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    Signing into Your Email Account

    Open up explorer and type in in the address bar.

    • Enter your email address.

    • Hit the tab key on the keyboard and enter your password.

    Hotmail opens up with the Hello page as shown below.

    • Click on the Inbox to check received mail or to compose a new email.

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    Receiving Emails From the main Hotmail screen click on the Inbox button.

    To read emails you have received:

    • Move the mouse to the Sort by column, select the email you wish to read, when the

    pointer changes to a hand

    click once with the left mouse button to open the email.

    • To delete an email insert a tick inside the box next to

    the email/emails.

    • Click on the Delete button.

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    Composing an Email Using Hotmail

    • Click the New button to send a new email.

    • Click in the To: box with the left mouse button to insert the flashing cursor.

    Type the recipient’s email address i.e. joeblogs@hotmailcom or insert the

    address from the Favorite Contacts List.

    • If you would like to send a copy to other recipients type their email

    addresses in the Cc: box separated by a comma.

    • Click in the Subject: box and type a subject, it can simply be Hi.

    • Click inside the text area and start to type in your email.

    • When you are finished composing your email click the Send button to send your email.

    Text Area

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    Deleting Emails

    • To delete any unwanted emails click inside the box with the left mouse button next to the recipient’s name.

    • Click the Delete button.

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    Trash Can

    • The emails are then sent to the Deleted Folder so don’t forget to empty your trash can afterwards.

    • Click on the Deleted from the folders list and place a tick inside the box next to the Sort By box – that will select all the emails in the deleted Folder.

    Press delete to empty the deleted folder

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    • Folders are a way of organising your emails.

    • Select the email by placing a tick in the box next to the email.

    • Click on the Put in Folder button and select the folder you wish the email to be put into.

    • You can also create a new folder by selecting the New Folder from the list.

    • A dialogue box appears asking you to type in a name for your new folder.

    • Click the OK button when you are finished.

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    Sending Hotmail Email Attachments

    Sending an attachment simply means including a picture or text document with your email.

    • Hotmail allows you up to 2MB of free space, only 1MB of which can be used for attachments.

    • To send an attachment click with the left mouse button on the Attach button.

    • Select File from the drop down list.

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    Adding Your Attachments

    Step 1

    • The Choose File dialogue box appears.

    • Now you have to find your file - it will be in either My Documents or other external storage device

    • Select the file by clicking once with the left mouse button.

    • Click the Open button down on the right hand side of the dialogue box.

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    Attachments - Step 2

    Hotmail allows you to attach a number of files with a maximum size of 1MB.

    • To attach more than one file click on the Ok and Attach Another


    • Then simply click on the Browse button and repeat step 1 to attach another file.

    • Hotmail will display the details of the current attachments including the file name and file size.

    Ensure the attachments are the correct files.

    • Click the OK button to return to your email.

    • Click the Send button to send your email as normal.

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    Receiving Hotmail Email Attachments

    • Open up the email.

    • The email opens as normal and includes the attachment. When you hover over the picture a small toolbar appears.

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    � Once the email is opened click on the Attachment link.

    � Hotmail will automatically scan the file for viruses and warn you if the attachment is affected. If the attachment is

    infected Delete it immediately.

    � In the file download dialogue box select Save and then click OK.

    � In the Save in: location select the Floppy drive (A:).

    � Click Save to begin downloading the attachment.

    When the download is complete the dialogue box will close


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    Picture Toolbar

    The picture toolbar shown above includes the following four options:

    • The Save icon enabling you to save

    the picture either to My Documents

    or to the 3 ½ Floppy drive (a:).

    • Simply Print the picture.

    • Send this image in an email.

    • Open My Pictures folder.

    If the attachment is a text document you will need to download the file.

    • Click on the file name to the right of Attachment: when the pointer turns into a hand to open the attachment.

    • Remember to always scan attachments before downloading.

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    Adding a New Contact Email addresses can be difficult to remember so it is a good idea to add the email address to your Contacts list.

    • Click on the Contacts List button.

    Now Click on the Edit button to add people to you address book