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I DID LIKE TO INTRODUCE MY SELFHello, I am Katrine Casey. You can call me Kathy. I am from Manchester, England.

Hello, my name is Christopher Jonson. Pleace call me Chris. I am from Toronto, Canada.

Hi, my Name is Antonio Tavares. I am from Rio De Janeiro, Brazil. Please call me Tony.Now take turns and introduce yourself. Name My Name... / I am....AddressI live in... / my address is ...Place of OriginI am from... / I came from... Educational BackgroundI study at... / I major in...FamilyI have... Birth Day & AgeI was born... I am...Frevious BackgrooundI am graduated from... / my frevious school was... Hobby My hobby is... / I am interesting in...Example:Lets me introduce my self. My Name is Nezar Ganda Putra, but My nick name is Nezar, so you can call me Nez. I was born in Sukabumi on 15th of june 1987, so I am 25 years old now. I live In Bogor on RH. Abdullah street no.11. I am graduated from University of Indonesia and my hobby is traveling. Thank you.Answer or make a question belong to statement below.6QuestionsAnswersWhat is your name?My name is Eduardo Medrano / I am Eddie Medrano / Eddie.May I know your name?...What is your first name?...What is your middle name?...What is your last name/ family name?...What is your nick name?...Where do you live?I live in IztapalapaWhat is your address?...Do you live in Bogor?...Name.Address.please write the way you to introduce your self and submit that to you teacher.