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On Environment Day 2014 reduce your carbon footprint by upgrading your home with Smart Home Automation to conserve energy and save on electricity bills.


  • This Environment Day Reduce Your Carbon Footprint www.smartautomation.in
  • What is Carbon Footprint? Your impact on the Environment is called Carbon Footprint. Every Residential, Commercial and Industrial property impacts Environment by consuming electricity. Reducing Your Carbon Footprint is what will pave the path of saving earth and its environment!
  • How Energy Consumption Impacts Environment? Energy/Electricity is generated in Power Plants via various methods using natural resources and waste management techniques. Every Power Plant, regardless of the resource it uses to produce electricity, poses threat to environment due to emission of greenhouse gases and pollutants in large amounts.
  • How You can Reduce Carbon Footprint? Use Energy Wisely at Home Office Industries Factories Buildings
  • How Home Automation impacts Carbon Footprint? Home Automation impacts positively on reducing your Carbon Footprint by Saving Energy. You Save Money from reduced electricity bills. Environment is preserved in the long run by lower demand and production at power plants
  • How Home Automation helps to Save Energy? Home Automation products are: Hi-tech Energy efficient Consume less energy Control Energy consuming gadgets Less energy consumed is energy saved.
  • Home Automation Products Save Energy LED Lights consume 10 times less energy than CFLs or traditional bulbs. Lighting Controls work in tandem with sensor based occupancy and turn off lights when the specific area is vacant. Whats more, you can set the lux lighting effect and use dim lights during wee hours.
  • Home Automation Products Save Energy HVAC Controls enable Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning management. You can set temperature of every zone differently as per the occupancy and desired comfort level. Curtain Controls promote Energy Conservation by automatically changing curtain settings as per natural light and temperature.
  • Contribute to a Green Environment Today Gift a Happy Future to Your Loved Ones Tomorrow! Go Green! Reduce Your Carbon Footprint!! Happy Environment Day!!!
  • Thank You! Smart Automation Technologies India!