tab...

  • Then select Import add-on

  • We are then presented with a list of jr2s Which are in the main FS folder, we can choose our addon and click it.

    You may also import addons from the CD if Insert your FS2 CD in your drive and click CD Rom

  • The add-on is selected and yes is pressed to confirm...

  • Press continue...

  • Close the Options dialogue box

  • We now need to exit the sim, for the add-on to be installed correctly ...

  • Press exit here too...

  • The next time Fishsim 2 is restarted, your add-on should appear in the dropdown list...

  • Happy Fishing.... FF

  • LBs Forum, a nice place to drop infor a chat