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<p>Slide 1</p> <p>ePortfolios for Learning Muireann OKeeffe</p> <p>Eportfolio Scrapbook, Eportfolio artifacts, record Eportfolio portfolios, evidence, knowledge, skills, inquiry Eportfolio artifacts collaboration time reflection improvement practice evidence improvement recordLearning complete journey visible goals futureAssessment journey reflection journey </p> <p>2</p> <p>What is an ePortfolio??An e-portfolio is a purposeful aggregation of digital items ideas, evidence, reflections, feedback etc, which presents a selected audience with evidence of a persons learning and/or ability. Sutherland, S. and Powell, A. (2007) e-portfolio tools enable students to make the all-important connections between the curriculum and the other things they do. </p> <p>Dr Angela Smallwood, Director of the Centre for International ePortfolio Development, University of Nottingham </p> <p>Why ePortfolios? </p> <p>Why develop an ePortfolio? To show growth and change over timeTo continue connections of learning between modulesConnect informal &amp; formal learning Broadens the curriculum Demonstrate achievement &amp; competences Promote reflectionShow ownership of learning processFor academic or career advancementAuthentic, real life </p> <p>MSc Applied eLearning ePortfolio Examples </p> <p>Examples of ePortfolio 9</p> <p>Examples of ePortfolio </p> <p>10</p> <p>MSc Applied eLearning ePortfolioSubstantial induction phaseMeaningful activitiesWriting, technology., media development Connected to modulesConnected to reflection on learning Continuous formative feedback </p> <p>e-Portfolios Supporting 21st Century LearningDigital presentations of skills and competences Online records of achievementAction plans Opportunities for reflectionSocial media, collaboration, communities</p> <p>ePortfolios for Assessment Learning ongoing, continuous through a programme Authentic assessment Organises performanceMultiple ways to assess complex knowledge /skills Enhanced assessment Demonstrate level of achievement &amp; competency </p> <p>BenefitsStudent no longer passiveConstructors /creatorsDynamic Incremental growth, journey of learning Reflection: learning to learn </p> <p>DIT ePortfolio tool</p> <p>Artifact &amp; file repositoryUpload various file types Create blogs, integrate Blogs via RSS feedsCreate foldersSocial networking, GroupsShare academic goals skillsShare CV/Resume online</p> <p>Activity In groupsIn the context of broadening the curriculum, if you were to redesign a module or programme where would you plan the integration of the ePortfolio into curriculum? </p>