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  1. 1. HOMINGBOOK | Exclusive & charming vacation rentals Homingbook is a young and dynamic vacation rentals corporation which which focus in exclusive and charming vacation rentals in Costa del Sol (Mlaga) & Balearic Islands (Majorca and Minorca). It offers their guests the best short term stays (days, weeks or months) in well-located properties with special characteristics. Homingbook has vacation rentals in probably the three most well-known locations: Mlaga, Majorca y Minorca. Nevertheless, it keeps working to get new properties in different locations while preserving the quality guarantee certication of its product. On the other side, it offers a personalized solution to people who looks for another vacation locations. According to the guest instructions, it nds the perfect accommodation in every single request. Coming soon, the location offer will be expanded to Cdiz, Almera and Ibiza. COSTA DEL SOL & BALEARIC ISLANDS APARTMENTS HOUSES VILLAS .com
  2. 2. HOMINGBOOK | Exclusive & charming vacation rentals Majorca MinorcaMalaga Almera IbizaCdiz Locations: Coming soon Searching for another location? Contact us and we will find you a personalized solution to your request .com
  3. 3. HOMINGBOOK | Its your home! FriendsCouplesFamilies Accommodations for every trip Your pet also comes with you! .com
  4. 4. HOMINGBOOK | Its your home! .com Your home has EXCLUSIVENESS & DESIGN dwellings that are special and adapted by typology with HomingBook Your dwelling will be exclusive by location, design and provision. It will make you feel at home and, not only will you not have forgotten anything, but it'll make you feel better than ever. Homingbook believes that each trip and the company in each one of them are always different, which is what provides ideal dwellings which are adapted to your customers' preferences. What are you looking for? A. TRAVEL WITH A PARTNER | You & Home Are you looking for a new experience with which you want to surprise your partner? For that special trip, Homingbook wants to help you achieve that you enjoy a new way to understand couple holidays. We've thought of the ideal design and location to have the magic there at all times. B. TRAVEL WITH YOUR FAMILY | Family & Home Organizing family holidays or simply enjoying some special days with your folk? Homingbook is your perfect solution to what you need, since we have been able to join all the family needs related to comfort, space and elegance so we can draw a smile on each day of your stay. C. TRAVEL IN A GROUP OF FRIENDS | Fun & Home Thinking of the perfect trip with your friends? Are you a large group and the hotel rooms are too small? We know what you're looking for and here it is. Homingbook chooses dwellings with large rooms and exterior zones to share some unforgettable days in which you can enjoy yourself at a great location to enjoy the city or beach, as well as counting with all that's necessary to organize your little events at home. And you, are you pet-friendly? Because we know what it means to enjoy your holidays with your pets, in a large selection of dwellings, they will always be welcome.
  5. 5. .com HOMINGBOOK | Its your home! Your home has EXTRA SERVICES Do you need help in anything else? We want to help you make sure nothing's missing from your trip. When you travel, hiring extra services can become a complicated task due to local intermediaries. With us, any request can be obtained so you don't have to worry about anything and you only enjoy your special days. During the whole reservation process or your stay, we can help you with anything that you need, facilitating compounds in extra services for your trip, such as access to sport installations, rent-a-car, rent-a-bike, transfers between airports and stations, special taxis, babysitters, express dry cleaners, leisure and show tickets, restaurant reservations, and much more. Your home has DIRECT RESERVATION* Your direct reservation begins on the web, most of our properties count on a ash reservation service, with which your reservation is processed instantly. Easy and simple, that's how we understand that it's a reservation. In the opposite case, you will always count on the on request reservation service, with which we are committed to conrm your reservation application in the 24 hours following your submission. At Homingbook, we want to offer you the most ease when it comes to reserving your housing, avoiding cumbersome waiting for the nal reservation conrmation. Your home has EVERYTHING INCLUDED The nal price of your reservation at Homingbook has everything included: accommodation, cleaning and VAT. Thinking that your reservation includes (or not) extra expenses before you have made the reservation has nished. Your home has PERSONALIZED ATTENTION AND SUPPORT Do you have questions before or during your stay? No problem, the Homingbook team is at your service at all times to help you with anything you need. Travelling with Homingbook is simple, practical and efcient against any doubt or queries. You will always have your agent looking after you and your preferences. Our quality is your comfort.
  6. 6. EXCLUSIVE VACATION RENTALS | Mlaga, Majorca, Minorca Coming soon: Cdiz, Almera e Ibiza (If you are traveling to another location, contact us and we will fin you the perfect accommodation) Email | info@homingbook.com Ofce | (+34) 951 708 944 Bookings | www.homingbook.com Dont forget to follow us on: .com HOMINGBOOK | Contact COSTA DEL SOL & BALEARIC ISLANDS APARTMENTS HOUSES VILLAS