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1. Entertaining science 2. Science vs.FictionThe ction world has long been full of cool science and_ technology that eventually"sneaks its way into real life. In fact,scientic advisers for lms and television help to bring credibility to the screen. AWith every new good Sci-Fi movie,ction comes bit by bit closer to reality. 4 T 4// 3. MARVEL SlUDlOS "The Avengers,in which Marvels greate .3J, superheroes join forces to conquerworld-threatening evil,is favored and loved by many fans worldwide, The new " Avengers: Age of U| tron" hit the theater last month and it already crossed the 1 billion boxofce milestone,which also proves that the movie is highlypopular.. 4. Captain mericas shieldThe shield is made of "Vibranium, " a metal extracted from a meteorite that crashed in Africa.It is capable of absorbing,storing and redirectingkinetic energy,and the material becomes morepowerful as moreare turned against it. 5. The to[; o)= secret L"17"lil7:l'l%l Tierilllmlpioneered a way to target and deliver a specialized protein throughout the body,This created an epigenetic reaction that activated a suhjject"s genes and enhanced lohvsiologicalirnalceulo,including height,weight,vitals,overall strength and reflexes, 6. Ly _ i [ii Dr. *Banner created a modern I L e x version of the Super SoliderSerum.He injected himself . , ith the serum,then exposed ._ * himself to gamma radiation, k .1 . . 'and the combination created E the unprecedented results./ 6 7. Intergalactic travelAsgardians seems to have mastered the use of intergalactic travel through the use of wormholes,or the bending of space and time. 4 8. Thor's method of travel issupported by a real theory calledthe Einstein Rosen Bridge,atheory by Albert Einstein and Nathan Rosen,which supposed two portals through space couldbe created with a much shorterg path between them alga a 3;. _ _}_, ::wormhole. L _ 5.