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A presentation (debuted at Accessibility Camp Toronto on Nov. 16, and repeated at Accessibility DC on Nov. 19) about Dragon NaturallySpeaking as an assistive technology tool. The presentation covers some of the capabilities and limitations of Dragon NaturallySpeaking, and what it can reveal about accessibility limitations of your electronic interfaces and content.


  • 1.+Dragon Sucks! Digital Accessibility for the Physically Challenged Accessibility DC November 19, 2013

2. +Physical Challenge 3. +About Eric I am a consultant with Booz Allen Hamilton.I currently serve as the Section 508 trainer for the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs.My favorite accessibility guideline is ADAAG 5.2.Ive been a Dragon user since 1997.I have cerebral palsy. 4. +About Cerebral Palsy Cerebral palsy is a neurological disorder, hence cerebral.The United Cerebral Palsy foundation estimates that between 1.5 million and 2 million adults in the US have cerebral palsy (courtesy UCP: November 2013).The U.S. Center for Disease Control and Prevention estimates that 10,000 babies are born with cerebral palsy in the U.S. each year.Cerebral palsy affects my mobility, dexterity, and posture. It causes spasms and tremors. It affects my visual-spatial processing. 5. +The Big Picture In 2011, the U.S. Federal Government estimated that 19,937,600 citizens had a disability that affected their mobility or dexterity.Thats almost 7% of the population.I worked for a large government organization. We supported approximately 7,000 assistive technology users. Approximately 4,000 of us used Dragon. 1,500 used a screen magnifier. 900 used a screen reader.This is all to say that there are a lot of us. 6. Nothing on the Web is+ Inaccessible to Me. 7. +Things That Are Inaccessible to Me StairsRows of tables that are packed tightly so I cant easily work a roomThings on the top shelf in the grocery storeMost cars, taxicabs, and venues outside of public transitAh yes, a fence. The cripples natural enemy. 8. +Accessibility is About OptionsPresent Your Users With Multiple Ways of Reaching an Endpoint. Public Park in St. Petersburg, Florida 9. +Functional, Beautiful, Subtle.Robson Square, Vancouver. Built in 1973, the same year that the Rehab Act was signed in the U.S. 10. +ADA Accessibility Guidelines 5.2 Where food or drink is served at counters exceeding 34 in (865 mm) in height for consumption by customers seated on stools or standing at the counter, a portion of the main counter [designed to accommodate a wheelchair] shall be provided. 11. +I can access the Web because I can see.I can point and click.Even when its difficult to point and click, I have cheap and powerful assistive technology (AT).If I couldnt see OR point-and-click, conflicts between the AT commonly used by people with mobility impairments and that used by people with vision impairments are minimal. 12. +My Favorite AT Dragon NaturallySpeaking Premium ($99)Windows Speech Recognition (built into Windows)KnowBrainer 2012 (free to people with disabilities, Voc Rehab centers, and AT professionals).Kensington Expert Mouse ($70)SmartNav ($500) 13. +Speech Recognition Demo (Eric really likes this part.) 14. +But Dragon isnt AT! What Dragon Cant AccessWhat Dragon Can AccessFlash ARIA Implicit Labels

elementsJavaSoftware controls and input boxes (coded to standard Windows conventions and exposed to accessibility APIs)Most of the modern webAlt Text Explicit LabelsText Input Areas Text Links 15. +A Keyboard Without a Keyboard All Dragon users and testers should learn the universal radio alphabet.Bravo, Charlie, Delta, Papa, Tango, Victor and Zulu are sonically distinct from B, C, D, P, T, V and Z.Knowing this alphabet makes it easy for end users to spell words and send keystroke commands.A Dragon user can emulate keyboard commands by saying press or press . 16. +Dragon Should Access ARIA! Prove it! Whats the business case?Dragon 11 introduced several requested features: Direct posting to Facebook and TwitterEasy management of open applications Buchholz and Saltalamacchia were added to the vocabulary.Dragon 12 added new features, too: Increased speed, accuracy and efficiency. This laptop has 3 GB RAM.Dictate remotely from iOS and Android devicesTraining is no longer needed (and not recommended for most). 17. +Nuance Doesnt Care! This argument is counterproductive.Nuance acknowledges Dragons capability as AT when it is convenient to them.Peter Mahoney (@DragonDictator) is Nuances Chief Marketing Officer. Prior to that, he was General Manager for Dragon NaturallySpeaking.His daughter uses a wheelchair. He wrote about inaccessible travel at Bostons Logan Airport on TravelByWheelchair.com. 18. +So, What Am I Asking? Make your labels visible and pronounceable. Visible labels tell me what to say, and pronounceable labels let me say it. Bonus: Instructions will be more usable by users with visual and cognitive impairments.Make your targets big. Bonus: Non-responsive sites will be more usable on mobile devices. Less pinching-and-zooming in order to tap what you meant to tap.Make a visible focus indicator. Bonus: This will help keyboardonly users and low-vision users.Make your Alt Text the same as your visible text. Bonus: Equivalency! 19. +More Demos! (Remember the bad visual processing? Erics slides have lots of words.) 20. Contact: @ewaccess + Ewaccess.Wordpress.com Linkedin.com/ewaccess ewaccess@gmail.com Wright_eric@bah.com


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