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  • Estates West Homeowners Association Page 8

    Our Thanks to our Advertisers

    Place an ad in our newsletter which is hand deliv-

    ered to 640 homes quarterly..A business card size

    ad is $25.00 for members and $35.00 for non-

    members. Just send a business card or text along

    with a check made out to EWHA to Ken Sewell,

    Editor,7661 La Bolsa Dr., Dallas, TX 75248.

    Next issue is in April 2016.

    Page Estates West Homeowners Association ta t e swes t . o rg Janua ry 2016

    Estates West Homeowners Association


    THURSDAY, JANUARY 21, 2015 - 7:30 PM



    By-Laws Change

    Election of 2016 Officers

    Collection of 2016 Dues

    Bottoms Up! (From our President, Steve Crossman)

    Shhhhh! Don’t tell anyone. I arrived 40 minutes late to the December EWHA board meeting, and then

    only because my fellow board member, Sara Sharkey, called to remind me. I do have a fairly good excuse

    about forgetting our meeting: propofol. Yes, you got it right, the Michael Jackson drug.

    In October 2015, I received a friendly reminder from my doctor that it was time for another colonoscopy.

    It was a very personal invitation and I was tempted to RSVP, “No, sorry, I can’t make it this time.” In-

    stead, I called the cheerful receptionist who booked my appointment.

    For those unfamiliar with this wonderful procedure, the preparation is the worst part. Two days prior to the

    big event, you eat lightly. One day before, you don’t eat, but instead drink lots of clear liquids. The after-

    noon before, you guzzle a delicious beverage within a one hour time span. Then six hours later, to ensure

    you get the maximum experience, you guzzle another round of this beverage.

    Seven years ago my beverage prescription was for a product called Go Lightly. Someone with a good

    sense of humor named this product. If I recall correctly, I had to drink a five gallon bucket’s worth,

    TWICE, six hours apart. This year, my doctor’s prescription of choice was for a beverage called SuPrep.

    The effects are the same. The product is not called MyPrep for a reason. Instead, it is SUprep (YOUR

    prep). It is a lot of money, literally, down the toilet, in short order. For those of you looking to drop a few

    pounds, I guarantee this will work. (Continued on P. 3)

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    Next Board Meetings

    Feb. 11, 2016

    SOUND OFF (from

    our residents)

    Our streets and neighbor

    were beautiful during the

    Christmas and New Year

    holidays? Thanks to all who decorated the street

    signs and their homes.

    Hurray for our volunteers, without them our

    dues would be greatly higher. They serve us all

    with a smile. If you see one working, pause to

    thank them.

    Election of 2016 Officers

    At the Annual Meeting, you will

    be able to vote for and meet your

    new Officers for 2016. The cur-

    rent board is pleased to present the

    following slate of officers for your

    consideration .

    ..President – Steve Crossman

    Secretary – Sara Sharkey

    VP Code and Zoning – OPEN

    VP Beautification – OPEN

    VP Membership – Kristi Sunstrom

    Treasurer – David Hanna

    VP Crime Watch/VIP –Jackie Long

    If you would like to serve, call Steve.

    Volunteer Opportunities

    EWHA runs on the energy supplied by volun-

    teers. If you want to help keep our neighbor-

    hood safer from crime by serving as a Crime

    Watch/VIP member contact Jackie Long at

    Duties of the VP Code Compliance

    The VP for Beautification shall promote the

    beautification of the area which includes

    scheduling maintenance for the Arapaho

    Strip (landscaped area that borders Estates

    West along Arapaho Rd between Spring

    Creek Rd & La Avenida Dr) and organizing

    the monthly volunteer schedule to service

    this area (trash pickup, etc). The VP of Beau-

    tification would also oversee any other

    neighborhood beautification projects that are

    approved by the board and attend board


    Thanks to Norine Wingate and Pam

    Davis for their excellent service as

    2015 EWHA Officers

    Duties of VP Code and Zoning

    The Vice-President for Code Compliance and

    Zoning shall monitor and take such action as

    may be necessary to ensure compliance with

    existing zoning and City of Dallas regulations

    in the area. He shall monitor infrastructure of

    the neighborhood and notify the City of Dallas

    of any required repairs. The VP of Code and

    Zoning will also attend board meetings.

    Page 7 Estates West Homeowners Association

    Esttates West Crime Watch

    Welcome to 2016! The Christmas decorations

    certainly were enjoyed by all VIPers as we pa-

    trolled in December. Alas, they are gone, but not


    The crime this past year has been greatly re-

    duced in Estates West. This was probably the

    result of VIP patrols and the increased number of

    Dallas Police drive-throughs. We owe a great

    thanks to our officers at the North Central Sta-

    tion on McCallum and Hillcrest. A gift of cook-

    ies would be appreciated by the officers there.

    I will again be sending yellow postcard requests

    for telephone numbers for our Patrol Jour-

    nal. This information is strictly used during our

    patrols to alert you to an open garage door or

    fence ajar. We will also let you know of any

    problems encountered in your alley.

    Our VIP membership is grow-

    ing. We had four new mem-

    bers added this Fall: David

    Cox, Dewey Dethrow, Karen

    and Randy Hogan. There will be a training class

    held at the Station in January or February. We

    would appreciate any new members from our

    neighborhood. Let me know if you would be

    interested and I will pass your name on to Of-

    ficer Mark Lutz. Participation only involves two

    or three hours a month. You will become friends

    with some truly devoted neighbors.

    Feel free to call me if you have any concerns

    about the safety in our neighborhood. I am still

    receiving calls about the coyote roaming in our

    Area. Please be mindful of this danger and pro-

    tect your animals.

    Jackie Long

    Crime Watch and

    VIP Chairperson

    Gardener’s Corner

    By Bob Hettler & Calloway’s Nursery

    Ways to Prevent Rats and Other Animals

    from Entering Structures This Winter Several methods can be

    used to keep rodents out of

    attics and other entry points

    around the house:

     Steel mesh can be sta-

    pled or nailed around

    wind turbines and other

    openings. Rats and

    mice can fit through

    holes as small as 1/4 inch in diameter.

     Steel wool can be stuffed into weep holes and

    cracks or areas where sunlight can be seen.

     Trim trees away from the house to take away

    jumping on points.

     Take proper sanitation steps to keep animals

    away from garbage or recycle containers and

    store bird seed and other food items in sealed

    containers. Raccoons and opossums have re-

    cently been spotted in the neighborhood going

    through garbage containers looking for food.

     Store clothes, blankets, and fleece to prevent

    rats and other animals from nesting in these

    materials during cold weather.

    Catch mice and rats using sticky or snap traps. Place

    in areas where you see droppings, gnawing, urine

    stains, or scratch marks. I have successfully used

    packets of rat killer available from Home Depot.

    You simply place the packets in suspected traffic

    areas such as the attic and the rats or mice chew into

    the packets and eat the poison granules. A word of

    caution: The rats usually find their way out of attics

    to a water source. Once they do they will die. If they

    do not make it out, you will be left with a smell in

    the attic or house for several days. Call 311 or the

    City Wildlife Department if larger animals are be-

    lieved to be living in homes or other structures. They

    will provide traps to try and catch these pests.

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    2016 Dues—$40 Annually or

    $30 If Paid Before April 1, 2016

    Last Name: ______