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Created by: Emily DunsonMusic gives a soul to the universe,wings to the mind, flight to the imaginationand life to everything.-Plato-Music didnt come from anywhereWhere did it come from?-Music means a lot of different things to a lot of different people. -therapeutic-meaningful Does it mean a lot?- Music has come a long way from just being the breeze through the trees to the strumming of modern day instruments, to rocking out on an electric guitar. Music has evolved so much over the thousands and thousands of years.How far has it come?Do you listen to music often?Every DayEvery Other DayOnce in a while when im boredNever, because I dont have a lifeThe ResultsWhat is your favorite genre of music?CountryHip HopMetalClassic RockOtherDo you like Potatoe Salad?YES, because thats the only acceptable answerNO, because my life sucks so I blame it on Potato Salad