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Presentation for the EdTeach Summit in Cape Town on 11 August 2014. Details about the event: http://edtechsummitsouthafrica.com/ Follow me on Twitter @nicolapallitt PS: Links to URLs in the notes section of PowerPoint when you view the downloaded presentation. Please share the link to your ePortfolio as a comment - especially if you are a teacher:)


  • 1. ePortfolios for educators Dr Nicola Pallitt Lecturer, Centre for Innovation in Learning and Teaching (CILT) University of Cape Town Contact me: nicola.pallitt@uct.ac.za http://niccipallitt. wordpress.com @nicolapallitt on Twitter

2. What is an ePortfolio? A purposeful digital collection that Provides evidence of an educators teaching (classes youve taught & grade level, sample lesson plans, student testimonials, letters of recommendation, awards), Demonstrates teaching as reflective practice (your teaching philosophy, your teaching style, reflections on lessons taught, etc), Showcases your professional bio & CV, Demonstrates your continuing education and creativity 3. What is an ePortfolio? BUT There are MANY definitions & uses No one correct way to design it depends on how you wish to use it & the audience you envision What is common: inward & outward looking PROCESS & PRODUCT 4. How does an ePortfolio differ from a teaching portfolio? Using the affordances of digital media Artefacts for supported reflection (documents, photos, video clips, etc.) Ethics RE online sharing sometimes depends on school, does your school have an Internet policy? 5. Audience Purpose Message Educator 6. Audience Purpose Message Educator Potential employers Fellow educators Parents and learners 7. Audience Purpose Message Educator Job seeking, showcasing for potential employers Reflecting on teaching to improve practice Participating in online communities of educators around shared interests 8. Audience Purpose Message Educator Hire me! Im a reflective educator Lets share and learn from each other Im keeping you updated on whats happening in my classroom 9. Examples 10. Differences: ePortfolios & blogs Links to best work, awards, PDF of CV, etc. What you include depends on how you intend to use it. More static presence? Less maintenance, desire to update less frequently? Professional me stuff only? Try About.me or Tackk.com General ePortfolio situation: When you are being assessed by someone as a professional A blog by definition is presented in reverse chronological order with the newest entries at the top = Always moving forward bPortfolio (Helen Barrett) You can use a blogging platform to create an ePortfolio Its not WHAT you use but the PURPOSE you use it for How often to post? Up to you 11. Read this post: http://georgecouros.ca/blog/archives/4435 Nice ePortfolio too 12. Common elements of an ePortfolio Teaching philosophy / statement Evidence of experience, learning & professional development Lesson plans Classroom artefacts Photographs of learners ethical issues Reflective accounts of teaching practice CV See Norms & Standards for Educators Policy doc & think of creative ways you can demonstrate these competencies 13. What platform can I use? WordPress WikiSpaces Google sites About.me Tackk.com Wix Purpose before platform 14. It is no longer enough to do powerful work if no one sees it. - Chris Lehmann Where can I see your powerful work? Thank you 15. Interesting cool stuff to take a look at 16. "What I'd done was written a casual blog," she wrote in a post on Saturday to address the issue. She argues she kept her blog "as anonymous as possible" and never named names of students or disclosed her location. Munroe's attorney Steve Rovner argues she did nothing wrong, even if she offended people. "There's no Internet policy at her school district. She was free to write and she free to express herself; it was like a personal diary," he told ABC. 17. Great resource See https://tackk.com/eportfolios