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1. 1#contractcheating Examining The Ease Of Buying Nursing Essays Online Through Essay Mills And Contract Cheating Sites Dr. Thomas Lancaster Birmingham City University 2. 2#contractcheating Background 3. 3#contractcheating Dr. Thomas Lancaster Senior Lecturer in Computing at Birmingham City University Active researcher in plagiarism and contract cheating since 2000 Completed PhD in plagiarism detection Recognised by the Higher Education Academy as a Senior Fellow http://thomaslancaster.co.uk 4. 4#contractcheating Academic Colleagues Detective Robert Clarke Corinne Hersey Professor Fintan Culwin http://myweb.lsbu.ac.uk/~fintanhttps://uk.linkedin.com/pub/robert- clarke/16/12a/967 https://ca.linkedin.com/pub/corinne- hersey/10/579/797 5. 5#contractcheating Training Objectives Show the sources that students are using to buy essays Pre-written nursing essays Bespoke original nursing essays (contract cheating) Consider the wider issues that around cheating in nursing assignments Why and how are students doing this? What are the implications for fitness for practice 6. 6#contractcheating Guiding Question "Would you want to be treated by a nurse who's cheated on their assignment? Robert Clarke BBC News When essays for sale become contract cheating http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/education-20298237 7. 7#contractcheating Essay Mills Used In Nursing 8. 8#contractcheating Buy Essay search Google Search 9. 9#contractcheating First site on a UK domain focusing on nursing essays 10. 10#contractcheating Second UK site although note the Americanisms 11. 11#contractcheating CENTER Many essay mills rebrand themselves in multiple ways 12. 12#contractcheating Selling Points 13. 13#contractcheating Original Work! Student will not be caught through Turnitin 14. 14#contractcheating Third site on a UK domain focusing on nursing essays 15. 15#contractcheating More marketing with valid testimonials? 16. 16#contractcheating Buying Nursing Essays on Ebay 17. 17#contractcheating Nursing Essays search Ebay Search 18. 18#contractcheating 19. 19#contractcheating First Example From Ebay 20. 20#contractcheating Details About The Essay 21. 21#contractcheating Warning! This doesnt say anything about handing this in! 22. 22#contractcheating Lots Of Good Feedback This has been sold multiple times so hopefully will be in Turnitin 23. 23#contractcheating Second Example From Ebay 24. 24#contractcheating Third Example From Ebay Are Ethics Important? 25. 25#contractcheating Final Example From Ebay Work With A Writer 26. 26#contractcheating 27. 27#contractcheating Cheating Enabled Through Other Sites 28. 28#contractcheating Connecting Through Gumtree Classifieds 29. 29#contractcheating Advertise and use a bidding process on Freelancer.com 30. 30#contractcheating 15 bids (so far) to complete the work Bids from 16 euros to 97 euros Bids including UK and US workers, even a Doctor 31. 31#contractcheating Social Media Twitter Search 32. 32#contractcheating Not all attempts at enabling cheating are successful 33. 33#contractcheating Further Resources 34. 34#contractcheating For More Information Thomas Lancaster Email: thomas.lancaster@bcu.ac.uk Website: http://thomaslancaster.co.uk LinkedIn: https://uk.linkedin.com/in/thomaslancaster Twitter: @DrLancaster General Resources: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Contract_cheating http://contractcheating.com Slides Available At: http://www.slideshare.net/ThomasLancaster 35. 35#contractcheating Speaking Opportunities Available for keynote presentations, research seminars, British Computer Society talks, teaching and learning festivals and practitioner training. Suggested topics include: Contract cheating Plagiarism prevention and detection Examination cheating and misconduct Cheating within medicine, nursing and health education Social media use and student employability 36. 36#contractcheating Further Research Presentation An Exploration of Contract Cheating and Academic Misconduct Within Health Education Dr. Thomas Lancaster and Robert Clarke Pedagogies, Practitioners and Identities in Education Conference Birmingham City University Monday, 13 July 2015 https://bcued2015.eventbrite.co.uk