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This is a two parts lecture series. Many companies have begun their lean journey and have implemented lean manufacturing methods. The next step is applying lean to other processes including product development. While Lean New Product Development (Lean NPD) does focus on customer value and eliminating waste, it is also a front loaded, knowledge based approach. From a quality and reliability perspective, this should be viewed positively because it offers the opportunity to do the up front tasks needed to ensure robust and reliable products. This 2-part webinar provides in introduction to Lean NPD and shows how it can be applied to reliability requirements definition, design decisions, risk assessment and mitigation, critical characteristics and process control, product testing, and failure analysis / corrective action to improve product reliability and robustness. Part 2 covers Lean FMEA and Design Review by Failure Modes (DRBFM) as methods of risk assessment and mitigation. Critical characteristics and process control are also addressed. Design for Reliability, Robustness Testing, and Physics of Failure approaches build the essential strength into the product. Finally, using FRACAS to capture learning and build the knowledge base required for follow-on lean product development is addressed.


  • 1. Ensuring Reliability in Lean New Product DevelopmentJohn J. Paschkewitz2011 ASQ & Presentation JohnPresented live on Feb 17th, 2011http://reliabilitycalendar.org/The_Reliability_Calendar/Short_Courses/Shliability Calendar/Short Courses/Short_Courses.html

2. ASQ Reliability DivisionShort Course Series The ASQ Reliability Division is pleased to present a regular series of short courses featuring leading international practitioners, academics, academics and consultantsconsultants.The goal is to provide a forum for the basic andcontinuing education of reliabilityprofessionals.http://reliabilitycalendar.org/The_Reliability_Calendar/Short_Courses/Shliability Calendar/Short Courses/Short_Courses.html


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