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Elements of Anglo-Saxon Poetry. Source: http://lhsblogs.typepad.com/kenyon/anglosaxon-lit-power-point.html. Anglo-Saxon Poetry. Originally oral and not written text Poetic Practices Repetition Repetition of consonant sounds Kennings - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


Anglo-Saxon Poetry

Elements of Anglo-Saxon PoetrySource:http://lhsblogs.typepad.com/kenyon/anglosaxon-lit-power-point.html

Anglo-Saxon PoetryOriginally oral and not written textPoetic PracticesRepetitionRepetition of consonant soundsKenningstwo to four-word poetic re-namings of people, places, and things, such as whales home for the seaCaesurarhythmic breaks in the middle of lines, where the speaker would pause for breathAssonancethe repetition of vowel sounds in unrhymed, stressed syllables (ex. batter these ramparts)

Beliefs and Traditions (Theme)WYRD or fate controls lifeHonor requires revenge/compensation for injury or death (WERGILD)Love of war and violenceLove of treasure, wealth and prosperity (results of bravery)3Beliefs and Traditions (Theme)Loyalty to family/tribeLove of stories, especially hero storiesBelief that nothing good ever lastsLove of rituals: feasting, burial, etc.Unwritten contract between king and warrior: generosity for loyalty (COMITATUS)4Qualities of Anglo-Saxon Warrior Hero (and a life of honor)-CharacterizationExcellence, competence, skillIn battleIn sailingIn riding

5Qualities of Anglo-Saxon Warrior Hero (and a life of honor)-CharacterizationGreat strength (even superhuman strength)Loyalty (especially to the king)Devotion to duty, eagerness to fightGenerosityLove of fame, glory, boasts6Characteristics of Epic Literature(such as Beowulf)Reveals the traditions, customs of the peopleGrand/large in its scope: geography, timeLofty/formal languageEmploys the supernatural7Characteristics of Epic Literature(such as Beowulf)Battle between good and evilIllustrates man in a hostile environment, the sacrifice of the heroGenerally concerns the noble deeds of a warrior-hero and his companions8What is a Seafarer?

One who goes to sea, of course.

How many different Seafarers will we hear from in the narration?

Our Fragment shows two voices: The Old SailorThe Youth

Will the voices differ in their view of life at sea?

Will the voices differ in their view?

Well soon see.