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Math is an important subject and many students find it is the hardest subject in school probably. A few tips on how to make a math test are listed in this article, so read on.


<ul><li> 1. Easy Steps to Make a Math Test/Quiz Insert PrA math subject is widely used in many fields. And we are searching many ways to improve our math knowledge and ability, especially the students. Therefore, a math-based test is a superb method to examine how much math knowledge learners have grasped. It may seem of creating a conventional math paper to possess a test. However, it is simple to make a Flash math test and hold an examination online, by using Quiz Creator. This Math Test Generator is really a robust Flash quiz creation program that allows educators to make Flash- based quizzes with images, sounds, as well as videos. Besides, you are able to track the final results in many quite simple ways. First, get the free trial version and follow the steps to make this task finish with a few clicks. esenters Name Insert Presenters Title </li> <li> 2. Create/Generate a Math Quiz Guide Step 1: Launch this Math Test Generator by clicking the quick start icon on your desktop. From the home screen, create a new quiz from all available options. Click "Equation" on the main menu to open Equation Editor. You can insert equations into questions and answers in some question types. </li> <li> 3. Step 2: Locate your cursor on the question or choice option, choose the symbols or equations and click them in Equation Editor, and you see the objects in the field. When you type in the question, click the Equation button in the Insert group, and then an equation gallery appears and an equation editing box appears in the question editing text field. </li> <li> 4. Step 3: If you need, you can insert an equation template which you like. Also, you might customize your quiz template on your own with a few simple settings. It is certainly simple to add mathematical or scientific symbols to your online assessments. Just plan your math test questions and fill out the preset fields and you can get your Flash quiz instantly! Sounds great? Try a free trial version or a full version now. Free Download Quiz Maker Buy Quiz Maker ($169.95) </li> </ul>