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ePortfolios for Learning Muireann OKeeffe

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What is an ePortfolio??An e-portfolio is a purposeful aggregation of digital items ideas, evidence, reflections, feedback etc, which presents a selected audience with evidence of a persons learning and/or ability. Sutherland, S. and Powell, A. (2007) e-portfolio tools enable students to make the all-important connections between the curriculum and the other things they do.

Dr Angela Smallwood, Director of the Centre for International ePortfolio Development, University of Nottingham

Why ePortfolios?

Why develop an ePortfolio? To show growth and change over timeTo continue connections of learning between modulesConnect informal & formal learning Broadens the curriculum Demonstrate achievement & competences Promote reflectionShow ownership of learning processFor academic or career advancementAuthentic, real life

MSc Applied eLearning ePortfolio Examples

Examples of ePortfolio 9

Examples of ePortfolio


MSc Applied eLearning ePortfolioSubstantial induction phaseMeaningful activitiesWriting, technology., media development Connected to modulesConnected to reflection on learning Continuous formative feedback

e-Portfolios Supporting 21st Century LearningDigital presentations of skills and competences Online records of achievementAction plans Opportunities for reflectionSocial media, collaboration, communities

ePortfolios for Assessment Learning ongoing, continuous through a programme Authentic assessment Organises performanceMultiple ways to assess complex knowledge /skills Enhanced assessment Demonstrate level of achievement & competency

BenefitsStudent no longer passiveConstructors /creatorsDynamic Incremental growth, journey of learning Reflection: learning to learn

DIT ePortfolio tool

Artifact & file repositoryUpload various file types Create blogs, integrate Blogs via RSS feedsCreate foldersSocial networking, GroupsShare academic goals skillsShare CV/Resume online

Activity In groupsIn the context of broadening the curriculum, if you were to redesign a module or programme where would you plan the integration of the ePortfolio into curriculum?


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