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Engaged Philanthropy

Engaged PhilanthropyRitu SharmaCEO, Co-FounderSocial Media for Nonprofits

Thea Smith NilssonCivic Engagement ManagerMicrosoft

Introduction Who are We?Ritu: Nonprofit professional, CEO and founder of Social Media for NonprofitsThea: Corporate professional, 6 years working in corporate philanthropy@ritusharma1@theanilsson#WorldCSRDay2History/ContextThe Road to Engaged PhilanthropyIndustrial EconomyTraditional PhilanthropyPurpose EconomyEngaged Philanthropy(Aaron Hurst)Information EconomyIn-kind Support(Yochai Benkler)@ritusharma1@theanilsson#WorldCSRDayAs professions evolve and expand, so too does philanthropy.Interesting parallel between the historical and current economies of the US and the philanthropic models that we employ

Skipping the Agrarian Economy and starting with the Industrial or Manufacturing Economy, this is when producing objects en masse dominated industries. People began to move from rural areas to cities, learn trades, and work in factories around the clock to produce, produce, produce. This is also when the assembly line was the modus operandi and a worker would often be responsible for simply one task, performed in repetition.Around this time successful business moguls including Andrew Carnegie, Henry Ford, and John D. Rockefeller began making large donations to charitable institutions. One of my favorite Carnegie quotes is, The man who dies rich thus dies disgraced. So we know how important he thought philanthropy was!

Fast forward to the Networked Information Economy, a term that was coined by Harvard University ProfessorYochai Benkler in 2003 to describe an economy thats almost solely defined by our ability to make better decisions with better information. Our success at work relies on the amount and accuracy of information that we can acquire. Thus the way we work, the products we sell, and how industries operate are shaped by information. Any role, function or department that can be improved by information will change, and rapidly.

Purpose Economy Its hard to name an era that one is currently experiencing, but Aaron Hurst, founder of Taproot Foundation and author of a book by this name, has labeled our current economy with the word Purpose because he sees purpose as the driver of both entrepreneurial endeavors and sustainable business models today.

Before becoming an author, Aaron Hurst started Taproot Foundation, an organization that matches NGOs with corporate professionals to engage in pro bono consulting services. To date the organization has provided over $143 million in pro bono services to NGOs3What is Engaged Philanthropy?Engaged Philanthropy is a hybrid approach to charity. It leverages Financial, Social and Intellectual capital. http://www.nesst.org/blog/2014/07/08/engaged-Three pillars of engaged philanthropyFinancial capital(long-term support)Intellectual capital(mentoring, coaching, counselling)Social capital(networking)Definition: @ritusharma1@theanilsson#WorldCSRDayTriple Bottom Line: People, Planet, ProfitImage from Brit Civic Learning Zone$


EconomicSocialEnvironmentEmployee WelfareCharitable ContributionsGrowthCost of Unemployment$RevenueResource ConsumptionLand Use

Waste Management

planetpeopleprofit$$$Sustainable Business@ritusharma1@theanilsson#WorldCSRDayPhilanthropy: One Size Does Not Fit AllProject-based / Pro-bono Skills-basedVolunteerismFoundationsCorporate CSR/Citizenship@ritusharma1@theanilsson#WorldCSRDayHow to Select the Right Partner to Ensure Shared ValueDirect / Peer-to-PeerPartner OrganizationsNasscom FoundationFull Circle FundGuidestar India

@ritusharma1@theanilsson#WorldCSRDaySetting it up for SuccessCorporate TipsKnow what you can giveBe transparent about parameters and branding guidelinesBe helpfulAsk for feedbackKeep in touch

Nonprofit TipsStay true to your mission, dont change with changing fads but adaptInvest in relationshipsBe flexible and seek to add value for corporate partners goalsBe an equal partner, push back if appropriate, and bring diversity of thought@ritusharma1@theanilsson#WorldCSRDaySM4NP + Microsoft = Shared ValueOur story:VisionPitchIterationJourney (lessons learned)What next?

@ritusharma1@theanilsson#WorldCSRDayPotential PitfallsManaging Competitor RelationshipsFollowing Fads and Not Staying True to Mission

@ritusharma1@theanilsson#WorldCSRDayCase Study

@ritusharma1@theanilsson#WorldCSRDayCity Year is an education-focused NGO, based in Boston, Massachusetts, that partners with high need public schools to provide full-time targeted student interventions.In 1989 they asked for 50 pairs of boots from Timberland, to properly outfit the City Year corps members. Service weekends.Within 10 years, Timberland became the official outfitter of all City Year corps members, as well as the NGOs biggest corporate funder and advisor. Timberlands COO joined the board of advisors, City Year was regularly invited to present at Timberlands sales meetings, and ultimately Timberland funded the NGOs expansion to six cities. (now in 25) Every time City Year entered a new city, Timberland would host a welcome to the community party at their local storeFor many years Timberland was City Years only corporate funder. The relationship was challenged when one day Timberlands stock price plummeted. The company had to lay off employees, and morale was low. But Timberland did not discontinue funding the organization, and as a safety measure also reached out to other companies that they felt would be good partners to City Year.City Year is one of Microsofts five national nonprofit partners under our YouthSpark program, which is a three-year initiative to empower 300,000 youth around the world by September of this year.

11Companies Act: Navigating the 2% CSR GoalSection 135 of the Companies Bill of 2012 includes guidelines for implementing a CSR policy in India. Spending amounts and activity areas are determined by the CSR Committee. $

Net profit is calculated before tax and only includes profits generated in India. $$Reporting requirements are now in effect. Companies must include a CSR report in their annual report materials. REPORTThe CSR Committee is the core of implementing and regulating each companys CSR policy. The more transparent a companys CSR policy and activities can be, the better. KEY COMPONENTS@ritusharma1@theanilsson#WorldCSRDayHere are some of the major elements of the Bill and how they will impact corporations in India.

12Questions???@ritusharma1@theanilsson#WorldCSRDayContact UsRitu Sharmaritu@sm4np.org@ritusharma1Thea Smith Nilssonthean@microsoft.com@theanilsson@ritusharma1@theanilsson#WorldCSRDayResources / Citationshttp://www.thebusinessofgood.org/get-engaged/http://www.nesst.org/blog/2014/07/08/engaged-philanthropy-a-lot-more-than-just-grants/https://www.futureofphilanthropy.com/us_phil_tour_experiments_giving.asphttp://www.socialventurepartners.org/network-office/news/engaged-philanthropy-catching-on-globally/http://purposeeconomy.com/http://srint.org/2010/11/01/integrated-partnership-cityyear-and-timberland/