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  • EEOS Newsletter July 28th, 2020


    “Tricks and Tips of orchid growing in South Florida”


    Carlos Cahiz

    Tuesday, July 28th

    7:00 PM


    18710 SW 288th St

    The Orchid Column 1

    The EEOS JULY 2020 Newsletter

    The goal of our society is to educate ourselves and the general public in the classification, evolution and propagation, culture, care, and development of the cultural and economic importance of orchids; and to suppor t the conser vat ion o f th i s f a sc inat ing g roup o f plants. Membership is open to anyone who is in teres ted in the ob ject ives , a ims , and purposes of the EEOS, Inc.

    The Ea st Everg l ades Orchid Society meets on the FOURTH TUESDAY of each month at 7pm, with Judging at 7:30 PM and orchid related talk held at 8:00 PM

    Meeting place: University of Florida Miami-Dade Extension Bldg. at

    18710 SW 288th St

    Homestead, Fl

    Vis i tor s a re a lways welcome.

    Visit us at our Website at www.

  • EEOS Newsletter July 28th, 2020

    July President’s le/er

    As we know, Covid 19 is not over yet—on the contrary there are more cases and hospitals are full at capacity. Because of that we need to be extra careful nowadays. We are sAll having virtual meeAngs in order to protect our members from being exposed, or even worse geCng infected, with this virus.

    Remember, “we are in this together” and only together will we prevail!!!

    During last month’s meeAng we were so happy to see “Rene’s Place”, where there were amazing orchids, bromeliads and other plants for all of us to enjoy. Thank you again Rene for opening your greenhouse to us!

    This month’s virtual meeAng will again be on Facebook live at 7:00 PM, featuring Carlos Cahiz, from OFE. Carlos will talk about Tricks and Tips of growing orchids in South Florida. This is an opportunity for you all to ask many quesAons, Carlos will be able to answer your quesAons right there, live on Facebook!!

    This meeAng will be held through the EEOS Facebook page, not through the EEOS Inc page—we have deleted the EEOS Inc page to avoid confusion. Hopefully this Ame everything will go smoothly!

    Your Board is working to have more Facebook live events with fine speakers so you can take advantage of their knowledge and experAse in your orchid growing.

    We have had many rainy days and I can tell you that my plants are very happy these days. I am sure all of you have many plants in bloom or growing fast and enjoying the summerAme.

    Once again, it’s not over yet, but we are in this together—keep safe, be strong and please don’t miss our next virtual meeAng!


    The Orchid Column 2

  • EEOS Newsletter July 28th, 2020

    July Speaker: Carlos Cahiz

    OFE Orchid Supplies Showroom

    Carlos A. Cahiz is the oldest son of Carlos and Teresa Cahiz. Born in Valencia, Venezuela in 1964, he graduated from the University of Kansas in 1989. Carlos joined the family business, OFE International Orchids & Supplies in 1990, and has been with the company ever since. One of his first tests as manager was to deal with the devastation

    left behind from hurricane Andrew. OFE is now located in the Redland area of Homestead. We have expanded our product line. We now not only sell orchid supplies, but also orchids and a selection of tropical plants. Carlos has been more involved with the local orchid community. He is a past President of the South Florida Orchid Society. He continues to serve on their Board of Directors. Carlos shares his West Kendall/Miami home with his

    wife Amanda and their son. They all share their home with various adopted dogs, birds, turtles, orchids and other tropicals. His growing approach can be distilled into these two ideas: Tender neglect. And, second, to learn to look at your plants. They will show what they like if you only give them a little attention.

    You can find him, his brother Chris, and Clothilda T. Hen, most days at 17899 SW. 280th Street, Homestead FL 33031. Contact them at 305-253-7080, or e-mail: Or via Facebook and Instagram @ofeorchidsupplies.

    The Orchid Column 3

  • EEOS Newsletter July 28th, 2020

    The Orchid Column 4

    Meet the 2020 Board of Directors


    Idia Macfarlane

    Vice President

    Kim Belisle


    Donna Taylor


    Tere Camacho


    Robert Fuchs Valerie Leonard

    Leila Werner David Schaffter

    Eduardo Marcellini Chris Houk

    Patricia Garland

    Immediate past President

    Carlos Ochoa

  • EEOS Newsletter July 28th, 2020

    We have opportunities for volunteers on the following committees: Assistant Show Chairman

    Social Media—Facebook, Twitter et al


    Meeting facility set-up and take down for monthly meetings & judging

    Assistant Hospitality

    Assistant Membership/Roster

    Judging assistant

    EXISTING COMMITTEES Newsletter—Idia Macfarlane

    Membership/Roster —Donna Taylor

    Photography—Tere Camacho

    Hospitality—Leila Werner

    Judging—David Schafter

    Show Chairman—AOS Members Meeting—Kim Belisle

    Assistant Webmaster- Tere Camacho -

    The Orchid Column 5

  • EEOS Newsletter July 28th, 2020

    The Orchid Column 6

  • EEOS Newsletter July 28th, 2020

    The Orchid Column 7

    Annual Membership Dues

    $25.00 Individual $35.00 Couples

    Mail your check to:

    Donna Taylor 9975 SW 196 St

    Cutler Bay, FL 33157

    Happy Birthday to our July members:

    Kim Belisle Tere Camacho Pedro Bonetti

    Wayne Congdon

  • EEOS Newsletter July 28th, 2020

    The Orchid Column 8

    The EEOS JULY 2020 Newsletter VIRTUAL MEETING IN JULY!!! “Tricks and Tips of orchid growing in South Florida” By Carlos Cahiz Tuesday, July 28th 7:00 PM OUR MEETING PLACE: 18710 SW 288th St Meet the 2020 Board of Directors

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