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  • 1. HR 1513GROUP 8B:Ronni BrownKate HuffBrittany StoneAdrienne BotsfordCaroline YliojaAnna TwisselmanKate Elbourne
  • 2. Central Issue Invasive research causing unethicaltreatment of great apes
  • 3. Ethical CompetingPrinciples Principles Do No Harm Promoting the Collective Good Do Good Do Good Justice
  • 4. Pass withModifications
  • 5. Points We Agreed On Phasing out of invasive research Sanctuaries cheaper than laboratories Need more social interaction Better animal welfare
  • 6. Modifications Bring back research if needed No complete ban on breeding More time to phase out
  • 7. EvidenceApes similar to humans
  • 8. EvidenceJapan study chimps put in sanctuaries were normal behavior-wise
  • 9. Evidence No currentbreakthroughs
  • 10. EvidenceStressed animals dont produce consistent experimental results
  • 11. Conclusion Pass bill with modifications: Bring back research if needed No total ban on breeding More time to phase out
  • 12. QUESTIONS?