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Newsletter of November 2011see The charming Animalia Museum 


Egyptian Tourism Promotion Authority News letter Egyptian tourism promotion authority E gypt this M onth November 2011 Issue #29The charmingAnimAliA museum Sun ExprESS AirlinE to SErvE ChArtEr flightS to touriStiC dEStinAtionS in Egypt As of November 2011, Sun Express will operate, for the first time, charter flights between six different airports in Germany and touristic destinations in Egypt, namely Sharm El Sheikh, Hurghada, Marsa Alam and Luxor. Sun Express will serve 22 flights per week, seven flights of which to Hurghada, five to Sharm El Sheikh, five to Marsa Alam and five Double Touch flights to Hurghada via Luxor. The airline carries over 4,158 passengers per week from the main German airports of Frankfurt, Berlin, Hamburg, Munich, Dusseldorf and Stuttgart Almost 16 tour operators acquired seats on Sun Express airline flights for the winter season, including RFI, RWE, Oger Tours, Schauinsland, Alltours, Oft Reisen. thE firSt ChArtEr flight of gErmAniA AirlinE to ArrivE to hurghAdA on novEmbEr 20th Aswan is well known for its beautiful landscape and His Excellency Mr. Mounir Fakhry Abdel Nour, Minister Live Colors Egyptmany antiquities. A particularly special site in Aswan that of tourism, attended the 17th World Route Developmentcombines history with culture and nature is the Island of Forum meetings in Berlin. As result of his meeting with theElephantine. Splitting the Nile into two channels, Elephantine Chairman of Magderburg/Coshted airport in Berlin, theoverlooks the western desert on one side, and the bustling Minister declared that the first Germania Airline Chartercity of Aswan on the other. Like the rest of Aswan and flight will be arriving to Hurghada airport coming fromits environs, Elephantine is built upon a bedrock of large Magdeburg/Coshsted airport on November 20th. Thegranite boulders that give it a fantastical appearance. flight will be operating once a week.Upon the boulders grew an important Pharaonic settlement On this occasion, Mr. Abdel Nour expressed his utmostthat stood between Egypt and its southern neighbors gratitude to see the launch of charter flights fromthroughout most of Egyptian history. It was not only an Germany considered as one of the most important play-important trading post, it was more like a checkpoint into ers in the Egyptian tourism market.Egypt. November . 2011 1 Egyptian Tourism Promotion Authority News letter ChArACtErS of Egypt fEStivAl Under the auspice of The Ministry of Tourism and the Egyptian Tourism Authority, the Characters of Egypt Festival will be organized from 27-29 October 2011. The festival is an annual event that has been organized for four consecutive years This year, the festival will take place in Aswan in the Island of Heisa on the River Nile. Aswan was chosen by the United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) as a successful case study to showcase the theme of the 2011 World Tourism Day: Tourism - linking cultures. The World Tourism Day was celebrated this year in Aswan on 27 September. An estimated 33 tribes are expected to participate in the festival - which are divided in seven groups- and represent South Sinai, North Sinai, El Ababda, El Bashareya, Nubia, El Hassayba and Siwa. Besides the music and dance shows that characterize each tribe, poetry and stories telling and a number of informative workshops displaying indigenous practices, beliefs, cuisines, clothing, music, art, literary traditions, friendly sports competitions and conversations will take place during the event. The Characters of Egypt Festival provide guests with the chance to catch a glimpse of life as it exists in the different areas of Egypts extensive deserts. The objective of Characters of Egypt festival is to create a platform of awareness of cultural variances amongst different ethnic and tribal groups and Nile River valley inhabitants. The event offers a rare opportunity to link diverse cultures from all corners of Egypt, experience cultural exchange and connect over their common bonds. Egypt has a rich historyLive Colors Egypt of tribal heritage shown in their many dialects and languages. The island of Heisa is one of the oldest Nubian villages comprised of six Nubian tribes totaling 1,000 habitants. The objective of organizing this years festival in this Island is to promote it as a touristic destination. In fact, during the past three years, Characters of Egypt Festival was organized in the south area of the Red sea, which resulted in improving the cultural exchanges in this area, and promoted tourism in Wadi El Gemal protectorate, placing Marsa Alam as one of the prime eco-tourism destinations worldwide. 2 November . 2011 Egyptian Tourism Promotion Authority News letter SofitEl lEgEnd old CAtArACt ASWAn rE-opEnEd In the Nubian Desert on the banks of the Nile River across from Elephantine Island the Sofitel Legend Old Cataract Aswan has opened after three years of renovations. The Sofitel Legend Old Cataract Aswan offers guests two different experiences in the hotels rooms and suites. The historic charm of The Palace pervades its 76 accommodations, including 45 suites. The two biggest ones are Agatha Christie and Sir Winston Churchill, with its magnificent and private terrace. Several other famous faces have stayed here, movie stars, heads of state and crowned heads, writers, politicians. The trans- formation managed to preserve the sites heritage in such touches as the Byzantine-style striped arches of the main lobby. The hotel unveils a brand new 1,200-m So SPA that is a temple of well-being with 8 treatment booths, 3-room hammam and indoor pool. Furthermore, the